We are super excited to announce the dates for Beervana 2014!!!

The 13th annual Beervana will be held on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd August 2014 at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.  

With over 200 craft beers on offer and the opportunity to meet many of New Zealand’s best brewers in person, this is New Zealand’s premier craft beer celebration.  

So come on, mark it in your diary and treat yourself to great beer, fabulous food and a whole bunch of fun… make the pilgrimage!!! 


DRC Top 10 for Beervana 2013

Well who can believe it is almost 4 weeks since we opened the doors at Beervana 2013… now that the dust has settled, I have had some time to reflect on the weekend and my top ten…

1.     The Brewers for making such great beers and yes this includes our Media Brew Journo’s what a great line-up of beers for me to judge with my team

2.     The Exhibitors for making their stands look so good and putting their smiling faces in them

3.     The Volunteers for making the event so communal and open, over 200 of you

4.     The Beervana Team of organisers: Event Management, Seminar Managers & Presenters, Duty Managers, Cashiers, Beer Management, Communications, Homebrew Competition, Security, & the Music Manager for doing all the work behind the scenes so that the two days of Beervana looked so cool, calm and collected, all 90 or so of you

5.     The Cryermalt team who run the back office and are nearly always unheralded by even me, the one with the name on the door. Everyone gets paid because of them and they order and track beer and without them we would struggle, all 4 of you not including me a big thanks

6.     The Sponsors who share our vision for Beervana. They allow us to do things in Beervana which we could not entertain without their willing help

7.     Wellington City “The Best Little Beer City in the World” take a bow

8.     Westpac Stadium sometime s referred to as “Cryer’s Concrete Love Tunnel” and when you are in there with an enthusiastic crowd of Beer Lovers and Creators I could not be happier, so if that’s what they mean we agree. We’d also like to thank the team at Westpac for letting us be there and looking after us so well

9.     Martin Bosley the man! He puts together a mean list of the region’s top eateries, the options were balanced, affordable and most importantly damn delicious so hats off to you Martin.

10.  Lastly and most importantly everyone who attends. The atmosphere you create makes Beervana the special festival it is. Beer is the Hero and what a great Victory Parade we have put together as a community.

Lastly, I think we should all make a small offering to Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian beer goddess. She was obviously looking over us, kept us safe and blessed us with no earthquake issues.

Until next year,

David Cryer - Beervana Festival Director

Black Rock Home Brew Competition Winners

Hi all, here is a list of the Top 10 placegetters in the Black Rock Home Brew competition - big congratulations to everyone who entered and thanks to Black Rock and all the judges:

1st.   Brendan Bransgrove - Ale - Saison 2
2nd.  Michael Bl...air - Dark - Simcoe Stout
3rd.   Matt Barnett - Ale - Tauhou Strong Belgian Ale
4th=. Brendan Bransgrove - Dark - Little Jimmy
4th=. Brayden Rawlinson, Kerry Gray, Ryan Crawford - Other - Joint Custody
4th=. Damian Houghton - Dark - Oatmeal Stout
7th=. David Brown - Other - Twisted Perceptions Black IPA
7th=. Brayden Rawlinson, Kerry Gray, Ryan Crawford - Other -Bastard Child
7th=. Brayden Rawlinson, Kerry Gray, Ryan Crawford - Other - Love Child
7th=. Brayden Rawlinson - Ale - Ivy Mike

How to get your Beervana Tickets

You can still buy tickets to Beervana, either:
Online: with ezyTicket at and have them emailed to you right away so that you can print them off at home; or
Walk up: to the Ticketek Booth at the Westpac Stadium (while tickets last) on the day to buy your tickets.
GA tickets can be purchased to each of the four 5 hour sessions that take place over the two days of the event.

Session 1: Friday 9 August, 11am – 4pm
Session 2: Friday 9 August, 6pm – 11pm
Session 3: Saturday 10 August, 11am – 4pm
Session 4: Saturday 10 August, 6pm – 11pm

Included with your ticket is a Beervana glass and programme guide.