Beervana serves up inspiration

It always takes me a few weeks after Beervana to emerge from the haze. There's something about seeing all of those people, in one place, drawn together by a curiosity about and love for craft beer, that blows my mind.

It might be because I have seen Beervana slowly grow over twelve years, from very humble beginnings to the premium event on the beer lover's calendar that it is today.

It might also be because each year I find new and intriguing brews in my glass, poured for me by the extraordinary brewers that reside from one end of the country to the other (and a few across the ditch of course!).

And it might also be because of the enthusiasm and generosity that so many people show for the event, from our incredible volunteers, to our event partners, to the brewers, and my team.

The reality is, it's probably a combination of all of these things. When people work together for a shared goal - to grow New Zealand's craft beer industry so every New Zealander comes to demand more from their beer drinking experience - we can achieve amazing things.

The vital stats - 271 beers from 96 breweries; 20 seminars; 50% of visitors attending for the first time; 1/3rd female attendees; and 32% coming to Wellington from other cities - are all important markers of the health of the craft industry and a positive sign of where we're going.

It's exhausting to put this sort of show together, but every late night and early morning is worth it when I reflect on how far the craft industry has come, and the part Beervana has had to play in that.

I'm re-energised, inspired, and ready to make Beervana 2013 better than ever before.


David Cryer, Festival Director