Exhibit yourself at Beervana 2013

Beervana’s success lies is in the sheer number of breweries and diversity of brews on show. In 2012 we had 271 brews on offer from 96 breweries, and 2013 is going to be even more exciting!

We want every brewery in New Zealand involved, and welcome our beer loving cousins from other countries to join in the fun too.

Breweries can be part of Beervana 2013 in different ways…

Either take a Brewery Bar or have you beer on offer on a Beervana Bar.

On a Beervana Bar, your beer will be represented alongside brews from other breweries in your region. Our volunteer staff will serve your beer and make yourself known by taking to people at the event. 

Brewery Bars give you the opportunity to have a distinct brand presence at Beervana. You have sole branding rights over a dedicated bar space, and the ability to have your whole team at your bar talking about your beer with patrons. 

In 2011 and 2012 Emerson’s took a brewery bar. Here’s what they had to say about their Beervana experience:

"Beervana just keeps getting better, and Emerson’s was delighted to be part of it again in 2012. By taking a Brewery Bar we had the opportunity to showcase our full range of beers to existing fans, and really importantly, also to people taking their first steps into the world of craft beer. Beervana is a rare opportunity for our team to talk to the people who buy our beer and we look forward to continuing our association with this event."


We believe Beervana is the ultimate marketing opportunity for your beer. Over the past three events, the Beervana audience has grown hugely and we’re expecting growth again in 2013. On average our guests earn more, spend more, and consume more print and digital media than the average New Zealander. They like high quality products and are prepared to pay for them. They’re 2/3rds males and 1/3rd female, and 85% are aged 21-49. Thirty-two percent live outside of Wellington and again we expect this number to grow as Beervana becomes a destination event.

Find out about being part of Beervana 2013 by contacting David Cryer on 0800 625 833 or by email, david@beervana.co.nz