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22-23 August

Wellington, Westpac Stadium

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If you’ve never been to Beervana you might be wondering what one is.

If you have been, you’re probably queuing up for the August 2014 event already waiting to feast your eyes - and mouth - on what’s new this year.

Beervana is the two day celebration of craft beer.

Beer’s come a long way and there are now plenty of them being lovingly crafted all over the country and beyond. Beervana’s job is to assemble them for the pure and simple enjoyment of beer.

It’s not necessarily just about deliberately obscure labels that are all the rage among two or three people in Kilbirnie at the moment.

In fact, it might be more accurate to call Beervana a Beer Conference, a Beer Seminar, or even better, some kind of Beer Fieldays.


Because what’s going to happen quite naturally, is that beer loving men and women are going to stand around and talk about the beer that’s there as well as enjoying a taste of what’s being proudly displayed, in many cases by the very person that has brewed it.

You can learn how they’re making their beers, or even how to make your own if you’re interested. And if you’re already brewing a little of your own, you might pick up a few tips on fine-tuning your techniques and creating a better brew. So bring any questions you might have along with you for a chat with the brewers.

What is on site will be over 200 different craft beers from the length and breadth of our beaut little beer loving, beer making country and some visitors from our well known beer loving nation to our left.

And although it’s all about beer, it’s not all about beer. The restaurant and café crowd will be there, set up right there alongside the beer with a range of delights especially chosen to treat your already delirious tastebuds.

You’ll find House Of Dumplings, General Practitioner & Logan Brown’s new Grill Meats Beer and more representing the always spectacular Wellington Food scene. Terrific food especially selected to go with the whole occasion and a whole heap of other folks there who are as interested in the world of beer, and food, as you are.


And to top it off at each of the 4 sessions there’ll be entertainment for your merriment.

There are 4 sessions to choose from, a day one and a night one for each day of the event. So, if you were from out of town, a cunning plan might be to get a group together, take in a day session at Beervana, then slip into town to sample a little more of what the craft beer capital of New Zealand has on offer in the way of bars and restaurants. And there’s plenty!

The locals on the other hand might prefer to go about their daily business, then take in a night session. Of course any important meetings or strategy sessions could be held at Beervana.

It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s a craft beer experience.

And there are two whole days of it - so you can see why it’s called Beervana.

Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Friday 22 & Saturday 23 August 2014. Tickets available at

And don’t think just because you’ve been before you’ve seen it all. This year, Beervana’s theme is Spring because there’s so much that’s new.

Find Beervana.


Beervana works in 5 hour sessions which all have slight variations in content.

However, please note, the bars are open for 4 hours only.

Fri 22nd August 2014

Session 1
11.00am Session 1 open to public
2.45pm Festival currency sales close
3.00pm Bars close
3.30pm Attendees must have finished
their last drink
3.30pm Shop closes
4.00pm Stadium closed
Session 2
6:00pm Session 2 open to public
9:45pm Festival currency sales close
10.00pm Bars close
10.30pm Attendees must have finished
their last drink
10.30pm Shop closes
11.00pm Stadium closed

Sat 23rd August 2014

Session 3
11.00am Session 3 open to public
2.45pm Festival currency sales close
3.00pm Bars close
3.30pm Attendees must have finished
their last drink
3.30pm Shop closes
4.00pm Stadium closed
Session 4
6:00pm Session 4 open to public
9:45pm Festival currency sales close
10.00pm Bars close
10.30pm Attendees must have finished
their last drink
10.30pm Shop closes
11.00pm Stadium closed


It’s Springtime at Beervana 2014

For the first time ever, Beervana has a theme. (A theme other than craft beer and food that is.)

And that theme is Spring. A time of freshness, new beginnings and growth.

So you can enjoy Springtime in Beervana and what it brings. The end of winter and perfect timing for the release and celebration of new craft beers, and the very first chance to taste out of the newly released Speigelau Stout Glass which is being revealed exclusively at Beervana. We’ve got a feeling you might even want to try the special Spring inspired Festive & Media Brews as well.

And why not be part of the edification of your fellow craft beer lovers by attending the podcast sessions with Phil Cook? He’ll be tasting craft beers and talking craft beer, and interviewing brewers, all while podcasting live for the firstime from Beervana.

And you thought Spring was just about lambs and daffodils.

Home Brew Comp


We are delighted to welcome the Black Rock Homebrew Competition back to Beervana this year… Are you a budding home brewer who would love to win?

The overall winner will take home $500 cash, GA double pass to Beervana 2015 and three 6- pack cases of malt extract of their choice from Black Rock.

Runners up will win $150 cash, a GA double pass to Beervana 2015, and one 6-pack case of malt extract of their choice from Black Rock.

Beers can be entered in one of ten categories—Wheat, Dark Wheat, Lager, Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, IPA, Dark, or Other.

Beers will be judged on Aroma, Appearance, Flavour, Mouthfeel and Overall Impression.

Ten finalists will be selected from within the ten categories. One overall winner and two runners up will be awarded. All finalists will receive a copy of their judging form on their brew.

Judging will be lead by Kirsten Taylor from Black Rock and a panel of well recognized craft brewing experts.

Entry process

Step 1.     Check you are eligible to enter. Eligibility criteria are—

  1. The beer was brewed by the entering brewer
  2. The brewer is not selling beer s/he has brewed commercially
  3. The particular kit used to brew the beer is not used for commercial brewing

Step 2.     Register your entry on the Beervana website by 8th August 2014 at

Beers can be entered in one of the ten categories: Wheat, Dark Wheat, Lager, Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, IPA, Dark or Other. Each participant may enter multiple beers.

You will receive confirmation of your entry, and a printable copy of your entry form to accompany your beers when you submit them, by return email.

Please note: on the entry form, a description of the beer should only state briefly   what the brewer was hoping to achieve. Ingredients used are not required unless they are integral to the beer. Eg. This beer is intended to be a rich stout, with deep roast notes, a full mouthfeel and a lingering, bitter finish.

Step 3.     Send 3x 500ml bottles of each beer you are entering to us so it arrives by 5pm on Friday 15th August. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for judging.

Send your entry to:

Beervana Home Brew Competition

C/o Mud Cycles

421 Karori Rd, Karori 6012


Attn Dave Waugh 027 2788633

Beer must be packaged in a labelled container with your Entry ID # and have a copy of the entry form attached to each bottle with a rubber-band.

Please package your brew carefully or the folk at the post shop will get very cross with us!

Step 4.    Pay your entry fee by 8th August 2014 (please refer instructions below in rules)

Please note: If any of the above steps are not met, your entry will be deemed invalid.


Judging will take place on Saturday 23rd at Beervana. It will start during Session 3 and run into Session 4 if the competition is heavily subscribed.

Black Rock Master Brewer Kirsten Taylor will be the head judge. Judging with her will be 3 others yet to be confirmed.

Beers will be judged on Aroma, Appearance, Flavour, Mouthfeel and Overall Impression.

Judging will take place on the main concourse of Beervana to enable entrants and the public to observe.

Finalists and winners

Ten finalists will be selected from within the ten categories. One overall winner and two runners up will be awarded. All finalists will receive a copy of their judging form on their brew.

Competition Rules

  1. All entries must be personally home brewed by the entrant. If multiple brewers created the entry then all brewers must be listed on the entry form.
  2. Commercially brewed beer is not eligible for entry.
  3. The entry fee is $10.00 for each entry.
  4. Three bottles of each entry are required for judging. The minimum size of each bottle is to be 500mL.
  • Liability for loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  1. Entries must be made via the Black Rock Home Brew Competition page on the Beervana website .
  2. Please ensure your description of what the beer tastes like on the entry form is short, concise and an accurate description of what the beer tastes like.
  3. All entries must be registered online by 8th August 2014 at 5pm and received by the Black Rock Home Brew Competition Event Organiser by 5pm 15th August.
  4. Each bottle entered must have an attached label identifying the beer as specified on the entry form.
  • The bottle labels must contain ONLY the Entry ID # sent to you by Beervana.
  • Bottles received without proper labels may be disqualified.
  • Labels must be suitably affixed to the bottle so they are not dislodged during unpacking. Bottles without suitably affixed labels may be disqualified at the Competition Organisers discretion.
  1. Payments must be made by internet banking or PayPal (i.e., Credit Card or PayPal transfer) only.
  2. For payment by PayPal, please use and the email address
  3. Payment by internet banking must be made in the following manner:
  • Malz & Hopfen Ltd 38 9010 0199237 01
  • The ‘Particulars’ field must contain your name as it appears on your entry form.
  • The ‘Code’ field must contain ’Black Rock HB’.
  • The ‘Reference’ field must contain the Black Rock Home Brew Competition Entry ID #(s).
  1. Entrants may enter multiple beers into the same category.
  2. The same beer cannot be entered more than once.
  3. Failure to observe the competition guidelines may result in disqualification of the entry.
  4. The entry fee is not refundable for disqualified entries.
  5. The entrant must enter their beer into the category where they feel it will perform best. Judges or organisers will not classify or reclassify your beer.
  6. All entries will become the property of Black Rock Home Brew Competition.
  7. No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise.
  8. By entering the Black Rock Home Brew Competition you allow Black Rock Home Brew Competition and Beervana to use all entry and result details for promotional and marketing purposes including the right to use names & images of the winners in publicity material for one year from the date of the official judging at Beervana.
  9. By entering the Black Rock Home Brew Competition you allow Black Rock and Beervana to contact you regarding homebrew and beer related events in the future.
  10. Judges, Organisers, Stewards and any affiliated parties are able to enter beers into competition.
  11. The entry fee for Judges, Organisers, and  Stewards, will be waived for the first two entries.
  12. Judges and Organisers are not eligible to win prizes.
  13. Stewards are eligible to win prizes.
  14. Beervana reserves the right to refuse entry to beers named with a competitor brand to Black Rock or anything deemed unsuitable at our discretion.

The overall winner and the runners-up will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and at the event at 9pm on Saturday 23rd August.

Event Guide


Welcome to Beervana 2014!!!

The wide range of craft beers offered at Beervana, are carefully selected by our Festival Director and the breweries to give visitors a broad selection of styles from brewers big and small. You will be able to sample different beers from Feature Brewery Bars, Brewers Bars and Beervana Bars.

A full list of breweries and beers for tasting will be made available at a date closer to the festival.

In order to get a drink at the festival you will need your official Beervana glass and Beervana festival currency. Regardless of how it is packaged behind the bar, all beer will be served in your glass in a 75ml taster or 250ml serve. Please note: no cash is accepted over the bars, at the restaurants, or in the Beervana Shop. Festival currency can be bought by cash, credit and debit card at the available counters. There are two ATM machines on site, however, we do recommend you bring cash with you to avoid any queues.

Martin Bosley joins us again this year as Beervana’s Culinary Director. He has worked with some of Wellington’s best restaurants to create another great beer-focused festival menu for you to experience and enjoy. Further information will be available at a later date.

A selection of non alcoholic drinks will be made available at Beervana, including bottled water and coffee. Water coolers and the water warriors will also be located throughout the venue. The Beervana shop will have a range of goodies for sale.

To make your visit to Beervana as pleasant and straight forward as possible, you will find Beervana Volunteers available throughout the venue to answer your questions. If you need help or assistance, please ask any of the Beervana Volunteers who will be wearing yellow coloured t-shirts.

You can be a part of this extraordinary event by being a festival volunteer. In addition to a great time, you’ll receive a Beervana t-shirt, festival currency, entry to another session, and a festival glass. Volunteer registration will open in May . Please refer to the volunteer tab for further detail if you are interested.

ATM machines, first aid, paramedics, toilets, water stations, bar leaners and seating are all available.


Beervana is a licenced liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. If you are asked to verify your age with photo ID you will be given a wristband to wear for the session, meaning your ID will not need to be checked again.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from Beervana 2014 whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness.

Beer or cider cannot be consumed outside the main front gates.

Festival currency sales stop 15 minutes before the taps are closed.  Taps close promptly 1 hour prior to the end of each session (3.00pm and 10.00pm respectively). A ‘Last Orders’ announcement will be made letting you know festival currency sales have finished.

Once you leave the venue you cannot be readmitted. If you choose to leave the venue through the main gates during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.

Glasses cannot be carried from the venue by hand. If you want to keep your Beervana glass, please collect a bag from the main entrance to carry it in. Bags are also supplied with all purchases from the Beervana Shop.

In the days following Beervana, we will be posting images and footage of the event on our Facebook page. Visit us for a snapshot of the event in pictures, and ‘Like’ us to stay up to date with the latest on New Zealand’s craft beer community. You can also follow us on Twitter @BeervanaNZ.

Promotional photos and video will be taken at Beervana 2014 and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Beervana. If you do not want your image used by Beervana in any future promotional activity please locate a Beervana volunteer at the event and let them know.


Westpac Stadium is strictly a non-smoking venue. Smokers are required to stand outside the building. Please note that you are not allowed to drink past the turnstiles, outside the Stadium.

During an event Westpac Stadium provides the personnel to manage an emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, evacuation instructions will be given by wardens and also over the PA system. Wardens can be identified by their high-visibility vests with the words ‘Team Leader’ on them. Visitors to Beervana must comply with the instructions issued by the Wardens and over the PA system.


  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  • You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  • Alcohol will not be served to minors
  • Maximum of two alcoholic beverages purchased per service
  • Bars close at 3pm (afternoon sessions) and 10pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by 3.30pm (afternoon sessions) and 10.30pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by 4pm (afternoon sessions) and 11pm (evening sessions)
  • Sample pours (75mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage which is over 10% ABV
  • Standard pours (250mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage less than or equal to 10% ABV
  • Free water is available via jugs on all bars, via water coolers on the concourse and via the Water Warriors team
  • Low and non-alcoholic beverages are available on all Beervana bars and at the Pop Up Shop
  • Taxis are available from the concourse at the end of each session, or ask one of the event staff to call one for you
  • A Safe Zone is available for you to rest/lie down at the Wellington Free Ambulance office, located opposite aisle 19
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Beervana
  • Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave Beervana at any time during the event
  • There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the venue, please use the designated smoking location only
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced

Media Brew

The head to head Media Brew Competition is back at Beervana 2014.

This sees adventurous beer-loving journalists from around the country pair up with a craft brewer to develop a special, one-off brew.

The theme for 2014 is SPRING and can contain any yeast, any liquid, any grain and any hops.  It must also contain one intrinsically or native New Zealand ingredient.

These new beers will be released at Beervana and judged during Session 1.  The winning Media Brew will be announced at 3pm on Friday 22 August.

These beers will be available to the public for tasting on the Media Brew Bar over the course of the weekend. Last year, many sold out, so be sure to get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Below is the list of the 2014 Beervana Media Brew entries:

Dish Magazine – Victoria Wells Hallertau Brewery
Cuisine Magazine – Alice Neville & Fiona Smith Brothers Beer
TV ONE – Max Bania Emerson’s Brewery
Metro Magazine – Simon Farrell-Green Liberty Brewing
Life & Leisure – Anna Tait-Jamieson Panhead Custom Ales
Radio Hauraki: The Hauraki   Breakfast with Matt, Jeremy & Laura – Matt Heath Epic Brewing Co
The Press – Abbie Napier Three Boys Brewery
Fishhead Magazine – Hadyn Green ParrotDog
Marlborough Express &   Manawatu Standard - Geoff Griggs Moa
Beer & Brewer Magazine – Neil Miller Kereru Brewing
The Best of Wellington/ Word   on the Street – Sarah Bennett & Lee Slater North End Brewing
Herald On Sunday – Don Kavanagh McCashin’s Brewery
Manawatu Evening Standard – Jono   Galuszka Tuatara
Dompost Beerhive Blog – Shane   Cowlishaw & Michael Forbes Monteith’s Brewing Co
Toast! – Kerri Jackson Good George Brewing
APN Regional Newspapers  - Yvonne Lorkin Cassels & Sons Brewing Co
Taupo Times – Kirsty Lawrence Lakeman Brewing
Public Address - Russell Brown Deep Creek Brewing
Lonely Planet website – Brett Atkinson Fork Brewing
All About Beer (USA) – John Holl Widmer Brothers Brewing (USA)
The Shout (Aust) – James Atkinson Young Henrys (Aust)
Australian Brews News - Matthew Kirkegaard Green Beacon (Aust)

Pink Boots Society Meeting

Pink Boots Society Beervana

New Zealand’s first Pink Boots Society meeting at Beervana 2014! 

Join Craft Beer Ambassador Denise Ratfield as she launches the introductory meeting of Pink Boots Society New Zealand and introduces Chapter Coordinator Ava Wilson.

This seminar is for female professionals in the brewing industry. We get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women. Most importantly, we teach each other what we know through our own seminar programs, and we help each other advance our beer careers by raising money for educational scholarships.

  • Find out how we are empowering women in the brewing industry through education.
  • See how we are raising worldwide awareness about who we are and what we do.
  • Experience the positive attitudes and influences of female leaders in the craft beer community.
  • Become inspired through an open exchange of ideas.

Panel Members:

Denise Ratfield is the Pink Boots Society Social Media Committee Chair & the Chapter Coordinator for San Diego. Her recent accomplishment was organizing female brewers from over 70 breweries around the world for International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. Denise hails from the West Coast IPA capital of San Diego California and in her spare time works at Stone Brewing Co.

Ava Wilson is the General Manager of Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn in Christchurch and brews under the moniker The Beer Baroness. She was a participant in the wildly successful International Women's Collaboration Brew Day and was the first to brew the fundraising Unite Pale Ale. She will forge the path for Pink Boots Society New Zealand.

Please note: an NZ $5.00 festival currency donation will be collected at the door for the Pink Boots Society Scholarship Fund.

Fri Aug 22 at 6.30pm [Session Two]


Let's #uniteatbeervana

Tell us where you are and include the hashtag #uniteatbeervana to be in to win a double pass to Beervana (session of your choice).

In spirit of the lead up to Beervana and launch of Pink Boots NZ, head to one of the following establishments from this Friday to enjoy some Unite Pale Ale (brewed for International Women's Collaboration Brewday):

Regional's Wine & Spirits

Hashigo Zake

The Malthouse

Fork & Brewer

Little Beer Quarter

Golding's Free Dive

 Tweet, Instagram or Untappd! Just don't forget to include #uniteatbeervana


Beervana Exchange/ Taste of Portland


Beervana is very excited to host for the very first time a special exchange with Portland.

Three award winning Portland brewers, a Portland chef, and one of the USA’s leading beer writers, are heading to Wellington as part of what’s called the “Beervana Exchange” which encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences between two craft beer capitals.

The Portland brewers who will be showcasing at Beervana are all medal winners from the prestigious 2014 Beer World Cup: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Gigantic Brewing Company and Commons Brewery.

As well as offering tastings of some of their award winning brews at a Portland Brewers Bar, open to all Beervana attendees, the brewers will also be part of special ticketed “Taste of Portland” seminars.

During these one hour seminars, attendees sample beers presented by the three Portland brewers, enjoy food pairings with Portland chef Paul Kasten and will be enlightened by John Holl, Editor of All About Beer Magazine and Author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook.

“With 53 breweries, Portland boasts more breweries than any city in the world and is known as the Beervana of USA,” says Beervana Director David Cryer.  “People attending Beervana this year will have the rare opportunity to taste some incredible craft beers which are not available in New Zealand and to meet some of Portland’s top brewers.”

As part of the “Beervana Exchange”, two New Zealand brewers have just travelled to Portland to take part in collaborative brews which will be shipped to Wellington ready to be tasted at Beervana. Soren Eriksen from 8 Wired Brewing is collaborating with Gigantic Brewing, while Carl Vasta from Tuatara has partnered up with Commons Brewery.  In addition, beer writer John Holl, has paired up with world renowned Widmer Brothers Brewing to take part in a Media Brew which will be judged at Beervana and tasted at special Media Brew Bars.

countrymaltgroup_logo_withweb_2009Beervana tickets NZ



Travelling to Beervana from out of town or feel like a break in your own city.

Beervana and Rydges have teamed up to offer you the following packages:

Superior Room with Breakfast for one adult and one Beervana ticket - $244.00 incl GST
Superior Room with Breakfast for two adults and two Beervana tickets - $305.00 incl GST

There are 2 options to book:

Option 1: Through the website (

Step 1: Click Book Now button

Step 2: Choose your arrival and departure date, number of rooms, number of adults to stay in the room

Step 3: Enter your booking information

Option 2: Send an email to or call (04 499 8686)

All you need to do is to Quote either “Beervana Guests” or give the group block booking code: “B-BGV0814”


Travelling to Beervana from Auckland or Christchurch? … Want a one stop package for a weekend of fun…

Deal includes:

  • 1 x General Admission ticket to one session at Beervana
  • Return flights with Air New Zealand to Wellington (one checked bag)
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast
  • Complimentary Late Check-Out to 12pm
  • Complimentary WiFi 500mb per room
  • 20% off Food and Beverage at the Portlander Restaurant
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast

Want to know more, click here

Road to Beervana


Wellington is fast cementing itself as an exciting international destination city for beer tourists. Events such as Beervana are a perfect way for producer, purveyor and patron to enjoy the bounty of craft beer and the hospitality that encapsulates it. The Road to Beervana showcases this with a week of unique events hosted by Wellington's best craft beer bars and venues. So grab your friends and get amongst it, we're ready for you!

Click here to read more about Road to Beervana or go to

Pricing and Payment

This year at Beervana, we are introducing payment by Beervana Dollars on a wristband.

This form of festival currency is the only payment mechanic inside Beervana.

Wristbands will be available at the gates of Westpac stadium from 1 hour prior to the start of every session and you can choose to load them with as many dollars as you prefer

You can purchase Beervana Dollars with cash, EFTPOS or Credit card

To make a purchase of beer, food or merchandise inside Beervana, you simply pass your wristband over the RFID reader and this will pay for your purchase, and reduce the balance on your wristband

Staff will advise you of your remaining balance after every transaction

You may top up your Beervana Dollars at any one of the six Beervana Dollars stands scattered around the stadium

Any Beervana Dollars left on your wristband at the end of the session can be refunded by going to the yellow booth by the turnstiles when you leave the stadium

Click here to see the pricing table: Click to view PDF

Beervana App

Powershop Beervana app 001

The best way to experience Beervana 2014, New Zealand’s premier craft beer celebration!

The FREE Beervana App provides all the information you need to know about every beer and brewery at the festival, plus it is quick and easy to install.

Check out the People’s Choice leader board for inspiration on which beer to try next, and use the map to find your way from the northern zone through the city zone to the harbour zone.


- Rate and review the beers you try throughout the festival

- See what others think about the beers they try

- Follow the People’s Choice leader board for inspiration

- Build your wishlist with all the beers you can’t wait to try

- Use the map to track down the brews on your wishlist and find the best eateries at the festival

By downloading and using this App you agree to our privacy policy, which applies to your use of this App.  To access our privacy policy see




Here are some breweries, brewers and beer you'll see at Beervana. Check back here as the list grows!


  • 8 Wired BrewingMore info +

    8 wired Brewing was started in 2009 by Monique and Soren Eriksen.

    We focus on big, hoppy, flavourful styles of beer. Most of these are inspired by American craft breweries.

    We also have what we think is the biggest barrel aging programme in the Southern hemisphere. The majority of these barrels are funky and sour, inspired by century old Belgian traditions.

    Apart from Soren and Monique, the team consists of Jason Bathgate (brewer) and Brian Watts (sales).

  • Adnams Brewery (UK)More info +

    Adnams brew a distinctive range of authentic beers which reflect its heritage as a brewer but also challenge conventions.

    The Adnams range are highly awarded with a variety of accolades.

    Each beer has its own unique and vibrant character that will appeal to the most discerning drinkers – drinkers who cherish individuality and seek out brands with personality and style.

    We’re confident that the Adnams range will have something for everyone.

  • Aspall CyderMore info +

    Aspall Suffolk Cyder has only ever been made with 100% apple juice.

    For eight generations, the use of concentrates and glucose syrups to stretch fermentations has never been part of the Aspall philosophy and continues to be a complete anathema to the family.

    Made with the finest raw materials and with painstaking care and attention to detail, cyder is one of the finest drinks available and deserves recognition as such.


  • Bach BrewingMore info +

    Resurrected from an original pioneer craft brewery, Bach Brewing is family owned and reflects the homegrown simplicity and freedom of NZ's Kiwi Bach lifestyle.

    We create brews with tasty character and relaxed drinkability, including a couple of beers built upon trophy winning recipes.

  • Beer BaronessMore info +

    Ava Wilson is the Beer Baroness, setting forth on a journey of brewing bold craft beers for the discerning palate.

    As Manager at one of New Zealand's best craft beer pubs, Pomeroy's in Christchurch and brewing out of Four Avenues, Beer Baroness is taking years of passion and "sampling" knowledge to offer a range of brilliant brews and some crafty collaborations!

  • Behemoth Brewing CoMore info +

    "Behemoth brewing is all about making bigger tasting beer. We brew small batches of our core beers available year round. At the moment being Chur NZ Pale Ale and 'Murica American Pale Ale. We also do one off beers once a month. Always keeping new, interesting and delicious beers coming along".


  • Black Dog Brew CoMore info +

    BIG Things Are BREWING

    When a trio of craft brewers decided to create a few 'alternatives' to the range of beers available in New Zealand, they knew their idea had legs. In fact it had bite- A whole lot of bite.

    So in 2012, BlackDog Brewery was created in the heart of Wellington, the Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand. Since then the brewers have been doing something a little special, a little different and having some fun along the way.

    Our idea is to create interesting 'alternatives' to the range of beers that you already have. Some will work, some won't, but if we don't try, we'll never know. Our mission is to always be interesting and intrepid, always act independently and stay in tune with what the drinkers want. What we are keen to do is build  a craft beer brand that we can have some fun with.

    And it's working... working well. They've brewed a few beer styles  and  had them tested around Wellington and they have more than stood up to the challenge. We thought it best to share this brew with the rest of New Zealand- because we know that little dogs have the biggest bark.


    PS. If you wanna sniff  all our brews,  be sure to visit us at  Blackdog Brewery on Wellington's  Blair Street.





  • Brew CultMore info +

    Brewcult is all about experimentation and creating interesting beers that maintain balance and drinkability.

    Pseudo-sours, session IPAs, farmhouse IPAs – you'll never know what will come next. You won't like every Brewcult beer – but you'll enjoy trying them.

    Founded in 2013, Brewcult creates beers with a twin focus on experimentation and quality. Brewer Steve “Hendo” Henderson operates as a HOBO (Hybrid Outsource Brewing Operation), making and packaging his own products at other breweries, giving him the flexibility to create new beers and the control to maintain a high level of quality.

    By promoting experimentation, Brewcult provides the next step up from 'gateway beers' craft beers, taking drinkers to a new level of flavour. Brewcult aims to please - but not by pandering to what consumers want, but by challenging them to find new flavours they enjoy.

    You won't like every Brewcult beer - but you'll enjoy trying them

  • BrewaucracyMore info +

    Hi! We're Brewaucracy, a small craft brewing company "time-share brewing" our beers out of Shunters Yard Brewery in Matangi near Hamilton.

    Individually, we are Greig McGill and Phil Murray, two friends with a love of tasty libations and a loathing of regulation and red tape, hence the slightly tongue-in-cheek brewery name!

    We generally brew beers which please us. Sometimes these are bog standard beers, but made well and intended to be drunk in quenching and satisfying quantities. Sometimes they might be a bit out there and off-the-wall. Occasionally they will be both.

    The point is we're not crazy hipster brewers intent only on making something weird and obscure, nor are we technical perfectionists, churning out hectoliters of perfectly faultless but dull-as-dishwater beer.

    Nope, we're making beers which make us smile on the basis that if they put a twinkle in our eyes, perhaps they'll do the same for you too. We really hope so.

  • Cassels & Sons BreweryMore info +

    We started out as a small family business in mid 2009. By late 2009 we had finished building our 200 liter entirely wood fired brewery and were producing beer in kegs for local bars around Lyttelton and Sumner. Around the time of the earthquake we had hired two brewers grown our production and were bottling. Early 2011 changed our business dramatically and we lost a lot. By June of that year we had opened 'the brewery' - our brew pub - and enjoyed immediate success.

    In the following year or two we opened a large bar in central Christchurch - CBD, Gustavs winebar and restaurant, a cafe/tearooms, a deli, a bottle store, a brand new 2500 liter brewery and a Victorian retain arcade - the tannery.

    Beer was what we started with and continues to be the main focus of our business. We have a vast range including cask conditioned real ales.

  • Cavalier BrewingMore info +

    Cavalier Brewing is an award winning Microbrewery based in Melbourne. Owned and operated by three friends who live, breath, drink and create quality, hand crafted beer.

    Small volumes of artisan beer are lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients and the greatest attention to detail. No expense is spared in pursuit of producing the best possible craft beer.

    With over two decades of experience between them, our brewers pour their souls into each and every drop of beer they make.

    Cavalier Craft Beers are now available on tap and in bottles across a string of leading craft beer venues in Australia and we also opened our own Brewery in May 2013.

    Cavalier has hosted numerous tap takeover events, degustation dinners, beer in food concepts, along with multiple limited release beers, collaboration beers and launched Cavalier Courage, a beer produced to raise funds and awareness for Motor Neuron Disease.

  • Doctor's Orders BrewingMore info +

    Doctor’s Orders Brewing is all about special thought provoking and inspirational beers released seasonally, with availability across Australia currently on draft only (including growler fills at specialty liquor stores). The ethos is simple, produce beers that are intriguing based on emerging, historical and/or rare styles often with a twist but always with balance that enables you to have more than one.

    Our mid seasonal beers are smaller batch brews designed to be much bolder in flavour and style. They are only available at our regular craftier venues and when the keg(s) empty it’s gone.

    Doctor’s Orders is affectionately referred to as a cuckoo brewer. The analogy with a cuckoo is that we don’t have our own brewery (cuckoos take over other birds nests to lay their eggs). We take over our mates breweries to personally produce our beers. We also personally develop, market and sell each beer.

    Currently we are brewing out of three Sydney breweries; the Australian Brewery (Rouse Hill), Rocks Brewing (Alexandria) and Young Henry’s (Newtown).

  • Dr. HopsMore info +

    Dr. Hops is a brand name that was concocted by the proprietor Nicky 'Tricky' Claridge.

    Dr Hops is not only a brand name but the name of the main character for the brand.

    Although fictional and the stories fanciful, the character is based on Tricky - and her life and times.

    Wiley was added to give Dr. Hops a first name. By definition it is derived from a nickname meaning "wily, tricky" in Middle English.

    Wiley means artful, astute, slightly crazy, intriguing, deep, sagacious, shrewd, all things that bode well as a description of Tricky’s personality – and therefore the personality of the Dr Wiley Hops character.

    Infusing Tricky's personality into the character of Dr Hops formed a solid foundation for this fermenting tale.

    Tricky was orphaned when she lost her mother at an early age and her friends became her family.

    Her friends are eclectic, dysfunctional, crazy, random and talented, but most of all loyal and loving to the bitter end.

    So as an homage to her friends the circus theme was born... a family of misfits, freaks and carny folk.

    As the brand germinates and new flavours emerge, each new variety will be paired with the personality of one of her friends to add substance and give each of the brews some real and quirky attributes. Looks, mannerisms and characteristics – each person will imbue the brand with their authentic qualities, a uniqueness that is ingratiating and distinct.

  • Emerson's BreweryMore info +

    Emerson’s is an innovative Dunedin brewery producing a wide range of beers and special seasonal releases.  The company  has earned many  international and NZ awards.  To achieve this standard  of excellence, Emerson’s use a range of local and imported malts,  together with premium New Zealand grown hops.  The commitment to producing fresh beers full of flavour, places Emerson’s beers among the best in the world.


    Core range available all year: Pilsner, Bookbinder, 1812 Pale Ale, London Porter

    Limited release/seasonal beers:  Bird Dog Pale Ale, Taieri George, J.P,  Southern Clam Stout, Weizenbock, Weissbier, Brewer’s Reserve.


  • Epic Brewing CoMore info +

    Brewer Luke Nicholas started out at the gone- but- not- forgotten Cock and Bull chain in Auckland and when a chance came to branch out on his own under the Epic label 8 years ago he grabbed it.

    His beer is made under contract at Steam Brewery in Auckland.

    Epic Beer

    Epic Brewery Tour

    Brewing Epic

    Brewing Fresh Hop Ale 2014

  • Fiasco Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Fiasco Brewing Company became official when two self-proclaimed GC’s (Jason Wareing and Corey Dorset) sealed the deal with their first commercial release in October 2013. The launch party was packed out and the beer was flowing. They knew then, it start of something amazing.

    They strongly believe that New Zealand has a fantastic craft beer scene and they have contract brewed with some of the best in the industry.

    They are well known regulars at the Christchurch Home Brewers Club and are constantly brewing big bold beers that are always a talking point between fellow craft beer enthusiasts. Fiasco were also recently featured at the last two South Island Beer Festival which were held at the beautiful Ilam Homestead. Both brews received great feedback and turned a few heads towards the small craft beer company known as Fiasco.

    Still relatively new on the block, Fiasco Brewing Company are quickly gaining a nationwide following and have been receiving big support from an array of the best establishments that New Zealand has to offer.  They believe only the best fresh and exciting flavours should make its way into Fiasco beers. And come on! It’s really not a beer festival without a Fiasco!


  • Fork BrewingMore info +

    Fork & Brewer is a boutique brewpub in the heart of Wellington, the Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand.

    The stainless steel brew kit was custom built for our upstairs bar and since 2012 has allowed our talented brewers to produce around 1,000 litres of fresh, beautiful beer at a time.

    We have a core range of year-round beers, including our refreshing Bohemian Hipster Pilsner and the hugely popular Base Jumper APA, which is supplemented by a growing number of seasonal beers (like the Long Wheat Cloud hefeweizen in summer) and speciality beers to mark special occasions.  The most famous of those is The Hoppit golden ale which comes out at the launch of each Hobbit film.  We have also jumped on the cider bandwagon with such enthusiasm that our initial cider is actually called Bandwagon Cider.

    Having our own brewery on-site provides the opportunity to produce collaborative brews with visiting brewing dignitaries such as Luke Nicholas from Epic or the legendary Ben Middlemiss.

    Moving forward, we are developing a barrel-aging system which will bring whole new dimensions of flavour to our beers.

    The Fork’s new brewer Kelly Ryan will bring in his own ideas but will remain focussed on quality and flavour.

  • Funk EstateMore info +

     We are Dylan, Jordan and Shiggy. We were drawn together by our love for lagers, affection for ales and an all round passion for a pint. To put it simply, we like good beer.

    We're about making brews from across the spectrum; releasing limited runs of big, bold and sometimes outrageous beers, as well as holding down a solid lineup of tasty drops.

    Seek us out. Stay funky.

  • Galbraith's AlehouseMore info +

    At Galbraith’s Alehouse we’ve been crafting beer by hand and heart for 19 years. Made onsite by master brewers using traditional recipes and natural ingredients, we are the passionately independent leaders of micro brewing in New Zealand.

    As we say at the alehouse, “There’s no crap on tap – just real beer”.

    We believe beer is as interesting and varied as wine or any other drink. The problem is that mass-market beer has dumbed down the palate with uniform, generic flavours. Our focus from the outset was to give customers back the old beer styles and return beer to its former status as a top class and desirable beverage.

    Like wine, beer is influenced by the soil and climate in which its raw materials are grown – this is why Keith Galbraith brings a winemaker’s approach to beer making, using old-world techniques to recreate old-style flavours in an entirely authentic manner. By applying the concept of ‘terroir’ – the unique characteristics of a certain place – the taste profile of a beer’s origins are retained. To ensure that integrity, our brewers source ingredients from a beer’s original place of origin. We are in contact with our beer throughout every part of the process from the field to the Firkin and know each batch intimately.

    By returning brewing to a hand-crafted art form, we take it a world away from mainstream beer. The result is truly unique, with every batch boasting its own individual character and elevating beer to the level of food and wine in terms of connoisseurship.

    An icon among enthusiasts near and far, we have regulars who’ve been ordering their favourites since day one and adventurers who are up for a new brew experience.

  • Garage ProjectMore info +

    Garage Project is a small brewery based in an old petrol station in Wellington, New Zealand.

    It's an unlikely place for a brewery, but our aim in the Garage is to create unique and beautiful beers. We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be.

    We're here to try something new. Just like you.

  • Gigantic Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Gigantic Brewing Company is an independent, crafty brewery located in the Southeast quadrant of the Peoples Republic of Portland. Brewer/Owners Ben Love and Van Havig are veterans of the Oregon brewing community.

    At Gigantic we only do two things: make the best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon and produce seasonal, exciting, flavorful beers, most of which will be brewed only once. Our goal is simultaneously to create new interpretations of classic styles and to ignore those same style guidelines completely and brew whatever our creative natures produce.

    We hold ourselves to a simple principle – Never Give an Inch. We vow to start small and (stubbornly) stay small, focusing our efforts on making exceptional beer, rather than a lot of beer. When you drink Gigantic, know that we didn’t just put our names on the label – our effort, imagination, and dry wit are in every bottle.

  • Good George BrewingMore info +

    Good George came to life after a bunch friends got together and decided after years in hospitality and brewing it was time to create their own craft beer brand. Their main motivation was they wanted to show people what great beer can be, convert drinkers from the norm and show them how to enjoy fantastic beer.
    Their belief was that beer can be so much better and more rewarding. It shouldn't be bland, full of chemicals, mass produced and boring. Nor should it be hard, pretentious or scary. Exploring and drinking beer should be enjoyable, simple and really rewarding.

    The brewery idea gathered momentum in 2011 when a site in the industrial heart of Frankton was discovered that was the perfect mix of location, character and potential. The former St George’s Church was in need of much love and attention however it provided an awesome space and backdrop for the creation of the brewery and dining hall. More importantly it helped give Good George its brand name - proving the addage that Good things come to those who wait!

  • Hallertau BreweryMore info +

    Hallertau Brewery has been producing ‘hopping good beer’ at their North West Auckland location since 2005.

    An on-site bar and restaurant serves the local community and attracts day tripping Aucklanders, mountain bikers and surfers.

    Late 2015 saw the installation of a brand new 2500L Brew House and national distribution to meet growing demand. The recently refurbished bar and restaurant will shortly be complimented by a 250 seater garden bar.

    Hallertau’s core range of 6 – 8 beers encompasses international styles from Kolsch, IPAs, Schwarzbier to barrel aged and sour beers. One-offs, seasonals and collaborations regularly appear through-out the year.

  • Hancock & Co BeerMore info +

    Hancock & Co was founded in 1859 and built a great reputation brewing some of New Zealand’s finest beers. Like all good companies it became a victim of corporate greed in 1907 by being one of a group of breweries merging to form 1 BIG BREWERY....... Then in 2012, an Auckland area family re-launched the brand.

    Tradition Re-Brewed

  • Hop BaronMore info +


    We live in a time where consumer choice is infinite. Our vision is that the days of indiscriminate, tasteless lager are over and each beer you drink is selected on its individual merits—not the size of its advertising budget.


    We use the purest water, brew with the finest local ingredients then infuse with hops. The art is found in the simplicity of creating something we love.


    We are three school friends who after going our separate ways for travel, reunited in post-quake Christchurch. We all shared the same vision and soon discovered that with the right tools, knowledge and determination we could craft world class ales.


    Each brew is strictly supervised by the HOP BARON. The HOP BARON exists in all of us—the innate feeling that helps us do the right thing. That means we do not take any shortcuts—we brew with patience and respect.


    Our knot is a 1,600 year old Frankish symbol, and a fine  example of rotational symmetry. Baron is one of the few Frankish words used today. Therefore, it is more than likely that our knot has been used by many barons before us.

  • Hop Federation BreweryMore info +

    Hop Federation is a small craft brewery with a sense of adventure and a passion for making stylish beers with substance. Located in Riwaka, in the idyllic Top of the South, we’re surrounded by hop growers and orchards, and a stone’s throw from beaches, national parks and lots of great recreation destinations.

    We opened our doors in 2013 so we’re relatively youthful, but we’re seriously dedicated to the art and craft of brewing. We use mostly New Zealand hop varieties, our malts come from Canterbury, and we think our beers capture the spirit and lifestyle of this special region.

    Our core range is a lively, harmonious, quartet of ales forms the core of our range, regularly rounded out with brews to celebrate the seasons or mark special occasions.

    Using hops mostly grown within 100 kilometres of our brewery and Gladfield malts from Canterbury Plains barley (some say the finest in the world), the combination of local ingredients, traditional methods, artistry and passion delivers beers with style and substance.

  • Hot Water Brewing CoMore info +

    We are happily set in the sunny Coromandel peninsula looking up to the Coromandel ranges.

    Taste the Difference: Brewing is our passion, sample the Coromandel's newest attraction.

  • Invercargill BreweryMore info +

    On returning to Invercargill in the mid-90s after two years working the UK and France Steve Nally got a real job in a lab – just briefly mind.

    He spent his  weekends touring abandoned orchards, filling trailers with ground-bruised fruit to make into cider.

    Eventually the bug took over. In 1999, Steve had leased a disused diary shed in Oteramika Road on the outskirts of the city and set up business, having built most of the plant himself with the aid of his father Gerry.

    Invercargill Brewery’s first brew – IBS – has since been superseded by a popular pale ale called Stanley Green. Lance Corporal Stanley Green was Steve’s maternal grandfather who survived Dunkirk only to die in a training accident in Scotland in 1942.

    “I think he was an ordinary man doing something extraordinary” Steve reckoned, and a great inspiration for one of his favourite beers.

    In 2005 the brewery outgrew the old blue dairy shed and moved to downtown Invercargill.

    By 2012, staff began each day by moving equipment onto the footpath. Finally, in December 2013, Invercargill Brewery made the move to 72 Leet Street where the story continues in a beautifully remodelled Wilson Bros Fabrication Shop

  • Kereru Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Chris has  been brewing beer since 1992. In 2010 Chris and his wife, Natasha, decided to build a tiny 50 litre commercial nano-brewery under their house. In 2013 we found that we had outgrown our tiny home-based operation and we took a lease on a large factory space in Upper Hutt which we have now fitted out with an 1,800 litre (15 barrel) microbrewery.

    We offer a range of delicious beers.  Our traditional beers include two pale ales (one a bitter and the other an IPA), a stout and a strong Belgian-style Trippel. Our unusual beers include a gluten-free golden ale called Auro, a golden ale with Pohutukawa honey, a brown ale with Kumara, and a porter with toasted coconut. Wherever possible we use New Zealand sourced ingredients and recapture any clean water from the brewing process for future reuse.

  • Lakeman Brewing CoMore info +

    Lakeman Brewing Company was launched in June 2013 and is based in Taupo. Unfortunately we do not have a highly trained or experienced team (or even a team) and no fancy qualifications just a DipAg. It is run by a Taupo farmer who thought bugger it I am just going to have a crack at this.

    The 140,000 litre capacity brewery was bought off Tuatara at least 2 expansions ago. It then sat in a farm shed gathering dust for a few years before she was cranked back into life by an absolute novice. After three disturbing brews (his mates could actually swallow the fourth attempt) some sucker bought a keg which gave the young brewer hope.

    After sampling the wares the angel Gabrielle made contact. The angel aka Graeme Mahy said to the young brewer he did not want people giving the NZ craft brewing industry a bad name. Taking this constructive criticism on board Graeme was invited down and he waved his wand around and progress was made.

    Fast forward 12 months we now have five different brews and can be found on tap in 6 local establishments soon to be 7. We are counting.

  • Latitude 33 Brewing Co.More info +

    “Everybody needs a little latitude”

    The 33rd parallel runs smack dab through the heart of San Diego County — what many refer to as the current capital of craft beer — and our brewery sits just a hair north of the line. .

    Interestingly, Latitude 33 isn’t just the current world headquarters for beer, half a world away, it’s also the place where beer was invented.

    The San Diego craft beer community extends beyond brewers to brewery employees and those who aspire to get into the industry.

    Members of each of these factions recently collaborated on a special beer brewed to raise funds to support the Pink Boots Society (PBS), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s impact and presence in the brewing industry. As so many things do in the craft culture, It all started over a beer.

    At a recent beer festival, Kevin Buckley, brewmaster at Vista’s Latitude 33 Brewing Company, was chatting with friend and fellow beer enthusiast Denise Ratfield. In addition to loving beer, Ratfield is the “brewceptionist” at Stone Brewing Co.’s Escondido headquarters and heads social media efforts for PBS. A proponent of the organization, Buckley voiced the desire to help PBS earn money for the educational scholarships it awards to promising female brewers. In an instant, the two determined the perfect way to do so — brewing a beer.

    Enter Latitude 33 Worldly Scholar, a hoppy oatmeal pale ale brewed with three varieties of New Zealand hops — Motueka, Nelson, and Southern Cross. Those kiwi hops have significance. In addition to being sold locally, bottles of Worldly Scholar will be shipped to New Zealand to be served at an August beer festival called Beervana where Ratfield, representing PBS, will be in attendance.

    While Buckley was the primary instigator lending plenty of elbow grease to this project, other local supporters of PBS pitched in with significant contributions. Glenn Gallagher of The Country Malt Group donated ingredients and was integral in obtaining other items used to brew the beer, and Stone artist Monarose Ryan designed its bottle art.

    Worldly Scholar will be featured at Beervana 2014 on The Pink Boots Bar.

  • Liberty Brewing CoMore info +

    The story of Liberty goes back all the way to when I became dissatisfied by what offerings New Zealand had in terms of beer. In particular: Flavour in Beer.

    I began playing with home brewing. The first beer I tried to brew was a Weizenbock: the result was amazing even considering I was only using easily obtained ingredients, which back in the day wasn’t much!

    Liberty Brewing was an online brewing supplies website. It had all the malt and hops I needed to brew the beers I wanted to brew. It was great. I very quickly became their biggest customer. Then it was during a discussion on New Zealand’s premiere brewing forum Realbeer where the previous owners Stu McKinlay and Brendon MacKenzie basically offered me the business. I couldn’t refuse: This alone was the single moment in time when Liberty Brewing as you know it now was born.

    Our brewing is and has always been about our customers. As long as there are boundaries to cross, rules to break and lines to blur, we will be here: Crossing, Breaking and Blurring.

  • Little CreaturesMore info +

    Little Creatures Brewing was born out of the love of great beer shared by a few good mates. In particular, it was a hop driven pale ale they tasted in the north west of the U.S that really captured their hearts and gave rise to this little brewery that began on the water’s edge in Fremantle.

    After many trials and experimentations, our first beer, Little Creatures Pale Ale, was proudly presented to the Australian market just in time for the summer of 2001.

    Throughout the years, we’ve created a little family of beers that we brew today with the same enthusiasm and drive as the day we began. And while we continue to grow and stretch our horizons, we are still excited by and are motivated to make better beer with greater consistency each and every day.

    We welcome you to share our passion for great beer, where ever you are.


  • Lobethal BierhausMore info +

    Having opened 26 May 2007, the Lobethal Bierhaus incorporates a small all grain micro brewery (brew length 1200 litres), cellar door tasting and sales, and an accompanying restaurant.   Although our focus is definitely intended to be on our beer, our business model is similar to that used by a number of smaller winery operations which not only produce premium quality local wines, but also include a cellar door for tasting and sometimes a restaurant that enables the direct sale of their produce to both local and visiting tourists.

    Our restaurant is a show case for local produce, with quality menus designed to specifically compliment the brewery’s own range of hand crafted specialty premium beers (we currently make 10 styles; American Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Belgium style Strong Golden Ale, Christmas Ale, double hopped IPA and our latest a 3.5% British Bitter called Bruce; available both on tap and in bottles to take home).

    Our cellar door / restaurant is open to the public Friday and Saturdays from noon to 10pm, on Sunday’s and most public holidays from noon to 6pm.  We also cater for private functions / brewery visits by appointment at other times.

    A visit to our brewery is far more than simply an opportunity to taste great beer, produced on premises, in a friendly environment.   The brewery itself and all of the technology and methods we use to produce beer are on full display providing both an interesting and educational experience.

    At the Lobethal Bierhaus we also promote the considerable history of brewing in Lobethal.  In 1851 Mr. F.W. Kleinschmidt originally constructed and operated a brewery from what was later to become the Lobethal Tweed Factory and then Onkaparinga Woollen Company (remember the Australian icon - Onkaparinga Blankets).  Although the original brewery closed after some two decades of operation, the Lobethal area continued to be a centre for the cultivation of hops (together with malted barley and yeasts, hops are an essential ingredient in the production of beer).

    Unfortunately only a very small reminder of the original brewery now remains, but its former location (less than 45 minutes by car from the centre of Adelaide in the picturesque Adelaide Hills) has been revitalized by the growing development of the Adelaide Hills Business and Tourism Centre and the very popular Adelaide Hills Market.  Through our brewery it is hoped that a reminder of the history of brewing in Lobethal will also continue to be preserved.

    Our owners Alistair Turnbull and Rosie Holmes are passionate about their beer and committed to contributing to Lobethal and the local region.  All brewing and bottling is done completely on site by Alistair and they both share the role of working in and running the brewery with the assistance of 12 local staff who work in the brewery’s restaurant and bar.

    In March 2008, after just 9 months in operation the Lobethal Bierhaus was awarded 6 medals for 6 entries in the prestigious Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).    In the November 2008 SA Great Regional Awards the Lobethal Bierhaus was voted number one Tourism Attraction in the Adelaide Hills.    A further 28 medals have been won between 2009 and 2014 at the AIBA’s, including a gold medal for our IPA.  In 2011 four Lobethal Bierhaus beers were entered in the Royal Adelaide Beer Show and the Lobethal Bierhaus was awarded 4 trophies, Champion Porter, Champion Small Brewery, Champion overall SA Brewery and Champion Exhibitor.   A further 6 medals from 6 entries were received in 2012.

    The Lobethal Bierhaus now produces in excess of 150,000 lts per annum with Bierhaus Beers available at more than 120 local and interstate venues.

  • McCashins BreweryMore info +

    Perched at the top of the South Island, where the water is clear and the sun beats down year-round, we practice the art of brewing exquisite beer. 

    We’ve obtained the finest organic hops and premium malt, developed our own bespoke yeast, and sourced 14,000 year-old Paleo water, blending them together to craft our highly acclaimed beer using techniques passed along through a family of award-winning brewers.

    And while we use modern technology and an innovative approach on a daily basis, traditional values still guide everything we do. Kiwi ingenuity, a respect for the brewing practices handed down over the years, and a refusal to compromise the purity of the beer we produce result in a product that we’re proud to put our name to.

    We’re brewers who have not just learned a craft, but learned a family business.

    We’re beer lovers, creating beer for those who appreciate quality beverages; those who crave the satisfaction of a long swig on a cold bottle after a day’s hard work, and those who believe they deserve the finest quality and the very best taste.

    We’re passionate, dedicated and uncompromising,

    We’re lovers of beer.

  • Moa Brewing CompanyMore info +

    The Moa Brewing Company was founded in 2003 by Josh Scott, the son of renowned Marlborough winemaker Allan Scott, with a focus on brewing super premium handcrafted beers.

    The brewery is situated alongside the vineyards in the world famous winemaking region of Marlborough, New Zealand, which isn’t surprising considering Josh is also a winemaker and according to him, “It takes a lot of beer to make a good wine”.

    The international multi-award winning range of Moa beers are proudly brewed using traditional, costly, inefficient and labour intensive techniques with a focus on local ingredients, including internationally renowned New Zealand hops.  Most of the beers in the range are rounded off through the use of winemaking techniques, such as bottle conditioning where a small amount of active yeast and priming sugar is added to the brew just before bottling (like Champagne).  This technique:

    • naturally carbonates the beer
    • enhances shelf life and longevity
    • creates dynamic and complex flavours that change over time (like a good wine), and
    • gives the beer a unique champagne-like mouthfeel.

    A small amount of yeast sediment at the bottom of each bottle is evidence of this traditional technique.

  • Monteith's Brewing Co.More info +

    The Monteith’s Brewery is based on the West Coast of New Zealand.

    It grew out of the Gold Mining boom in the 18th Century, when many thirsty explorers went to in search of gold and needed a good beer to slate their thirst. Stuart Monteith, the founder of Monteith’s Brewing Co. was well known for his quality beers.

    The tradition of brewing a wide range of loved brews, still continues today with the brewery turning out over 20 beers and ciders .

  • Mount Brewing CoMore info +

    Mount Brewing Co brews its craft beer at its brewery in the heart Mount Manuganui.

    We have thousand liter 100% hands on brew system - The most technically advanced piece of equipment in the brewery is the jug.  Even though our equipment may not be the most high tech we still can turn out great beer.

    Mount Brewing is a small family owned brewery. Seventeen years ago the Meikle’s opened their doors of their ‘brew on premise, six weeks after their daughter was born!

    prefect, especially since it allowed Glenn to follow another passion of his, hosting live music gigs.
    In 2012 the Brewery's name was changed from Brewers to Mount Brewing Co and the Meikle’s went into partnership with Matt Hayward and opened Mount Brewing Company Bar in downtown the Mount.

    We also host meetings on the last Thursday of the month, so come down and enjoy a pint with us next time your in town.

  • Mountain GoatMore info +

    One of Australia’s most popular craft beer brands with a huge following throughout Australia.

    •Mountain Goat is  100% independent. Started and still owned by mates Cam and Dave.

    •The Steam Ale was rated in the Top 20 Australian Beers.

    •Mountain Goat has collected a swag of awards over the years for their traditional, all natural ales.

    •Naturally brewed avoiding all preservatives and additives and vegan friendly.

    •  The brewery has been set up with the environment in mind, from using recycled materials in their fit-out, through to installation of solar panels and an 11,000 litre rainwater tank.


  • North End BreweryMore info +

    North End Brewing is a new small brewing company focused on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington.

    North End is a partnership between Todd Cameron, Aaron Wagstaff and Kieran Haslett-Moore.

    Currently North End are contract brewing at Panhead Brewing Co and Kereru in Upper Hutt. A brewery and cellar door operation is planned at Waikanae Village spring 2014.

    The North End beers are regularly available at the Long Beach Bar and Restaurant at Waikanae Beach, The Raumati Social Club in Raumati South and at Regional Wines and Spirits in Wellington.

  • Panhead Custom AlesMore info +
    Here at Panhead Custom Ales we apply every bit of our skill, creativity and impeccable taste to the business of brewing great craft beer.
    We love to strip a brew back to its essence and rebuild it in a way that honours tradition as well as the alchemy of creation.
    At our new brewery headquarters in Upper Hutt we’re turning out beers with character bursting from the glass, streamlined vehicles for malt, yeast and serious hopping.
    Enjoy them, share them and let us know what you think.

  • ParrotDogMore info +

    ParrotDog began with a manic Indian Ringneck parrot and two dogs.

    These ‘dogs’ were Matt and Matt, two students with a passion for craft beer who began home-brewing under the watchful eye of Schmee the parrot.

    First put into action by the home-brewing partnership of Matt Kristofski and Matt Warner in a dingy old flat in Aro Valley, ParrotDog really kicked off when Matt Stevens was added to the grist in 2011 for the release of ParrotDog’s first commercially available contract brewed beer, ParrotDog BitterBitch.

    Six months down the track, the demand for ParrotDog beer meant that brewing production was in need of expansion, but due to a limited capacity in contract brewing space, this was unable to happen. ParrotDog’s next big step was then triggered and July 2012, saw five months of planning and hard work culminate in the launch of the brand new brewery right in the heart of Wellington City.

  • Queenstown BrewersMore info +

    Queenstown Brewers is a small contract brewing company started in late 2012 by home brewer and winemaker John Wallace and friends.

    After years of brewing in the back shed, and receiving some recognition for our brews beyond the end of the street we decided it was time to turn one of our beers into something bigger that would be able to keep pace with our mates thirst, so Queenstown Brewers was born. Along the way we discovered that Queenstown has a rich history of beer brewing and malt growing, and we decided to include some of the anecdotes and flavour of the region into our beer names and packaging.

    The intention is to one day sell off the house, wife and kids and start a brewery in Queenstown.

    But in the meantime we are continuing to do the “pilot brews” and product testing in the back shed, and contract brewing in Wanaka.  We prefer to make beer from malt grown on the Canterbury plains and from hops that are unique to New Zealand – giving tradition beer styles a NZ flavour and twist - keeping it local.

  • Relativity BrewingMore info +

    The Ale Brewing Chaps Brewery was built in late 2012 by a collective of five fine Chaps. The original concept was to build and operate a commercial brewery at a fraction of the usual costs. This was achieved with just a $20000 budget and, as you would expect the brewery is definitely built with function over form. A bit Heath Robinson but what is wrong with that, Heath Robinson was a chap after all.

    The kettles are heated by custom built open flame burners, and fermentation takes place in 400lt open topped vessels. The result is a very traditional brewery which works perfectly at a fraction of the usual costs.

    The beers are made from finest English and German malts then exuberantly over-hopped with a selection of NZ and import hops. The cask conditioned ales are specially formulated for serving on hand pump and require a different approach to standard tap beers. Given that the brewery is located on Waiheke Island there is no shortage of used wine casks and these are used to age my Burton India Pale Ale

    Until now, Relativity beers have only been available on tap locally  so Beervana sees these fine ales making the long awaited journey to Wellington for the first time.

  • Renaissance BrewingMore info +

    Award winning New Zealand craft beer producer, Renaissance Brewing, is situated in the heart of Marlborough wine country at the top of New Zealand's south island.

    Our aim is to make beers that rival our grape based cousins.  We produce top end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses.

    The majority of our beers are made from South Island Malt and locally grown hops from the top of the south.

    We do not compromise on flavour and believe showcasing the flavour of the South Island.

  • Rocky Knob Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Rocky Knob Brewing Company is super excited to be sharing the Beervana love in August!

    Bringing down from the Mount their 'Snapperhead Imperial IPA' this 7.4% beverage is all you want and more. Fresh and tropical on the nose, rich and passionfruit like in the mouth, tropical and bitter on the palate. Surprisingly sessionable...

    Stu is our head of research and development and loves producing great beers that you want to drink again and again. Bron takes care of Stu's brewing love child (Rocky Knob) and pretty much does everything else. We contract brew with the boys from Wigram - a great working relationship has been established.

    Rocky Knob is about brewing beer that our mates and their mates  and their mates' mates love. Quality control ensured by keen punter testing far and wide.

    Track us down at Beervana and have a yarn- you'll spot our t-shirts!

  • Sprig & FernMore info +

    Tracy Banner heads the small and enthusiastic Sprig & Fern Brewery team that collectively has more than 50 years of commercial brewing experience.  The brewery is located in Beach Road, Richmond, about 10 minutes from Nelson city.

    The Sprig and Fern Brewery lovingly produce a wide range of award winning real craft beers and ciders to satisfy the palates of craft beer fans and more casual drinkers alike. With a high level of care and an attention to quality the Sprig & Fern Brewery has earned a solid reputation amongst real craft beer drinkers throughout New Zealand

    Beers on tap at Beervana:

    Sprig & Fern Motueka Pilsner 5.0% Fresh hopped Pilsner available on the Beervana Stand

    Sprig & Fern Nelson Sauvin Pilsner 5.0% Fresh hopped Pilsner available on the Pink Boot’s Stand

    Sprig & Fern Festive Brew. Available on the Festive Brew Stand

  • Steam BrewingMore info +

    Brewing - our passion

    Steam Brewing Company is one of New Zealand’s largest Craft Breweries. Having achieved over 200 medals and trophies internationally, our produce is known for it’s quality. We are respected in the trade for our world-class brewing and packaging.

    We have a highly trained and experienced team, who love making beer and drinking beer. Our team holds revered International brewing qualifications through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling – our Master Brewer actually holds a Masters in Brewing. Each Steam Brewing Company brew is constructed and refined by our small crew of six.

    We started in October 1995 with a little English pub out front of the brewery in East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand.  It was a sweet little timber-clad kit and we achieved great success with it. Natural ingredients, fun and most of all quality were the key aims of the brewery and it’s beer. Sadly our beer’s popularity out-grew capacity and we have evolved into New Zealand’s premium Contract Brewer at our Custom Beverage Unit in Otahuhu. It was created and loved by our Head Brewer back in 1995 as the Auckland Breweries site. Like a large blue brick, our 100hL brewery sits proudly amongst the mangroves on the South coast of the Manukau Harbour.

  • Stone & WoodMore info +

    We established Stone & Wood Brewing Company in 2008 after many years of working in the beer business. Our dream was to quit 'working for the man', shed the corporate garbage and get back to basics.

    As the original brewers of Byron Bay we built our brewery here at the eastern tip of Australia, in a part of the world where people enjoy having a beer when relaxing after catching a wave, catching a band at the pub or just catching up with friends. It's that sort of place.

    We brew beer for times like these, beers that the locals, and the growing number of craft beer drinkers around the country, and of course ourselves, would find simply good to drink.

    Brewing here in the Northern Rivers has not only helped shape our philosophy of trying to take things slowly and keeping it simple, but the natural beauty, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and the laid back vibe were the inspiration for our beers.

  • Sunshine BreweryMore info +

    Back in 1989, out east in Gisborne a couple of surfing mates started messing around with brewing. Before they knew it they were on a quest to create the perfect lager to help them cope with Gisborne’s famously long, hot summers and great waves.

    Pretty soon they realised they were onto something good, so they shelved their surfboards, named their shed ‘The Sunshine Brewery’ and committed themselves full-time to crafting the perfect brew.

    Their session lager Gisborne Gold quickly attracted cult-like status in Gisborne and beyond, showing up in big city bars like Wellington’s Bar Bodega. Through the 90s and 2000s ‘Gizzy Gold’ won a bunch of gold medals and best of show trophies.

    Twenty five years, 1700 great brews, and dozens of long hot summers later, Sunshine Brewery has been refreshed with new investment and energy by a group of Gisborne wine folk. The revitalised Sunshine range is again showing up around the country where it belongs. No longer Gisborne’s best kept secret.

    Look out for the limited release Sunrise Project beers like the just released “Bulls Brew Porter” where Steve and Kylie focus on developing flavours and food matching.

  • The Commons BreweryMore info +

    The Commons Brewery is a small craft brewery located in Southeast Portland, Oregon. We are inspired by European brewing tradition and Northwest grown ingredients. We take a very hands-on approach to brewing our small batch beers.

    The Commons Brewery started in Mike Wright’s garage in Southeast Portland. The Commons strives to make well executed, moderate alcohol beers with a refreshing and unique character (most often with yeasts originating from Europe). The beers are geared to be session-able and therefore enable or enhance social interaction.

    Award at 2014 World Beer Cup: Category 19: American-Style Brett Beer Bronze: Flemish Kiss, The Commons Brewery, Portland, OR

  • The West Coast BreweryMore info +

    Located in Westport, The West Coast Brewery is the only independently owned brewery on the west coast of the South Island. A place where time slowed down and all for the best, the people are down to earth and welcoming. They love their fishing and BBQ’s and of course their whitebait patties but most of all they love a beer and a good old fashioned Kiwi yarn. They are often hard to get to leave the brewery.

    The breweries core range consists of a traditional Lager, Draught and Black, Green Fern Organic Lager and most notably West Coast International Pale Ale, gold medal winner at the Brewers Guild awards 2011. In addition there are always a couple of seasonal beers to try out.

  • Three Boys BreweryMore info +

    At Three Boys Brewery we personally tend each small-scale brew, right from selecting the best malt and hops until it leaves the brewery. Our beers are a living product; not filtered and not pasteurised - just as nature intended.

    Our aim is simple: finest quality beer, finest possible taste

  • TuataraMore info +

    We're a little battler of a brand, taking on the world, one beer at a time. Our mission is to free the world from the tranny of bad beer! So we brew ‘true to style’ but with a distinctly homegrown twist that delivers world class, hand crafted, full flavour Aotearoa beer.

    Tuatara has been leading the craft beer cavalry since 2000. The brewery began as a backyard operation in the hills above Waikanae. It was founded by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the tastebuds of a wine critic. Before too long, he’d managed to brew a superb range of ales, porters and pilsners true to style under the name Tuatara ( gratitude for the loan of the little guy’s name, we sponsor him at Wellington’s Zealandia conservation centre).

    To say that Tuatara Brewery has taken off in the last few years is an understatement. Heck, we’ve been propelled into orbit with target volumes running at a couple of million litres this year. It probably helps that we’re based in Wellington where beer appreciation is not so much a cult as a full-blown religion.

  • Widmer Brothers BrewingMore info +

    Founded in 1984, Widmer Brothers Brewing is celebrating 30 years of beer in 2014.

    Founders Kurt and Rob Widmer helped lead the Pacific Northwest craft beer movement in 1984 when, in their 20s, they began brewing unique interpretations of traditional German beer styles.

    In 1986, Widmer Brothers Brewing introduced the original American-style Hefeweizen, which elevated the brewery to national acclaim. Since then, the brewery has continued to push the boundaries of craft beer, developing a variety of beers with an unapologetic, uncompromised commitment to innovation.

    Based in Portland, Ore., the brewery currently brews a variety of beers including Hefeweizen, Upheaval IPA, Alchemy Pale Ale, Drop Top Amber Ale, a full seasonal lineup, and a series of limited edition beers. For more information about Widmer Brothers Brewing, visit

  • Wild and Woolly BrewingMore info +

    Wild and Woolly is a tiny, brand new, Wellington based brewery.  We were founded in 2014 by a Canadian expat with a passion for creative brewing.  Beginning with local Wellington homebrew tastings, on to multi-medal hauls at the national homebrew championships, we’re just about ready to hit the big time.

    Sort of.

    Wild and Woolly’s brewhouse puts out a miniscule 350l per batch.  Our small size means we’ll never be pumping out huge volumes.  And it won’t always be easy to find our beers.  But it also makes it simpler for us to experiment with unusual ingredients, styles and processes.  Which is just the way we like it.

    Our favourite beers are adventures in a glass.  A bit Wild. Maybe a bit Woolly.  But always flavoursome and interesting.   Spices, smoke, fruit, herbs, bacteria, wild yeast, wood...  all of these ingredients are right at home in a Wild and Woolly Brew.

    Over the coming months we’ll be producing a few regular staples spiced up with lots of seasonal, one off and experimental brews.  Keep an eye out for our beers and learn to expect the new and intriguing.

  • Yeastie BoysMore info +

    The Yeastie Boys- Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the 's craft beer scene. They burst onto the beer klandscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 22009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since.

    The Yeastie Boys say that they stay ahead of the game by being food and drink lovers first and foremost and postmodern craft beer cult heroes on the side.

  • Young HenrysMore info +

    Young Henrys is situated in the heart of thriving Newtown surrounded by street art, creative industries and alternative culture. The state of the art, natural gas driven DME brewery produces ales, lagers and ciders of extraordinary quality. Along with the best quality ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world, the true source of flavour is experience, passion and the daring to do something a little different.

    Like most great adventures, Young Henrys started with a conversation over a beer. In this case it was lovers of great beer getting together to discuss hopes and dreams for the Australian craft beer industry, particularly it’s growth and development in Sydney. For too long, Sydney had been seen to be lagging the rest of the country in terms of new, innovative and exciting breweries. Young Henrys was born out of a want to be just that: Innovative, passionate, adventurous and fun.

    Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer. We have countless years of experience in brewing, pulling beers and of course, drinking them. Our combined palates are unique and imaginative but always with a nod to old-style techniques and values.

  • Zeelandt BreweryMore info +

    New Zealand and beer go back a long way. Durable Dutch brown beer helped Abel Tasman and his thirsty crew make the long voyage to the South Pacific. Captain Cook was also known to knock up the odd brew for the boys.

    And just like beer has been a part of New Zealand since way back then, it's been a big part of the Zeelandt brewing family too. Head brewer Chris' great great grandfather started a brewery in Hororata back in the day, and now that family tradition lives on at Zeelandt Brewery.

    Our beer gives more than a polite nod to that history. We use traditional recipes, and hand craft our brews using Nelson hops and as many local ingredients as we can lay our hands on. There's a little bit of New Zealand in every drop.


  • Zeffer CiderMore info +

    Zeffer Brewing Co. are producers of craft cider based in the sunny north.

    Their focus is on producing quality cider made from a carefully selected blend of apple and pear varieties.

    Fruit is sourced direct from growers around New Zealand and then freshly crushed on site at the Zeffer cidery.

    Produced in small batches, there is minimal intervention through the cider making process allowing natural flavours and aroma’s to develop.


Featured Beer

  • 8 Wired Brewing's Rewired UnchainedMore info +

    Brewery: 8 Wired Brewing

  • 8 Wired Brewing's Wild FeijoaMore info +

    Brewery: 8 Wired Brewing

  • Beer Baroness's The First LadyMore info +

    Brewery: Beer Baroness

    Available at Beervana on the Pink Boots Bar


    APA with tropical fruits, apricots and citrus with lingering bitterness


  • Behemoth Brewing Co's Chur NZ Pale AleMore info +
  • Behemoth Brewing Co's Milk StoutMore info +
  • Doctor's Orders Brewing's PlasmaMore info +

    Brewery: Doctor's Orders Brewing

    Plasma is a White IPA (7.6%) reconfirming that everything is better with more hops. White IPA’s are still an emerging trend that we’re pleased continue to embrace.

    Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouth-feel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. Plasma is an AIBA award winning beer.

  • Dr. Hops World Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: Dr. Hops

    “Intended to alay ailments related to parched & dry conditions”.

    A punch in the nose by passion fruit, grasses & all sorts of ‘grab your olfactory senses and give them a bloody good shake’ character.

    The flavours of toffee, almost roasty malt with a heady bitterness that ensures this World Pale Ale will stay put in your mouth and linger with a refreshing clean finish.

    Dr. Hops hopes you find this World Pale Ale seriously tasty.

  • Fork Brewing's Back to BlackMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    5.2% Black Saison

    Chocolate and spice and all things nice.

    A little twist on the broad Belgian Saison style with a sprinkling of the enigmatic Grains of Paradise, a couple of yeast strains and a blend of pale and dark malts. Caramel chocolate and fruity esters leap into the nose, following through into the palate where warming alcohol and a dry finish combine with surprising body and a peppery post-script.

  • Fork Brewing's Back to BlackMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    5.2% Black Saison

    Chocolate and spice and all things nice.

    A little twist on the broad Belgian Saison style with a sprinkling of the enigmatic Grains of Paradise, a couple of yeast strains and a blend of pale and dark malts. Caramel chocolate and fruity esters leap into the nose, following through into the palate where warming alcohol and a dry finish combine with surprising body and a peppery post-script.

  • Fork Brewing's Base JumperMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    6.3% APA

    Grab a bunch of American and New Zealand hops with names like Zythos, Cascade and Motueka, add liberally to a base of bold ale malt, throw in a little crystal malt goodness, shake until just right, adjust your parachute and sip away at a pint as you jump from a cliff. Floral and citrus notes up front with a solid caramel character and flavour-filled bitter finish. You'll want to jump again.

  • Fork Brewing's Base JumperMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    6.3% APA

    Grab a bunch of American and New Zealand hops with names like Zythos, Cascade and Motueka, add liberally to a base of bold ale malt, throw in a little crystal malt goodness, shake until just right, adjust your parachute and sip away at a pint as you jump from a cliff. Floral and citrus notes up front with a solid caramel character and flavour-filled bitter finish. You'll want to jump again.

  • Fork Brewing's Big TahunaMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    6.7% West Coast IPA

    A massive citrus punch in the face leads into a resinous, tropical fruit laden marmalade flavour fest. Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra and Falconer's Flight are the heroic hops responsible for this onslaught, combining with a blend of New Zealand malts and a real touch of the West Coast. A dose of New Zealand West Coast sea water has been crafted into this brew to give extra flavour, exhilarating sweetness and a wonderfully balanced bitterness.

  • Fork Brewing's Big TahunaMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    6.7% West Coast IPA

    A massive citrus punch in the face leads into a resinous, tropical fruit laden marmalade flavour fest. Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra and Falconer's Flight are the heroic hops responsible for this onslaught, combining with a blend of New Zealand malts and a real touch of the West Coast. A dose of New Zealand West Coast sea water has been crafted into this brew to give extra flavour, exhilarating sweetness and a wonderfully balanced bitterness.

  • Fork Brewing's Bohemian HipsterMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    5% Pilsner

    Our avant-garde Pilsner is packed with distinctive Kiwi hops and lagered to perfection. A lemon citrus twist in the aroma, subtle biscuity malt in the background and an assertive, juicy bitterness will make you want to put on your favourite check shirt, grow a beard, turn up the jazz and revel in its dry finish.

  • Fork Brewing's Bohemian HipsterMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    5% Pilsner

    Our avant-garde Pilsner is packed with distinctive Kiwi hops and lagered to perfection. A lemon citrus twist in the aroma, subtle biscuity malt in the background and an assertive, juicy bitterness will make you want to put on your favourite check shirt, grow a beard, turn up the jazz and revel in its dry finish.

  • Fork Brewing's Low BlowMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    4.7% Session IPA

    The 'flavour du jour', a lovely lower strength IPA bursting with piney bitterness, hints of gooseberry and kiwifruit and a grapefruit zest back palate. A portion of wheat malt provides a biscuity, smooth mouthfeel, balanced by a clean bitterness and characteristic Riwaka and Simcoe flavours.

    It's so drinkable you'll want another. Ring the bell for the next round!

  • Fork Brewing's Low BlowMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    4.7% Session IPA

    The 'flavour du jour', a lovely lower strength IPA bursting with piney bitterness, hints of gooseberry and kiwifruit and a grapefruit zest back palate. A portion of wheat malt provides a biscuity, smooth mouthfeel, balanced by a clean bitterness and characteristic Riwaka and Simcoe flavours.

    It's so drinkable you'll want another. Ring the bell for the next round!

  • Funk Estate Parleyer PilsnerMore info +

    Brewery: Funk Estate

    Parleyer - Pilsner
    Light, hoppy, spritzy with a low key citrus and pine aroma.
    ABV: 4.9%
    MALT: Gladfield Pilsner
    HOPS: Pacific Jade, Waimea
    This cheeky little pilsner is sure to fuel the good times and get you parleying Funk Style. A perfect drop for those extended and thought provoking yarns between mates. Paryleyer is a hop-forward pilsner with a pleasant light and spritzy character and a low key citrus and pine aroma. So take the afternoon off, get some sun, grab your pals and parley.
    Food Pairing: caeser salad, grilled salmon

  • Funk Estate Sophisticuffs IPAMore info +

    Brewery: Funk Estate

    Sophisticuffs IPA

    Medium caramelly malt base with a spicy grapefruit and citrus twang
    ABV: 6.5%
    MALT: Gladfield Pale, Cara-pils, crystal
    HOPS: Pacific Jade, Chinook, nz cascade
    The result of ongoing flirtations between an aggressively fierce serving of kiwi hops and a solid distinguished malt character isa this love child. So'phisticuffs. As the name suggests she is beautiful, bold balanced and strong, bringing together the quintessential elements of a funkalicious ipa. give her a go, she's a badass lass with a lot of class
    Food Pairing: Hot wings, taco, ramen, venison vindaloo

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's Lager- Munich StyleMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse


    A bottom-fermented pale lager made with Bavarian yeast and German malt and hops. A long 12-week lagering period has produced a classic European lager with a malty palate and crisp, clean, hoppy finish.

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's NZPAMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse

    NZ PALE ALE, 5.2%

    Pale in name but not in nature, this is a full-bodied beer with a unique malty flavour balanced by New Zealand Southern Cross hops. Bitter and malty to taste with a dry hoppy finish.

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's Old Glory NAPAMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse


    Old glory is a balanced, easy-drinking ale in the new American style. It has a good malt weight and flavour with a classic but subdued cascade hop aroma and taste.

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's Rurik Russian Imperial StoutMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse


    This Imperial Russian stout is brewed with flaked and roasted barley and offers an initial hit of espresso, liquorice and dark chocolate. Aged on lees for a month, then given light carbonation, it has a dry velvet mouthful.

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's Santana APAMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse


    A true American-style Pale Ale brewed with whole-cone US cascade hops. Citrus and stone fruit on the nose with a multiple dry-hop resinous mouth feel.

    A sure bet for all the hop lovers out there.

  • Galbraith's Alehouse's Strong AleMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse


    An intensely malty beer with a full sensory experience that grabs your attention with the first mouthful.

    Bottle conditioned, so it will keep getting better.

  • Hallertau Brewery's Maximus IPAMore info +

    Brewery: Hallertau Brewery

    Hallertau Maximus Humulus Lupulus: India Pale Ale – The Gladiator of Hops


    The fiercely floral and fragrant hop, known as he earth wolf by the ancients, has been cunningly tamed with a soft, rich, maltiness.

  • Hallertau Brewery's Nocturne' Double StoutMore info +

    Brewery: Hallertau Brewery


    Intense roasted flavours, solid hop bitterness and warming alcohol

  • Hop Federation's Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    ABV: 5.1% IBU: 38

    Golden in colour and light in character, our delicious Pale Ale will win you over from the start with its tropical fruit aromas. These carry through to the palate, where they combine with hints of grapefruit and pine, enhancing its crisp fruitiness.

    Pale Ale’s distinct hoppy flavour comes from a judicious blend of four local hop varieties, and the two selected Gladfield malts from Canterbury contribute to its appealing colour. Its clean, fresh eagerness is tempered by a subtle sweetness and rounded off with a satisfying, lasting finish.

    A youthful member of the large, wide-ranging family of pale ales, this is one of our most-popular beers.

  • Hop Federation's Red IPAMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    ABV: 6.4% IBU: 49

    An exuberant blend of colour, flavours and aromas, Red IPA is our signature beer.

    This India Pale Ale is a descendant of a tradition with deep colonial roots, stretching back several centuries to when pale ales were boosted with hops and alcohol to withstand the long sea voyage from England to India.

    With predominantly local hops, Gladfield malts from Canterbury and slightly above-average alcohol content, our Red IPA has the same confidence and individuality that characterise our own former colony. Tantalising passionfruit aromas give way to a delightful and unexpected combination of berries, tart ruby grapefruit and a comforting toasty malt on the palate, rounded off with a satisfying, sustained finish.

  • Hot Water Brewing's Golden Steamer AleMore info +

    Brewery: Hot Water Brewing Co

     The base of Premium Pilsner Malt and a restrained use of Pacifica and Wakatu hops gives a subtle citrus and floral aroma that leads you into a slightly sweet biscuity flavour which is backed up by a thirst quenching bitterness.

    Best enjoyed straight from the can accompanied by good friends and lots of sunshine.



  • Hot Water Brewing's Kauri Falls Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: Hot Water Brewing Co

    A generously hopped, aromatic N.Z Pale Ale using New Zealand grown Cascade, Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka hops.

    Balanced with enough malt character from the English pale and caramalt to carry the fruity Kiwi hop hit.

    Aroma of tropical fruit carries through to the flavour which is backed up by a quenching bitterness.


  • Kereru Brewing Company's Hop To ItMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    ~ 5.9%ABV.
    An assertively-hopped IPA with bitter marmalade hop flavour balanced against malt sweetness with NZ cascade hops on the nose.

    Complements rich or spicy foods.

    Serve at 8-10°C.

  • Kereru Brewing Company's KarengoseMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    Karengo is an edible purple seaweed from Kaikoura, NZ.

    A Gose (go-sah) is a cloudy German wheat beer brewed with salted water.

    Karengose (Ka-ren-go-sah) fuses German style & NZ Karengo into something rich and strange, tart & briny with a luscious sour finish. 8-10°C.

  • Kereru Brewing Company's Kumara Brown AleMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    ~ 5%ABV

    A medium-hopped brown ale, malty with a golden kumara finish.

    Complements pork & savory dishes.

  • Kereru Brewing Company's Moonless StoutMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    ~ 4.5%ABV

    A refreshing, dry stout.

    Pours pitch black. A striking aroma of roast coffee beans and dark chocolate.

    Mildly bitter, perfect with shellfish & hearty dishes.

    Serve at 8-10°C.

  • Kereru Brewing Company's Velvet BootMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    ~ 8%ABV

    A strong Belgian pale ale with complex aroma, spicy and earthy with some sweetness.

    Mildly-hopped, complements chicken, soft rind cheeses, & chocolate cake.

    Serve at 8-10°C.


  • Kereru Brewing's Maidstone LagerMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    ~ 5%ABV
    A Vienna lager has a complex balance of well-rounded maltiness & gentle hop bitterness with a crisp dry finish with hints of sweetness.

    Maidstone Lager is our light & refreshing interpretation of this European style.

  • Lakeman Brewing Co's Hairy Hop IPAMore info +
  • Lakeman Brewing Co's Lahar APAMore info +
  • Lakeman Brewing Co's Pale AleMore info +
  • Lakeman Brewing Co's PilsnerMore info +
  • Lakeman Brewing Co's ShambiereMore info +

    Brewery: Lakeman Brewing Co

    Strawberry blonde colour.

    Strawberry, bush honey and champagne.

  • Lakeman Brewing Co's Taupo Pale AleMore info +
  • Lat 33- Denise Ratfield Colab: Worldly Scholar O.P.A.More info +

    Brewery: Latitude 33 Brewing Co.

    At a recent beer festival, Kevin Buckley, brewmaster at Vista’s Latitude 33 Brewing Company, was chatting with friend and fellow beer enthusiast Denise Ratfield.

    In addition to loving beer, Ratfield is the “brewceptionist” at Stone Brewing Co.’s Escondido headquarters and heads social media efforts for PBS. A proponent of the organization, Buckley voiced the desire to help PBS earn money for the educational scholarships it awards to promising female brewers. In an instant, the two determined the perfect way to do so — brewing a beer.

    Enter Latitude 33 Worldly Scholar, a hoppy oatmeal pale ale brewed with three varieties of New Zealand hops — Motueka, Nelson, and Southern Cross. Those kiwi hops have significance.

    In addition to being sold locally, bottles of Worldly Scholar will be shipped to New Zealand to be served at an August beer festival called Beervana where Ratfield, representing PBS, will be in attendance.


    Light bodied with a big fruity and dank hop character.

  • Mount Brewing Co's India Dark AleMore info +

    Brewery: Mount Brewing Co

    6% IBU 60

    Dark, piney, tropical, chocolate, roasted coffee

  • Mount Brewing Co's Mermaids MirthMore info +

    Brewery: Mount Brewing Co

    6% IBU 50

    Big sweet citrus fruit salad aroma

  • North End AmberMore info +

    Brewery: North End Brewery

    Amber takes the rich caramel toffee malt character and bright fruity hop aroma of an American Amber Ale and combines it with the drinkability of an English Mild Ale.

  • North End E.S.BMore info +

    Brewery: North End Brewery

    Our Extra Special Bitter takes the classic malty, fruity London style of pale ale and injects a dose of zesty locally grown hops.

    New Zealand mild malt, is blended with English crystal malt, sugar and torrified wheat to create a rich complex malt backbone to the beer.

  • North End Fieldway Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: North End Brewery

    Our hop forward pale ale takes its name from the Fieldway surf break.

    Fieldway combines 3 different fruity New Zealand grown hop varieties to create complex aromas and flavours of sweet lemon, lime, and mandarin marmalade with a hint of the herb garden

  • North End Hoppy WheatMore info +

    Brewery: North End Brewery

    Hoppy Wheat is a modern type of wheat beer that combines fruity New Zealand Hop varieties with crisp, tart wheat malt to create a refreshing complex golden beer.

    The result takes the best elements of an ‘American Wheat Ale’ and fuses them to best elements of a ‘New Zealand Pilsner’


  • Pink Boots- brewed by Beer Baroness: Unite Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: Beer Baroness

    Tell us where you are and include the hashtag #uniteatbeervana to be in to win a double pass to Beervana (session of your choice).

    Let's #uniteatbeervana

    In spirit of the lead up to Beervana and launch of Pink Boots NZ, head to one of the following establishments from this Friday to enjoy some Unite Pale Ale (brewed for International Women's Collaboration Brewday):

    Regional's Wine & Spirits

    Hashigo Zake

    The Malthouse

    Fork & Brewer

    Little Beer Quarter

    Golding's Free Dive

    Tweet, Instagram or Untappd! Just don't forget to include #uniteatbeervana

    Winner drawn Thursday 21st!


    International Women's Collaboration Brew Day saw 70 breweries from around the world brew Unite Pale Ale.

    In NZ, Ava Wilson of Beer Baroness took on the challenge and you have the opportunity to taste this beer on the Pink Boots Bar at Beervana this year.

    Funds raised from the resulting Unite Pale Ale will be awarded to women in the brewing community in the form of scholarships to further their brewing careers.

  • Rocky Knob Brewing Company's Snapper Imperial APAMore info +
  • Sunshine Brewery Gisborne GoldMore info +

    Brewery: Sunshine Brewery

    Born of sun, sea and hot afternoons, Gizzy Gold, as it’s known locally, is our classic thirst quenching and award winning session lager. Dry, crisp and refreshing, it has a lightly toasted maltiness over a solid Green Bullet hop backbone.

    Fermented at a low temperature with its own imported yeast strain, it’s a time proven brew to wash out the salt out after a hard day’s surfing, working or playing. A gift to you from us old Gisborne surfers.

    Serve at: 5-7 C

    Type: New Zealand Lager

    Alc/vol:  4%

    Available in: 330ml, 500ml and keg

  • Sunshine Brewery Gisborne PilsnerMore info +

    Brewery: Sunshine Brewery

    Grab a Gisborne Pilsner before loosening your tie after a hard day at the office or to get you in the zone before lighting the BBQ.

    This beer has the same trademark dry and crisp finish of Gizzy Gold but it’s brewed bigger for a heavier hop hit. Its citrus aroma and palette of tropical fruit and grapefruit is held together by a big toasty all malt sweetness. Motueka and Green Bullet hops play against each other in each savoury mouthful. Expect to want more.

    Serve at: 5-7 C

    Type: New Zealand Pilsner

    Alc/vol: 5%

    Available in: 330ml, 500ml and kegs

    Food matches: Seafood, white meat, cheddar or hard cheeses and Asian style foods

  • Yeastie Boys GunnamattaMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

    Gunnamatta (6.5% abv, “Tea-leafed” India Pale Ale)

    Champion Beer, Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2012 -- Gold, Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards 2013

    A modern cult classic inspired by the Pale Ales that travelled from England to the East Indies and, perhaps more importantly, all that precious tea that returned on those same ships. Yeastie Boys' Gunnamatta utilises judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate an intoxicating floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an ice tea. A truly unique new world India Pale Ale with a decidedly old world twist.

  • Yeastie Boys MinimattaMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

    Mini ‘Matta (4.0% abv, “Tea-leafed” Session IPA)

    A tea-ny tiny session IPA inspired by the common complaint of Gunnamatta drinkers that “I just wish I could find some way of drinking more of the stuff”.

    We slashed the booze, halved the tea, and doubled the puns to create that perfect sessionable balance desired by a crowd during a week of good beer. Heirloom orange and floral notes entice you in on the nose, and are followed by a clean malt profile carrying a hint of tropical fruit, before giving way to the fresh hop finish and lengthy floral tea notes on the palate.

  • Yeastie Boys The Paw Paw BlowtorchMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

    The Paw Paw Blowtorch (4.5%abv, Transpacific Mild Ale)

    Great Australasian SpecTAPular Festival 2014 --- NB: embargoed until 27th May 2014 ---

    After breaking new ground with the award-winning Gunnamatta, and then confusing all comers with scarily blood red Golden Age of Bloodshed, the Yeastie Boys are back at it with their 2014 GABS release.

    This year we’re encouraging you to dive into this dark and steamy Brian Eno inspired pyrokinetic mild ale. An understated session beer that reveals hints of tropical fruit, heat, and smoke to the thoughtful drinker… yet is drinkable enough for any punters session. Like many of our beers, the Blowtorch finishes with a lingering mountain of myth.

  • Yeastie Boys The Sly PersuaderMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

    The Spoonbender series is a celebration of the strange things that happen when weird brewers meet even weirder folk from other industries. In this inaugural Spoonbender series, the Yeastie Boys team up with Some Young Punk to create beers built around some of the Punks’ aged botrytised Viognier. To drink this wine inside a beer, this fungus within a fungus, is a welcome surprise… the vines and fields no longer recognise their fruit.

    The Sly Persuader (6.0%abv, Botrytised Blond Ale)

    - Collaboration with Some Young Punks (South Australia, Australia)

    An extra pale blond ale throwing up a beguiling floral aroma, orange and apricot flavours, and a hint of clove in the dry finish. Drink now or cellar for up to two years.

  • Yeastie Boys White NoiseMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

    White Noise (4.2% abv, Belgian-style Witbier)

    A quaffable cloudy white ale that is perfect for those late summer and autumn evenings after a hard day's work or play.

    Pours a cloudy pale straw colour with a mousse-like white head. A perfumy coconut note on the nose, with a little spice and bready grains from the wheat, evokes the last hints of summer. The mouthfeel is quite full, for such a pale beer, and the beer but finishes with a cleansing acidity, a faint spicy note and only the mildest touch of citrus from the almost non-existent hops.


  • Ava WilsonMore info +

    Brewery: Beer Baroness

    Ava Wilson is the Beer Baroness, setting forth on a journey of brewing bold craft beers for the discerning palate.

    As Manager at one of New Zealand's best craft beer pubs, Pomeroy's in Christchurch and brewing out of Four Avenues, Beer Baroness is taking years of passion and "sampling" knowledge to offer a range of brilliant brews and come

  • Ben LoveMore info +

    Brewery: Gigantic Brewing Company

    Ben Love is the Gigantic Brewing Company Brewmaster.

    A native Oregonian, Ben’s passion for beer (legally) began with a pint at the Horse Brass and a stint at Belmont Station in 1999. His brewing career began in 2003 in Appleton, WI at the Adler Brau Brewpub. He returned to Oregon in 2004 to brew at Pelican in Pacific City. In 2007, Ben became the first employee and Headbrewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) in Portland.

    Ben always wanted to own his own business, and put years of dreaming and scheming into action to start Gigantic.

    He’s spins funk and soul, and will do anything for incredible food.

  • Brad RogersMore info +

    Brewery: Stone & Wood

    After successfully completing the oenology (winemaker) course at the highly prestigious Roseworthy Agricultural College in Adelaide, Brad worked in the Barossa and the Eden Valley. He entered the brewing industry in 1994 and has held roles in various breweries in Sydney, Melbourne and Fiji as well the management of smaller operations at Sanctuary Cove with the Masthead Brewing Company and most recently the Matilda Bay Brewing Company’s breweries. Brad, whilst in Fiji, also managed the Fosters Distillery, South Pacific.

    Throughout his career, Brad has developed an extensive knowledge bank in flavour based beverage production in the areas of brewing, winemaking and distilling. His ability to develop new beers has seen him win many honours both domestically and internationally from Champion Beers, Best in Class Trophies, an array of medals and Champion Small Brewery, Champion Brewery at the AIBA, The World Beer Cup and the NZIBA.

    Brad’s credentials have seen him invited to judge various beer and brewing competitions both in Australia and internationally, including the AIBA, NZBA, GABF and The World Beer Cup.

  • Cavalier Brewing TeamMore info +

    Brewery: Cavalier Brewing

    Chances are you’ve heard of the Cavalier boys, Brewers Andrew Cronin, Steve Martin (been brewing together for 15 years) and Heath Shirtcliffe (sales master).

    Normally these things are supposed to start over a beer. Not while out walking the dog. Yet thus it was that the idea for Cavalier Brewing was first conceived. Homebrewer Steve bumped into Heath in a dog park in Brunswick, got talking beer and one thing led to another. Soon the former was bring the beers he was creating with fellow brewer Andrew, to share while they walked, soon enough Cavalier was hatched!

  • Christopher MillsMore info +

    Brewery: Kereru Brewing Company

    Chris has been brewing beer since 1992.


  • Corey DorsetMore info +

    Brewery: Fiasco Brewing Company

    Nick-named "Yobbo". Not for the pretty looks but for his sense of humour he brings to the table in any bar!

    He loves to brew without a recipe or any fancy stuff, just as he does with his art.

    When he's  not brewing beer or painting he swings a hammer as one of the heroes of the Canterbury rebuild.

  • Craig CooperMore info +

    Brewery: Bach Brewing

  • Damon MilneMore info +

    Brewery: Invercargill Brewery

    Production Brewer Damon Milne, joined the team in 2012.

    A trained barrista he was well versed in creating flavoursome brews, stepping deftly from trainee to production role when Gina took Maternity leave.

  • Darren (Doc) RobinsonMore info +

    Brewery: Doctor's Orders Brewing

    A homebrew kit from Doc's mother-in-law for Xmas in 2009 was the catalyst to get Doc onto the slippery slope of home brewing.

    After 10 years of intense brewing and consuming all available literature, Doc started producing beer commercially via collaborations with craft breweries before branching out with full Doctor's Orders Brewing products in late 2010.

    Doc is Doctor's Orders Brewing. He takes every beer from conception to market.

  • Dave KurthMore info +

    Brewery: Hot Water Brewing Co

    Dave started his brewing career at Sharps Brewery in Cornwall, where he quickly progressed up the ranks to become the youngest senior brewer on staff.

    From there, he moved to Maui Brewing Co in Hawaii, where he had his first experience with good beer in cans and decided that one day he would make and can beer in New Zealand.

    After a couple years at Burleigh Brewing Co in Queensland, he moved back to New Zealand, to take on the challenge of head brewer at The West Coast Brewery where he stayed for three years before finally starting Hot Water Brewing Co and getting that canning machine.

  • David NichollsMore info +

    Brewery: Moa Brewing Company

    David joined Moa as Head Brewer in 2007, and has over 27 years commercial brewing experience.

    Before joining Moa, David was Technical Manager with Heineken in its St Lucia brewing facility, Brewery Manager at Heineken’s Papua New Guinea brewing facility, and Brewery Manager at Tui’s Mangatainoka facility.

    David is a member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (past President, Caribbean section).100 word beer brand profiles

  • Denise RatfieldMore info +

    Brewery: Latitude 33 Brewing Co.

    Denise Ratfield is a passionate craft brewing professional who started in the industry in 1995 with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

    She is currently the Social Media Committee Chair of the influential Pink Boots Society and proudly works for Stone Brewing Co. in San Diego. Her most recent accomplishment was organizing over 70 breweries from around the world for International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. Funds raised from the resulting Unite Pale Ale will be awarded to women in the brewing community in the form of scholarships to further their brewing careers.

    Her new mission is to empower many more women to pursue careers in the beer industry and encourage more men to support these talented and capable members of the brewing community. She also hopes to change the perception of beer to women consumers and recognizes that this untapped market will greatly benefit the industry as a whole.

  • Gina KearneyMore info +

    Brewery: Invercargill Brewery

    Production Brewer Gina Kearney joined the team part-time in 2008 serving in our bottlestore. Blessed with a naturally brilliant palate we were delighted in 2011 when fate scotched her plans to travel to Europe, leaving her free to train on the brew floor.

  • Greig McGillMore info +

    Brewery: Brewaucracy

    Myself (Greig McGill) and Phil Murray have been enjoying beer together, along with our patient better halves Alexandra and Beth, for over a decade.

    We’d often joked about starting a brewery, usually while in the midst of epic beer tasting sessions encompassing classic beers from all over the planet.

    I had been home brewing for over 15 years, and my combination of attention to stylistic detail and love of quality beer jibed well with Phil’s management and artistic abilities. Brewaucracy was born!

    Phil has recently moved from Hamilton to Auckland. But I forgive him.

  • Hop Baron Team (Richard, James and Richmond)More info +

    Brewery: Hop Baron

    Team is made up of Richard, James and Richmond.

    We work together in all areas of the business, which leads to a lot of arguments - but the end result is always better for it.

  • James CooperMore info +

    Brewery: Lakeman Brewing Co

    James Cooper DipAg (a.k.a qualified musterer).

    Ten years ago, while on a trip to Australia, James had an epiphany after sampling craft beer. This would be a good thing to get into but farming and family got in the way for quite some time. Eighteen months ago, he decided to give it a crack.

    After a steep learning curve (sometimes vertical), James has found his feet around his vats and feels progress has been made in producing clean flavoured highly drinkable beer.

    James uses mainly NZ grown malts and hops.

  • Jason WareingMore info +

    Brewery: Fiasco Brewing Company

    Hailing from the plains of Canterbury, Jason Wareing is an entrepreneur of exciting cuisine and taste. Always striving for that exclusive match between beer and food, most nights you can find him throwing together a meal to match one of the many beers that find their way into his CHCH home.

    This year has seen the construction of his own personal bar, complete with 4 tap keg system.  You can regularly find him performing for local Hip Hip trio The Anti-Heroes and he is also an avid motorsport enthusiast.

    “Turning passion into profession, this is living the dream!”

  • Jerry WayneMore info +

    Brewery: Relativity Brewing

    Jerry Wayne of Relativity Brewing, was born in Norfolk and trained as an engineer in the UK. In 2000 he emigrated to NZ, then moved to Waiheke in 2002.

    Missing the ales of his native land, as expats tend to do, it didn't take him long to become involved with the brewing scene, and after meeting up with Alan Knight and Ben Middlemiss he built the 800lt brewery for The Ale Brewing Chaps brewery with them.

    In May last year he gave up engineering, started Relativity Brewing and became a brewer under the guidance  of Alan and Ben.

    He specialises in brewing traditional English Cask Ales alongside an exciting range of varied tap beers

  • Joe CaseyMore info +

    Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing

    Joe Casey, Brewmaster and Director of Brewing, Craft Brew Alliance, Portland, Oregon

    Joe’s interest in fermentation science began in college while studying biology and watching friends get involved in homebrewing.

    Joe began his career in the brewing industry when he joined Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in 1995 as a keg washer.  Shortly after transitioning into the Brewing Department in 1996, Joe graduated from Portland State with a BS in Biology and later went on to earn his Diploma of Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

    Currently, Joe is a member of the Emerging Issues Committee of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, is the President of the District Northwest Master Brewers Association of the Americas, is a Diploma member of the IBD, serves as CBA’s Technical and Board representative to the American Malting Barley Association, and represents CBA in the Hop Research Council.

    Joe has worn many hats at Widmer Brothers and CBA, and he currently manages brewing raw materials and brewing processes for the group, as well as copack partner activities.

  • John WallaceMore info +

    Brewery: Queenstown Brewers

    John Wallace is an ex Ski Instructor turned Winemaker – he knows a lot about drinking and making beverages.

    His major claim to fame is winning the “Blokes Only” Lake Hayes A&P Show Brewing Competition, followed closely by finally managing to get his father in-law (a staunch Victoria Bitter drinker) to try and enjoy QB Steam Brew.

    John continues to develop his beer palate making Central Otago Pinot Noir, while dreaming of a small brewery in the sunset.

  • John, Matt and Callum DuncanMore info +


    John Duncan (5th generation) and sons Matt and Callum (6thgeneration) are still brewing a range of great beers from their brewery/bar at the Founders Historic park in Nelson.

  • Josh ScottMore info +

    Brewery: Moa Brewing Company

    Josh founded Moa in 2003 after returning home from studying winemaking in Sancerre (France) and Napa Valley (US) to create a New Zealand first by employing methode traditionelle techniques to brewing beer.  Elements of this technique, along with Josh’s focus on structure, texture, balance and drinkability, gives Moa its distinctive winemaker’s spin on beer.

  • Keith GalbraithMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse

    Keith Galbraith opened his eponymous alehouse in 1995 with the heart-felt desire to reintroduce real ale – the beer of our forebears – to New Zealand. With the introduction of modern techniques around the 1930s, traditional, old-world brewing was pretty much done away with. In the wake, mass-produced, mass-appeal beer became the norm, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of Keith Galbraith.

    Having worked in New Zealand’s wine industry during its infancy, he could see that beer would similarly evolve to a new and dynamic level. A renaissance man who appreciates a quality beer, Keith set out to make the best ale he could and share it with New Zealanders.

    “I wanted to be able to put my hand on my heart and say this is the best beer I can make,” says Keith.

  • Kelly RyanMore info +

    Brewery: Fork Brewing

    Kelly Ryan is a hugely talented and highly regarded brewer.

    Despite his youthful good looks, Kelly has a distinguished brewing history with stints at Tui/DB, Fyne Ales, Thornbridge, Epic Brewing Company and the Good George brewpub.

    One of the country’s most exciting young brewers, Kelly is a big fan of the brewpub concept and the Wellington craft beer scene, so working at the Fork is a perfect fit.  In addition to keeping up the quality of the existing Fork beers, he wants to introduce his own brewing style, use some of the “million ideas floating around in his mind and notebooks” and brew beers which get people excited.

  • Kieran Haslet- MooreMore info +

    Brewery: North End Brewery

    The Cheese Monger at Moore Wilson for six years, Kieran is now the Regional Wine and Spirits Beer Specialist. He has been a beer judge at Brew NZ & the International Beer Awards for the last 2 years.

    Kieran is an overseas member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and a founding member of the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA), currently holding the position of Vice President.

    He also writes regular beer columns for Capital Times in Wellington.

    And to top it all off he recently won a gold medal for his Best Bitter at the last national brewery competition.

  • Kylie HarrisMore info +

    Brewery: Sunshine Brewery

    With 12 years’ brewing experience under her belt, it was Sunshine’s gain when Kylie Harris moved to Gisborne last year to raise her young family and became the Head Brewer at Sunshine Brewery.

    Her passion for craft brewing and food matching has made for some really interesting discussions when Kylie and Steve design the malt and hop builds for beers in our Sunrise Project.

  • Llew BardeckiMore info +

    Brewery: Wild and Woolly Brewing

    Wild and Woolly is the creation of  a Canadian expat who came to NZ on a working holiday in 2006 and found a new home in the process.

    Llew’s love of beer started back in North America, but his love of brewing started right here in Wellington.

    Which makes it fitting that the brewery’s name comes from a combination of its hometown weather, the founder’s maniacal beard and mane, and the crazy beers that he loves to produce.

  • Luke NicholasMore info +

    Brewery: Epic Brewing Co

    Luke Nicholas is an unabashed hophead and churns out as much of his hop- driven , American style, big IPAs as the market wants.

    Nicholas has defined the art of making American West Coast style IPAs and favours American hops for his challenging styles.

  • Matt WarnerMore info +

    Brewery: ParrotDog

    Born and raised in Taranaki, Matt moved to Wellington for University.

    It was during his student days that Matt began home-brewing in his dingy, old Aro Valley flat that he shared with Matt Kristofski.

    He is now the head brewer at ParrotDog, running the brew-house and devising new beers.

  • Ondrej VojtaMore info +

    Brewery: McCashins Brewery

    Growing up in the appropriately named Czech city of Pilsen, Ondrej’s love of beer started at an early age, waking up to the alluring aroma of hops and snatching a sneaky sip of Dad’s Pilsner whenever he got the chance. Following school he completed his compulsory 18 months in the civil service, studied economics, and then set off in search of adventures abroad. Hailing from a country renowned for its revolutionaries, it’s almost like fate brought Ondrej to Nelson, where he quickly put his superior sense of style and taste to good use helping the McCashin family continue their own revolution as they reinvent the craft brewing industry. With natural talent and a strong work ethic, Ondrej has quickly made a name for himself in ‘the land of the long white cloud’, and his flamboyant style and educated palette are a vital component of the McCashin’s team.

  • Phil MurrayMore info +

    Brewery: Brewaucracy

    I have been enjoying beer together, with Greig McGill, and our patient better halves Alexandra and Beth, for over a decade.

    We’d often joked about starting a brewery, usually while in the midst of epic beer tasting sessions encompassing classic beers from all over the planet.

    With my management and artistic abilities, combined with Greig's home brewing experience and combination of attention to stylistic detail, our love of quality beer resulted in Brewaucracy being born!

  • Richard AdamsonMore info +

    Brewery: Young Henrys

    Head Brewer

    Richard’s brews have been downed at BBQs across Australia, pubs in London, bars from New York to Los Angeles, nightclubs in St Petersburg and pool halls in Beijing. Having established Barons Brewing’s core range of beers, including the innovative Native Range, Richard’s passion is to bring the whole beer experience to new and old drinkers through Young Henrys.

    Richard’s Black Wattle Ale, the first beer to be brewed using Australian native ingredients, was awarded Best In Class in its very first outing at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) and more recently was voted Most Popular Beer of the JD Wetherspoon Real Ale festival by the patrons of their 717 pubs across Britain. Having taken that award two years running, Richard has also been award over 40 medals for his beers in international competitions.

  • Richard EmersonMore info +

    Brewery: Emerson's Brewery

    Richard developed an early taste for beer from his grandfather’s homebrew.

    His interest in science put him on the path towards a brewing career, first working for Cerebos Greggs on malt quality control, as an avid homebrewer and then travel  to Europe in pursuit of classic beer styles in 1990.

    On his return, Richard set up The Emerson Brewing Company Ltd with the help of family and friends in October 1992.

    The first commercial brew was released in 1993.   Since then the brewery has expanded and moved several times and employs a dozen people supplemented by part timers.

    Photo: Isabella Harrex Photography

  • Richard MulliganMore info +

    Brewery: Sunshine Brewery

    Our Brewer, Richard Mulligan is responsible for our day to day brewing operation.

    After playing for the All Whites, Richard came to the East Coast in 1980 to play for Gisborne City. It was only a one-year contract, but he never left.

    The energy and cunning of Richard’s footy playing days are on display daily as he enters his 14th year at Sunshine Brewery.

  • Sam PossenniskieMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

  • Sam WilliamsonMore info +

    Brewery: Galbraith's Alehouse

    Sam Williamson, a brewer by trade, has been in the industry for over a decade and was recently awarded runner-up “Younger Member of the Year 2013/14” by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

    Sam joined the team in 2013 armed with a Diploma in Brewing and a thirst for recreating traditional beer styles from authentic ingredients.

    “Most brewers feel a sense of achievement having their first beer served at Auckland’s premiere brew-pub, and I feel truly honoured to have mine on tap every day” says Sam.

  • Sam WilsonMore info +

    Brewery: McCashins Brewery

    Head Brewer

    Born in sunny Hawke's Bay, Sam started creating beer at home before he was old enough to buy it, and his love affair with the art of brewing began. After leaving school he moved to the even sunnier Nelson, and wound up working as a brewer for Macs. A brief sabbatical, which saw him dabble in a variety of other jobs, came to an end when McCashins re-opened their family brewery, enlisting Sam’s services as they continued their revolution of the craft brewing industry. After a lengthy pilot brew process, led by Sam himself, Stoke Beer was born, and this lad from Hastings, who’d started out in Dad’s garage, could now put his name to one of the country’s finest beverages.

  • Sean BurkeMore info +

    Brewery: The Commons Brewery

    Sean Burke is the Head Brewer at The Commons Brewery in Portland, Oregon. A native Oregonian and true beer enthusiast, he holds a Master Brewer certificate from the World Brewing Academy which included studying at the esteemed Siebel Institute in Chicago and the Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. Extensive traveling throughout Europe has helped to influence the styles and processes he has brought to The Commons Brewery. The brewery is known for its continental European styles of beer with the main focus being Belgian farmhouse beers. When not brewing he can be found in the wilderness fly fishing or at home playing the banjo.

  • Simon NicholasMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    Simon is chief brewer, with a wealth of experience gained as head brewer at Hallertau in Auckland after a long background in the liquor industry, mostly with Glengarry Wines. As you’d expect in a brewer, he has a great sense of smell, finely tuned taste buds and a passion for experimenting, all of which he combines with a commitment to consistency and an appreciation of the traditions of craft brewing.

  • Steve Edkins & Janine PharoMore info +

    Brewery: Mount Brewing Co

    Our brewers Steve Edkins and Janine Pharo are both Bay of Plenty locals.

    While they can only claim six years of combined brewing experience, they bring skills gained from their life before brewing.

    Steve spent a number of years working in engineering workshops, so is handy to have around when maintaining or installing new equipment.

    Janine has a background in Food Technology and Production Management. Both love crafting and drinking good beer.

  • Steve HendersonMore info +

    Brewery: Brew Cult

    In 2013, Steve Henderson spotted a gap in the ever-expanding craft beer market for beers that pushed the boundaries of flavour, without sacrificing their balance or drinkability. With a strong background in developing beers for many popular Australian breweries, Henderson – better known as Hendo – decided it was time to branch out on his own, to make beers he was truly passionate about, and founded Brewcult.

    Brewcult is a brewing company with experimentation as its mantra. Each Brewcult beer is concept-driven, offering drinkers something new and different. The first release was Hop Zone, a drinkable Session IPA with all the hop hit of an big American IPA, without the additional kick of alcohol. Released in the lead up to Good Beer Week 2013, Hop Zone was quickly followed by the launch of Acid Freaks at the Great Australian Beer Spectapular (GABS). Both beers were exceptionally well-received by the discerning local and international beer drinkers; at GABS, Acid Freaks was the top trending beer on Untappd, against nearly a hundred other Australian and international beers, while Hop Zone quickly became (and continues to be) the number one Australian-brewed American Pale Ale on the same popular online forum.

    The popularity of Brewcult's first two beers and those that followed clearly illustrates an insatiable thirst for new beers. Brewcult is the perfect position to cater to this constant craving for something new. As an independent brewer making small batches, Hendo has the flexibility to deliver a wide range of beers, while as a HOBO (Hybrid Outsource Brewing Operation), he makes and packages his own products at other breweries. This arrangement ensures Hendo can make the beers he (and his customers) want, while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality.

    By promoting experimentation, Brewcult provides the next step up from 'gateway beers'. Brewcult aims to please - but not by pandering to what consumers want, but by challenging them to find new things they like.

    You won't like every Brewcult beer - but you'll enjoy trying them.

  • Steve NallyMore info +

    Brewery: Invercargill Brewery

    Head brewer – Steve Nally – BSc Chem

    The man behind the beers from day one, today gets quite a bit of help on the floor to ensure Invercargill  Brewery keeps up with demand.

  • Steve PlowmanMore info +

    Brewery: Hallertau Brewery

    A home brewing geologist who turned his passion into his profession after undertaking a brewing course at Australia’s Margret River.

    Steve's aim is to make NZ beers with their own local brewing style taking interpretation from the best of international styles and flavours.

    “I’m a fanatic not a purist, and simply put, that means I’m all about throwing convention out the window to get the best product!”

    The vision is to “make the best craft beer in the country!”

  • Stu McKinlayMore info +

    Brewery: Yeastie Boys

  • Tony MercerMore info +

    Brewery: Monteith's Brewing Co.

    Tony has had a lifelong involvement in the brewing industry, training as a brewer, he worked his way up across a number of areas in production as head brewer and technical development manager.

    Graduating from Otago University with a BSC in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry he later completed a Brewing course at Davis University in the United States.

    Currently Tony is the head brewer at Monteith’s Brewing Co in Greymouth, where he has been since 2006. He has a passion for making great beer, and loves to tinker with brews in his innovation hub, the newly refurbished Monteith’s brewery.

  • Tracy BannerMore info +

    Brewery: Sprig & Fern

    Tracy is the Owner and Head Brewer of Sprig & Fern Brewery.

    Tracy has been in the Brewing Industry for 30 years, 10 years in the UK at Cains and also with giant brewers Greenalls and  Bass and the other 20 years here in New Zealand.

    Tracy has a wealth of both beer and brewing knowledge and was very much involved in the Craft Beer revolution in the late 90’s.



An important part of Beervana is the food !!!

Beervana’s Culinary Director Martin Bosley has again gathered some of Wellington’s top eateries.

"I’ve brought together some of Wellington’s best restaurants, ensuring that each provides a sensational variety of food, all different, yet all complementing or contrasting the craft beers available," says Martin Bosley.

"As the quality of craft beers has improved, so has our understanding of just how important it is to match the food to them. Frankly, this year’s line-up shows just how much craft beer has been embraced by the capital’s restaurants."



  • Big Bad WolfMore info +

    We are Wellington’s first dedicated charcuterie kitchen, making all our Big Bad Wolf charcuterie range in house at 262 Wakefield Street.

    We use a mix of old world tradition and new world techniques, along with locally sourced ingredients, to create our Big Bad Wolf products.

    Our products are only as good as the ingredients we use.

    This is why we take a hands on approach with our sourcing, including growing our pork on an apple & pear orchard in Otaki. All our products:

    -          are gluten free, unless otherwise noted

    -          contain only REAL ingredients – no preservatives or fillers

    -          use REAL casings – no synthetics for our sausages

    -          are organic and free range by preference

    WARNING – our products do contain REAL meat

    There are many ways to enjoy our fine & different creations.  Join us for relaxed bistro dining brunch, lunch (Tue-Sun) or dinner (Thu-Sat), or make a selection to take home from our specialist charcuterie shop. Take a peek into the kitchen and view the chefs working their magic while you're at one of Wellington’s most talked about food destinations.

    2014 sees us debut at Beervana and we hope you will enjoy the crafty meat matches we have created to complement the wonderful range of beers and ciders on offer.

  • Boulcott St BistroMore info +

    Iconic Wellington restaurant, Boulcott Street Bistro opened its doors in 1991. For the past 23 years it has welcomed visitors and locals alike with warm hospitality, a menu cooked with care, and a well-chosen beer and wine list. All served in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Chef/Patron Rex Morgan serves up generous bistro style fare and takes culinary inspiration from his 25 years chefing both locally and abroad. Bookings can be made for lunch and in the evening we offer casual dining service, so just come along. Our private dining room can be booked and offers a range of catering options and seats up to 16 guests.

    Whether it's a casual get-together or a special occasion, the Bistro provides the perfect space to entertain clients, colleagues, friends and family.

    Our specials include our relaxing Sunday roast, a roast dinner with all the trimmings, with a glass of red wine and dessert to finish for $45, 1/2 price Taittinger Champagne on Mondays, and our famous $20 lunch special.

    Open for lunch and dinner 7 days.

    Every year we look forward to being a part of Beervana and we are excited to again put together a fun menu to go along with the excellent array of craft beers and ciders on offer.

  • EPICUREMore info +

    EPICURE is the corporate hospitality service provider at Westpac Stadium, catering for game days as well as private functions, conferences, cocktail parties and dinners throughout the year.

    EPICURE’s food philosophy is based on selecting the finest local quality sustainable produce and using it when it is at its best – in season, so whatever time of year you’ll be guaranteed an outstanding meal.

    Our chefs combine this ethical approach with their passion and experience. They draw inspiration from food trends from around the world and bring this to all of their dishes.

    Westpac Stadium is one of Wellington’s largest conference venues and all lounges have natural light and spectacular views of the pitch. With capacities of 10-1700 guests, the majority of lounges have an in-house bar and access to outside seating.

    EPICURE is also proud to announce the opening of the newest function space the Mezzanine Lounge, which opened in April. A 60 metre section of cladding has been removed which has created stunning views of the harbour through the 10m high windows.

    The Mezzanine can accommodate up to 500 guests for a cocktail function and features large-format digital display panels, high-density wi-fi and mobile phone charging stations.

    This year at Beervana back by popular demand we will be serving our Beef Yorkshire Puddings!

  • Goose ShackMore info +

    Conceived in 2012, Goose Shack has laid its tyres on the Wellington scene - starting it's journey as a mobile food shack (in the form of a Morris Minor ute) offering prime cuts of meat, fish, & seasonal greens for takeaway delight.

    ‘Goose Shack HQ’ is a suburban, informal all-day eatery, bar and take-away, and opened its doors in the heart of Berhampore, Wellington in early 2014.

    Home is indeed where the hearth is – and our wood-fire oven at GSHQ inspires the majority of our seasonal menu - while the all-day takeaway menu champions old-fashioned NZ fish and chips with a few surprises.

    The Goose Shack journey is about experimenting with our favourite flavor combinations and providing the right food compliment to any occasion.

    At Beervana we’ll be rocking the mobile shack – sporting our tasty hot meat sandwiches and hand-crafted sauces to match. See you there!

  • GRILL MEATS BEERMore info +

    Created by the Logan Brown Restaurant Team and opened April this year at 227 Cuba St.

    The owners have combined their passion for quality food with their genuine appreciation for great beer.

    It’s all about sweet and spicy grilled food being cooked in an open kitchen, served with a great selection of local craft beer and wine. Grill Meats Beer is designed to be a pleasurable space to be in but geared up to deliver orders fast, creating a fun, dynamic atmosphere and great dining theatre as diners get to watch the chefs in action.

    Chef Kristan Mulcahy, leads the Grill Meats Beer team, cooking the likes of sweet and spicy ribs, grilled salmon and beef burgers cooked to order. He is excited about being right in front of the guests, sharing a bit of banter and getting first hand feedback on how they are enjoying their food.

    Just like Logan Brown, Grill Meats Beer has the same commitment to quality ingredients, cooking perfection and guest care, but is more of a casual, any time, and any occasion kind of place.
    The menu also includes lots of fresh and healthy side dishes and appetising items perfect to share with friends and a frothy glass of craft beer.
    While a select range of wines are on offer, craft beer takes centre stage, meeting the huge growth in demand for craft beers and the growing appreciation that good food should be enjoyed with it.

    Open noon till late, Wednesdays through Sundays.

  • House of DumplingsMore info +

    Handcrafted, not by machines 

    Each individual dumpling is carefully handmade by our chefs, just like every dumpling should be.

    Everything is made from scratch

    We house-make all our dumpling skins, sauces and every single vegetables and herbs are carefully chopped by our chefs.

    Real flavour, no fake stuff

    Our food is flavoured with herbs, spices and seasoning. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial coloring or flavoring in our range whatsoever.

    Say no to caged!

    We use Wairarapa LongBush free range pork and Rangitikei corn fed chicken that can actually run around and do what chickens do.

    We are on this planet together

    We try our best to minimize the impact on our planet. Our packaging is either bio-degradable or made with recyclable unbleached paper.

    Our body is our temple

    It is important to have a balanced meal and to have everything in moderation. Our dumplings are made with a good balance of starch, meat and vegetables. It is a one pot wonder that takes no time to prepare.

  • Monsoon PoonMore info +

    Monsoon Poon is a vibrant South East Asian restaurant located in the heart of Wellington, just off Courtenay Place.

    Guests sit and view an open, colourful kitchen while watching the chefs wield their tools in preparation of the fabulous array of cuisine: Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian.

    The well stocked bar area offers an impressive range of wine and spirits, with fantastic cocktails and a ‘Lucky Hour’ every day 4-6pm.

    Menu specials include our Winter Lunch Sets served in a Tiffen and the famous ‘Firecracker Club’ first Monday of each month.

    Perfect for couples to large groups, Monsoon Poon is ‘Eatertainment’ at its best.

    Monsoon Poon Wellington’s Atrium can be hired for private functions and events. The Atrium holds 100 people for dining, and 200 people as a party venue with a range of menus and catering available.

  • The Fire TruckMore info +

    "New kids on the block, The Fire Truck is the brain child of Kim Eddington and Will Michell. Having worked in the restaurants in London, Sydney and New Zealand for over 10 years and travelling extensively in between their aim is to bring those experiences to the plate in a casual fun way.

    The Fire Truck is a perfect way to bring that food to people, the concept is a unique one in the way we move around Wellington popping up at different locations with a constantly changing menu to show case local and seasonal foods with an international twist. The best way to find out where we are is Twitter and Facebook, we'll post our latest locations and menus as and when they're ready.

    Meat gets cooked the only way it should be, using fire! This comes in the form of a custom built wood and charcoal burning BBQ smoker. You can't beat a whole goat and 12 hours of smoke!

    Craft beer is a perfect marriage for the food and we have established ties with local craft beer bars and work closely on matching the food to whats on tap when we rock up.

    Who wouldn't want to make a living driving an old fire truck around selling kick ass food!"

  • The General PractitionerMore info +

    The General Practitioner uses locally sourced goods to produce a seasonal selection of gastro pub dishes.

    Our famous pub menu is written daily, allowing the use of the best ingredients available each day. ffering a selection of local and national beers and a boutique wine list, The General Practitioner is celebrated for its culinary flair, friendly service and atmosphere.

    Housed in the historic and much photographed Henry Pollen House, The Gp is open 11am – late 7 days.

    It’s a friendly local tavern off the beaten track, the ideal spot for lunch, dinner, or a beer and glass of wine on the deck.

  • TOMMY MILLIONSMore info +

    Tommy Millions is a takeaway kiosk in the heart of Courtenay Place.
    We have been serving pizza and locally made Gelissimo Gelato since 2012.
    Our pizzas, sold by the slice or whole, are inspired by the much loved street pizza of New York City.
    We always source the best ingredients we can and try to keep our food simple and delicious. Our dough is slow fermented for at least 36 hours and baked straight on the stones of the brick ovens we brought over from New York. Our gelato is made with organic milk and premium, seasonal ingredients - we even bake our own waffle cones.

    Tommy Millions is fast becoming an icon of the Wellington food scene, and the snack of choice for late night revellers.
    Come down and check out our pizza makers hand tossing dough (no rolling pins here!) seven days a week from 11am till late.

    At Beervana, we will be rolling out our mobile pizza oven and cooking with live manuka fire.
    Pizza and beer - the perfect match!




To avoid any ticketing fees be sure to opt for ezyTicket and print your tickets at home. Alternatively you can choose to have your tickets mailed or couriered to you for an additional charge.

You can also walk up to the Ticketek booth at the Westpac Stadium to buy your tickets on the day (whilst tickets last).


General Admission Tickets are available for each of the four Beervana sessions.

Tickets are $45 each.

Beervana works in 5 hour sessions which all have slight variations in content.

To find out more click here for a detailed session guide.

Session 1: Friday 22 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Friday 22 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Saturday 23 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Saturday 23 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)


  • Your official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass
  • The Beervana programme
  • Festival Currency card


Limited to just 50 tickets per day session.

That’s 50 individual folks who get to enjoy Beervana with their own dedicated host in their own private area.

There’s no better way to savor the newly released “SPRING” beers and enchanting cuisine from Wellington’s top restaurants.

Beervana Ultimate Experience Tickets are $150 each and these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 10.30am – 4.00pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Fri 22 August 2014 5.30pm - 11.00pm (all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 10.30am – 4.00pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Sat 23 August 2014 5.30pm - 11.00pm (all bars close at 10pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • $50 Festival Currency
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • Early entry to a private VIP area which you can return to at any time during the session
  • A hosted experience sampling the new “Spring Release” beers
  • The opportunity to enjoy delicious food


Limited to 75 tickets per session, the Home Brewing Masterclass is a chance for the aspiring home brewer to participate in a unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brewers.

They can get up close and personal and see first- hand, their key techniques for brewing craft beer to the highest level.

This year we are delighted to announce the following fine line up of tutors:

Session 1 - Luke Nicholas from Epic Beer

Session 2 - Kelly Ryan from Brew Mountain

Session 3 - Mike Neilson from Panhead Custom Ales

Session 4 - Jo Wood from Liberty Brewing

Be quick – tickets to the Masterclasses always sell out!

Beervana Home Brewing Masterclass Tickets are $95 each and are limited to 75 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 10.30am – 4pm (class runs intermittently from 10.30am-2.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Fri 22 August 2014 5.30pm – 11pm (class runs intermittently from 5.30pm-9.30pm and all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 10.30am – 4pm (class runs intermittently from 10.30am-2.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Sat 23 August 2014 5.30pm – 11pm (class runs intermittently from 5.30pm-9.30pm and all bars close at 10pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • A private 2 hour home brewing session hosted by Luke Nicholas from EPIC Beer (Session 1), Kelly Ryan from Fork Brewing & Brew Mountain (Session 2), Mike Neilson from Panhead Custom Ales (Session 3) or Jo Wood from Liberty Brewing (Session 4)


Glassware can make a huge difference on our enjoyment of beer.

This year at Beervana you will have an opportunity to taste five excellent craft beers, each in their specially designed Spiegelau craft beer glass while Jules (a sommelier, wine and beer writer and beer specialist) and a craft brewer discuss why good glassware is important and what makes Spiegelau Glassware special. You will also have the opportunity to be the first to taste out of the newly released Spiegelau Stout Glass, made in collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales which is being released exclusively at Beervana 2014.

The Right Glass Matters Seminar Tickets are $135 each and are limited to 50 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 (seminar from 1.30pm- 2.15pm, all bars close at 3pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An exclusive, official Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • Entry to the 45 min “The Right Glass Matters” Seminar, led by Jules van Cruysen
  • Beer tasting experience
  • Take home kit of Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Glasses (includes: 1x Spiegelau IPA glass, 1x Spiegelau Wheat Beer Glass, 1x Spiegelau Beer Tulip and 1x Spiegelau Lager/ Ale Pint Glass, RRP $104)


Beer and cheese are both ancient, cultured, living foods. Each lovingly crafted beer and cheese has its own character, influenced by the land, the climate, the seasons, the key ingredients and indeed the vagaries of each batch process.

This year, the Beer & Cheese Seminar Event will be a guide into an exploration of terroir by cheese and beer. This journey will be led by Wendy Adams of cultured. An award winning home cheese maker, former specialty New Zealand cheesemonger and long-time craft beer and food pairing enthusiast will present you with some locally connected cheese and beer pairings so you too can experience the regional essence in each exquisite, yet humble, fermented mouthful.

Beer & Cheese Seminar Tickets are $75 each and are limited to 50 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 11am – 4pm (seminar from 12.30pm – 1.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 11am – 4pm (seminar from 12.30pm – 1.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An exclusive, official Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • Entry to the one hour Beer & Cheese Seminar, led by Wendy Adams
  • Beer and cheese taste matching experience

Out of Town Package

Travelling to Beervana from Auckland or Christchurch? … Want a one stop package for a weekend of fun…

Deal includes:

  • 1 x General Admission ticket to one session at Beervana
  • Return flights with Air New Zealand to Wellington (one checked bag)
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast
  • Complimentary Late Check-Out to 12pm
  • Complimentary WiFi 500mb per room
  • 20% off Food and Beverage at the Portlander Restaurant
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast


Want to know more, click here


Limited to 100 tickets per session, the Taste of Portland Seminar Tickets are a chance for you to meet the brewers and try the beers of the Beer World Cup Medal Winners Gigantic Brewing Company (Gold), Commons Brewing (Bronze) and Widmer Brothers (Gold).

They’re even bringing their own beer chef from Portland, Paul Kasten, to match up the latest Portland inspired culinary delights to go with their beers.  The USA is also represented by John Holl, editor of the number one craft beer magazine “All About Beer”. Not only will he enlighten you about the US craft brewing scene but also cooking with Craft Beer.

You’ll get to sample a beer from each brewer, food created specifically to match and be enlightened by John Holl of the US’s foremost beer magazine in dialogue with the Portland trio and Chef Kasten.

Taste of Portland Seminar Tickets are $45 each and are limited to 100 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 12pm – 1pm

Session 2: Fri 22August 2014 7pm-8pm

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 12pm- 1pm

Session 4: Sat 23 August 2014 7pm- 8pm

With a Taste of Portland Seminar Ticket you will receive:

  • Entry to the one hour beer & food matching seminar, led by Chef Paul Kasten and medal winning Brewers from Portland, Oregon.

Beervana tickets NZ



Our Beervana volunteers are a force to be reckoned with! Over two days they do more than 250 jobs across the sessions to make sure the event runs smoothly. Put simply, Beervana would not be possible without the support of the volunteer force.

We now need friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic people to join our 2014 Beervana team and this epic event. Volunteering is hard work and you will have sore feet at the end of your session, but it is a fun and lively event giving you the chance to meet other awesome people, taste some mighty fine beer (during your free session), and be part of the great atmosphere that is Beervana!

The jobs we ask volunteers to do range from greeting attendees and handing out glasses, to pouring beer, to assisting with the seminars. You may well find yourself lugging furniture or washing glasses for the next seminar but every job, no matter how big or small, is incredibly important.


  • $16 festival currency given at the session you volunteer for to purchase food and non-alcoholic drinks
  • A Beervana t-shirt worth $30
  • Free entry to another Beervana session of your choice (General Admission ticket worth $45)

Please note- all sessions are now FULL, however, we are operating a waiting  list for volunteer places. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email with the session(s) you are interested in. The choices are as follows:

Session Date Time
Set Up Thursday 21 August 11.00am- 5.30pm
Session 1 Friday 22 August 10.00am- 4.30pm
Session 2 Friday 22 August 5.00pm- 11.30pm
Session 3 Saturday 23 August 10.00am- 4.30pm
Session 4 Saturday 23 August 5.00pm– 11.30pm
Pack Down Sunday 24 August 9.00am- 3.30pm

If you have any queries about the registration process or your volunteer experience please contact Cath Lyders our Volunteers Manager at

If you hold a Duty Manager Licence and would like to work at Beervana in a paid position, please contact Debra Dufty at



Beervana would not be possible without the support of our Event Partners.



Liquorland is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 1981 with 18 stores and has grown to over 70 stores nationwide. Liquorland is owned by Foodstuffs New Zealand Limited, which has introduced an unrivalled depth of retailing, liquor and franchise experience to the chain. Liquorland is a franchise operation with individual owners directing their businesses with local knowledge and a focus on customer service, giving the stores advantages over managed chains.



Lion has been a proud sponsor of Beervana for 4 years and we are huge supporters of the contribution this event makes to the NZ brewing industry. As one of Australasia’s leading beverage providers we feel it is great to see events such as Beervana showcasing the amazing range of talented brewers and breweries New Zealand has on offer. Celebrating great beer and great people is continuing to drive interest and excitement into the beer category.

This year we will be featuring a range of our beer and cider brands including Mac’s, James Squire and Isaac’s Cider.



At Black Rock we are passionate about beer and helping you to craft beers you want to drink.

Black Rock brewing malt is made using the very finest high quality brewing ingredients sourced from New Zealand.

We are proud bring back the Black Rock Home Brew Competition to Beervana 2014.

The inaugural Black Rock Home Brew Competition gives aspiring brewers the chance to have their brews judged by Black Rock Master Brewer Kirsten Taylor and a team of judges and we look forward to seeing all the different entries.



"Speidel - Quality Brewing Equipment"
Speidel are the inventors of the revolutionary single kettle "BRAUMEISTER" brewing system, along with specialised Stainless Steel and PE Tanks and Equipment for Brewing, Cidermaking and Winemaking.

Imported & distributed by the Wellington company, Kauri NZ Ltd.

Absolutely Positively Wellington

Absolutely Positively Wellington


Wellington City Council provides services and manages facilities for all Wellingtonians - everything from maintaining infrastructure to running public services such as  libraries and sports grounds, and organising and supporting city and community events.

We want to ensure the economic growth of Wellington, by making our city a great place to live, work, visit and do business.

WCC is proud to support Beervana.



Kegstar is an asset pooling and logistics company specializing in beverage kegs. In it’s most simple form Kegstar rents kegs to breweries that are cleaned and filled by the brewery and then delivered to a licensed venue for pouring to customers. Kegstar collects the keg once it is empty and the keg is then pooled and re-rented.

One of the great benefits of Kegstar is that a brewery doesn’t have to concern itself with reverse logistics; once the keg reaches the venue it is no longer the responsibility of the brewery. Kegstar take responsibility for the venue cellar relationship and collect the empty keg.

Kegstar is pioneering keg tracking. All Kegstar kegs are labeled with a unique bar code that is scanned at every stage along the supply chain. Kegstar’s smart phone app is free to download and takes advantage of the smart phone camera turning it into a scanned.

Kegstar operates in all states in Australia and will enter New Zealand post Beervana 2014.



The Grainfather – all in one brewing system, has been developed by the innovative New Zealand company - Imake Ltd, who also produce Mangrove Jack’s brew kits and Still Spirits distilling equipment.

It has taken almost two years of rigorous research and development by their expert team of industrial designers, engineers and their very own “Beer Man” and craft brewer, Andrew Childs to finally launch The Grainfather.

The Grainfather takes the best brewing practices from craft breweries and puts them into a simple to use, all in one system to ensure anyone can brew a professional craft beer at home, no matter their brewing experience.


New Zealand Hops

New Zealand Hops

New Zealand Hops in association with Beervana is proud to sponsor the Portlander's Long Lunch.

Three award winning Portland brewers, and three Wellington brewers will go head to head at Portlander’s Longest lunch.

Which beer will be crowned the winner? That’s for you to judge!

The Portland U.S.A brewers are all medal winners from the prestigious 2014 Beer World Cup: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Gigantic Brewing Company and Commons Brewery.

Our Wellington Brewing representatives are Pan Head, Parrot Dog and Tuatara.

This is the first event of its kind in Wellington and has strictly limited seats available!

Country Malt

Country Malt

Country Malt is proud to donate Malt to the US Brewers coming to Beervana as part of the Portland Exchange

Embassy of the United States of America

Embassy of the United States of America

A proud partner of 'The Portland Exchange'



Powershop is an online power company that has been giving power to the people for over five years.

We’re hell-bent on giving our customers the chance to shrink their power bill and our online toolkit and regular discounts help you to do just that!

This year we have worked with the crafty Beervana team to brew up the new Beervana app and we think it’s pretty awesome!

We’re also proud to sponsor the Pink Boots Society which is doing a great job of empowering women in brewing.



If you have any queries about the event or would like to request images please contact Catherine Cordwell on or +64 27 2768209.


2014 Black Rock Home Brew Competition Winner Announced - 23rd August 2014. Click here to view PDF

Beervana Media Brew Competition Winner Announced - 22nd August 2014. Click here to view PDF

Beervana Smartphone App Launches- 15th August 2014. Click here to view PDF

Seminar Line up for 2014- 4th August 2014. Click here to view PDF

Lineup of Breweries and Eateries announced- 4th July 2014. Click here to view PDF.

New Beervana Trade Day- 18th June 2014. Click here to view PDF.

The Beervana Exchange: Taste of Portland launches at Beervana - 4th June 2014. Click here to view PDF

Beervana Exchange: Taste of Portland Background Information Document - 4th June 2014. Click here to view PDF

Fresh Hop 2014 opens this weekend - 23rd April 2014. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana ticket sales open tomorrow - 22nd April 2014. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Background Information Document - 10th March 2014. Click here to view on PDF.

Media Release - Announcing Dates for Beervana 2014. Click here to view on PDF.


Thank you to all the media who attended Beervana 2013.

Beervana Background Information Document. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 29th May 2013 - Ticket sales open. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 26th June 2013 - Craft Breweries and Cider Makers List. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Craft Breweries Showcase 2013 List. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 8th July 2013 - Martin Bosley gathers eateries. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 10th August 2013 - Media Brew and Black Rock Home Brew Results. Click here to view on PDF.


A big thanks to the eight media brew partners who participated in the 2013 Media Brew competition which was judged at the first day of Beervana and tasted at the Media Brew Bar during the festival.

The winning media brew was 66 Jet Planes, an India 'Plane Ale' by Sarah Harvey, Sunday Star Times in collaboration with Luke Nicholas from Epic Brewery, made with jet planes and 25% Steinlager Class. In equal second place was Just Desserts, a New Zealand Dessert Ale by Shane Cowlishaw and Michael Forbes, Dominion Post and Mike Nielson from new brewery Panhead. The other second place award went to Jaffa Stout, a chocolate orange stout by Don Kavanagh, Hospitality/ NZ Herald and Hamish Ward from Deep Creek Brewing.

See all of the Media Brew entries by clicking here.


Trade Show

The Beervana Trade Show, brought to you by Charta Packaging is being held at Westpac Stadium from 2pm to 4pm, on Thursday 21 August.

The objective of this session is to develop business in the craft brewing industry and is open to the brewing industry, retailers, restaurants, bars, caterers, media and all other businesses wanting to develop their business with the brewing industry, with the aim of increasing trade for New Zealand brewers both here and in Australia.

“Craft beer sales in New Zealand are on a strong growth trajectory, growing by 33 percent in grocery last year,” says David Cryer, “so the opportunities for continued growth in New Zealand and increasingly in exports to Australia are significant and we want to create a forum to encourage this.”

Charta Packaging is the major sponsor of the Beervana Trade  Show.

Charta specialises in corrugated cardboard packaging and is the main supplier of box and display packaging to the wine industry.

"Charta Packaging's service levels, quality and capabilities make us a perfect partner for anybody in the craft brewing industry as we can deliver on all levels of corrugated packaging tailored to suit the needs of individual brewers or brands”, says General Manager Wayne Emerson.

The Beervana Trade Show will be held at the new Mezzanine Lounge at the stadium, which was opened in April and has views over the stadium and out to Wellington  Harbour.   Craft beer tastings will be on offer during the afternoon.

To attend, please complete the registration form:




* Indicates required

Registrations are now closed for the 2014 Black Rock Homebrew Competition.

Trade Show Entry

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