Sponsor Beervana 2013

New Zealand's premier beer and food event for people who love the good life

Beervana is New Zealand’s largest celebration of the craft of brewing, now in its 12th year. The event aims to create and educate converts to great beer. Over two days we offer 250+ brews from 90+ breweries, matched cuisine from Wellington’s top restaurants, and 20 fun and informative seminars to build the case for beer.

Who comes to Beervana?

  • In 2012 almost 8,000 visitors in four sessions over two days
  • 2/3rd males and 1/3rd females
  • 85% aged between 21 and 49
  • 32% live outside of Wellington and this number is growing as Beervana becomes a destination event
  • Consumer visitors to the event are professional, well-educated, high-achieving, entrepreneurial, well-paid, and discerning.
  • The attending brewing community spans the spectrum from large corporate breweries to avid home brewers, and includes brewers, commercial managers, marketers, salespeople, distributors and suppliers.

Why should I get involved?

  • Connect with consumers—Over the past two events the Beervana audience has grown 200%. On average our guests earn more, spend more, and consume more print and digital media than the average New Zealander. They like high quality products and are prepared to pay for them.
  • Connect with the brewing community—There is no other opportunity to reach the New Zealand brewing community in one place at one time. From brewers to bar owners, distributors to suppliers, everyone with an interest in the art of brewing is at Beervana.

Becoming a sponsor

A range of sponsorship options are available for enlightened businesses looking to connect with discerning consumers and the brewing industry’s decision makers.

Contact David Cryer on 0800 625 833 or by email, david@beervana.co.nz

Because we understand how important it is for your sponsorship to reflect your business’ needs, we’re happy to tailor a package to ensure Beervana is a successful investment for you.