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14-15 August

Wellington, Westpac Stadium

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If you’ve never been to Beervana then let us help you on your path to enlightenment.

If you have been, then make the pilgrimage back to Beervana 2015.

Beervana is a two day celebration of beer like no other.

This August beer lovers from all over descend on Westpac Stadium to sample the latest offerings from breweries here in New Zealand, Australia and a few handpicked from around the world. Be enlightened with informative seminars on how to appreciate craft beer even more than you already do. Budding beer geeks get your notebooks ready to fill it flavour notes and discuss mouth feel with friends or possibly with the very person that brewed it.

For keen homebrewers there are masterclasses, equipment and even friendly advice. Pick up tips on fine-tuning your techniques and creating a better brew.

And all brews must meet their match, so we’ve brought back culinary powerhouse Martin Bosley as this year’s Culinary Director. He’s hand-picked cuisine from some of Wellington’s top restaurants offering a delicious array of beer soaking delights.

Beer is no longer just a back yard BBQ brew, we’re now brewing from Whangarei to Invercargill, with lemongrass, lychees and brettanomyces. Beervana is a beer lover’s best chance to get amongst the biggest, broadest range of craft beers you’ll find under one roof.

Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Friday 14 & Saturday 15 August 2015. Tickets on sale 12 noon, 15 June (Visa Entertainment Pre-sale) and 17 June (General Release).

Find yourself at Beervana.


Friday 14 August - SESSION 1

Beer and the Law - 11.15am-12.00pm
Join intellectual property lawyer Paul Johns as he takes us through legal aspects of beer and brewery naming and how not to alienate people in the process. He'll cover trade mark and copyright issues, consumer protection laws and food labeling regulations.

Beer & Cheese Seminar - 12.30pm-1.30pm $30 Tickets here
Paul Broughton from the infamous C'est Cheese in Featherston will take you on a journey of discovery with two fermented favourites - Beer + Cheese.

Can it Buddy - 2.00pm - 2.45pm 
To crack a tinny used to be synonymous with cheap and nasty, now everything is in cans - from lagers to stouts to more exotic brewing concoctions. A brewer will talk us through why cans are great for beer while we try some beer straight from the tin.

Friday 14 August - SESSION 2

Brewer Panel: USA meets NZ - 6.30pm-7.30pm
The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with great craft beer, and last year's Portland Bar was a highlight of the festival. Come listen to a panel discussion with this year's visiting American brewers and their new brewing friends from New Zealand.

The Great Beervana Beer Quiz - 8.00pm-9.00pm
You think you're so ****ing smart don't you? Well let's see how smart you are after a few pints as you match wits with beer writers Phil Cook and Hadyn Green. Four rounds of beer trivia, including blind tastings. 

Saturday 15 August - SESSION 3

Beerded Ladies: Women and Beer - 11.15am-12.00pm
Beer Baroness Ava Wilson and Two Birds co-founder Jayne Lewis talk to Megan Whelan about being awesome people who make great beer and happen to be women.

Beer & Cheese Seminar - 12.30pm-1.30pm $30 Tickets here
Paul Broughton from the infamous C'est Cheese in Featherston will take you on a journey of discovery with two fermented favourites - Beer + Cheese.

Beer: A User's Guide - 2.00pm-2.45pm
Learn to drink beer like a pro. Beer writer Phil Cook will sort the good advice from the bad and help you navigate all the little things that really do make a difference - everything from buying it, storing it, serving it, and tasting it.

Saturday 15 August - SESSION 4

Science of Beer - 6.30pm-7.30pm
Delve into the chemistry and biology of what makes beer taste so great — and learn about what can go wrong and ruin it. You'll learn about how to discern the flavours of your beer, where they come from, and what to do when they're broken.

Brewer Panel: NZ meets USA - 8.00pm-9.00pm
New Zealand beer is well respected in America, come listen to American brewers talk about how much they love us. A Trans-Pacific seminar / love in.



Map to Beervana!

Here is where you will find the map to Beervana 2015!

Home Brew Comp


We are delighted to welcome the Black Rock Homebrew Competition back to Beervana this year!

Are you a budding home brewer? Then enter the 2015 Beervana Homebrew competition with a chance to win:

The overall winner will take home
$400 cash
The opportunity to work with Black Rock brewers to create a limited edition ‘Black Rock Beervana 2015’ brew kit from the winning recipe.
A double pass to Beervana 2016
A 6- pack cases of Black Rock malt extract of their choice.
1 year subscription to Beer and Brewer

2nd Prize 
$200 Cash
A double pass to Beervana 2016
A 6- pack cases of Black Rock malt extract of their choice.
1 year subscription to Beer and Brewer

3rd Prize
$100 cash
A double pass to Beervana 2016
A 6- pack cases of Black Rock malt extract of their choice.
1 year subscription to Beer and Brewer

Beers can be entered in one of ten categories—Wheat, Dark Wheat, Lager, Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, IPA, Dark, or Other.
Beers will be judged on Aroma, Appearance, Flavour, Mouthfeel, and Overall Impression.

Ten finalists will be selected from within the ten categories. One overall winner and two runners up will be awarded. All finalists will receive a copy of their judging form on their brew.

Judging will be led by Kirsten Taylor from Black Rock and a panel of craft brewing experts.

Keen to judge? Get in touch with competition organiser Jess Ducey at

Entry process

Step 1.
Check you are eligible to enter. Eligibility criteria:

  1. The beer was brewed by the entering brewer(s).
  2. The brewer is not selling beer they have brewed commercially.
  3. The particular kit used to brew the beer is not used for commercial brewing.

Step 2.
Register your entry on the Beervana website by 8 August 2015 at

Beers can be entered in one of the ten categories: Wheat, Dark Wheat, Lager, Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Ale, IPA, Dark, or Other. Each participant may enter multiple beers in one or more categories.

You will receive confirmation of your entry, and a printable copy of your entry form to accompany your beers when you submit them, by return email.

Please note: on the entry form, a description of the beer should only state briefly what the brewer was hoping to achieve. Ingredients used are not required unless they are integral to the beer. e.g. This beer is intended to be a rich stout, with deep roast notes, a full mouthfeel, and a lingering, bitter finish.

Step 3.
Send 3x 330ml (or greater) bottles of each beer you are entering to us so it arrives by 5pm on Saturday 8 August. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for judging.

Send or deliver your entry to:

Beervana Home Brew Competition
C/o Mud Cycles
424 Karori Rd, Karori 6012
Attn Dave Waugh 027 2788633

Beer must be packaged in a labelled container with your Entry ID # and have a copy of the entry form attached to each bottle with a rubber-band.
Please package your brew carefully or the folk at the post shop will get very cross with us!

Step 4.
Pay your entry fee by 8 August 2015 (please refer instructions below in rules)

Please note: If any of the above steps are not met, your entry will be deemed invalid.


Judging will take place on Saturday 15 August at Beervana. It will start during Session 3 and run into Session 4 if the competition is heavily subscribed.
Black Rock Master Brewer Kirsten Taylor will be the head judge. Other judges will be confirmed and announced before the competition.
Judging will take place on the main concourse of Beervana to enable entrants and the public to observe.

Finalists and winners

Ten finalists will be selected from within the ten categories. One overall winner and two runners up will be awarded. All finalists will receive a copy of their judging form on their brew.

Competition Rules

  1. All entries must be personally home brewed by the entrant. If multiple brewers created the entry, then all brewers must be listed on the entry form.
  2. Commercially brewed beer is not eligible for entry.
  3. The entry fee is $10.00 for each entry.
  4. Three bottles of each entry are required. The minimum size of each bottle is to be 330mL. Three bottles are required for judging, backup in case of accident or contamination, and in the event a second round of judging is required, so you must send three bottles.
    Liability for loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  5. Entries must be made via the Black Rock Home Brew Competition page on the Beervana website
  6. Please ensure your description of what the beer tastes like on the entry form is short, concise, and an accurate description of what the beer tastes like.
  7. All entries must be registered online by 8 August 2015 at 5pm and received by 5pm 8 August 2015.
  8. Each bottle entered must have an attached label identifying the beer as specified on the entry form.
  9. The bottle labels must contain ONLY the Entry ID # sent to you by Beervana.
  10. Bottles received without proper labels may be disqualified.
  11. Labels must be suitably affixed to the bottle so they are not dislodged during unpacking. Bottles without suitably affixed labels may be disqualified at the organiser’s discretion.
  12. Payments must be made by internet banking.
  13. Payment by internet banking must be made in the following manner:
    Account name: J A Ducey
    Account number: 06-0513-0343770-00
    Particulars: your name as it appears on your entry form
    Code: ‘Black Rock HB’
    Reference: Entry ID #
  14. Entrants may enter multiple beers into the same category. If you enter multiple beers, you may make one payment for all entries ($10 each). Please use the first entry’s ID # and email with a list of all of your entry ID #s.
  15. The same beer cannot be entered more than once.
  16. Failure to observe the competition guidelines may result in disqualification of the entry.
  17. The entry fee is not refundable for disqualified entries.
  18. The entrant must enter their beer into the category where they feel it will perform best. Judges or organisers will not classify or reclassify your beer.
  19. All entries will become the property of Black Rock Home Brew Competition.
  20. No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise.
  21. By entering the Black Rock Home Brew Competition you allow Black Rock Home Brew Competition and Beervana to use all entry and result details for promotional and marketing purposes including the right to use names & images of the winners in publicity material for one year from the date of the official judging at Beervana.
  22. By entering the Black Rock Home Brew Competition you allow Black Rock and Beervana to contact you regarding homebrew and beer related events in the future. You may unsubscribe at any time.
  23. Judges, Organisers, Stewards, and any affiliated parties are able to enter beers into competition.
  24. Judges and Organisers are not eligible to win prizes.
  25. Stewards are eligible to win prizes.
  26. Beervana reserves the right to refuse entry to beers named with a competitor brand to Black Rock or anything deemed unsuitable or inappropriate at our discretion.

The overall winner and the runners-up will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and at the event on Saturday 15 August.

Event Guide


Beervana is well established as a Kiwi beer lover’s best chance to get amongst the biggest, broadest range of craft beers you’ll find under one roof. Two days showcasing over 200 brews from New Zealand and overseas, right alongside cuisine from some of Wellington’s top restaurants and informative seminars on how to appreciate craft beer even more than you already do.

In order to get a drink at the festival you will need your official Beervana glass and Beervana festival currency. Regardless of how it is packaged behind the bar, all beer will be served in your glass in a 75ml taster or 250ml serve. Please note: no cash is accepted over the bars or at the food vendors. Festival currency can be bought by cash, credit and debit card at the available counters. There will be ATM machines on site, however, we do recommend you bring cash with you to avoid any queues.

A selection of non alcoholic drinks will be made available at Beervana, including bottled water and coffee. Water warriors will also be located throughout the venue.

To make your visit to Beervana as pleasant and straight forward as possible, you will find Beervana Volunteers available throughout the venue to answer your questions. If you need help or assistance, please ask any of the Beervana Volunteers who will be wearing yellow coloured t-shirts.

You can be a part of this extraordinary event by being a festival volunteer. In addition to a great time, you’ll receive a Beervana t-shirt, festival currency, entry to another session, and a festival glass. Please refer to the volunteer tab for further detail if you are interested.

First aid, paramedics, toilets, bar leaners and seating are all available.


Beervana is a licenced liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. If you are asked to verify your age with photo ID you will be given a wristband to wear for the session, meaning your ID will not need to be checked again.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from Beervana 2015 whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness.

Beer or cider cannot be consumed outside the main front gates.

Festival currency sales stop 15 minutes before the taps are closed.  Taps close promptly 1 hour prior to the end of each session (3.00pm and 10.00pm respectively). A ‘Last Orders’ announcement will be made letting you know festival currency sales have finished.

Once you leave the venue you cannot be readmitted. If you choose to leave the venue through the main gates during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.

Promotional photos and video will be taken at Beervana 2015 and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Beervana. If you do not want your image used by Beervana in any future promotional activity please locate a Beervana volunteer at the event and let them know.


Westpac Stadium is strictly a non-smoking venue. Smokers are required to stand outside the building. Please note that you are not allowed to drink past the turnstiles, outside the Stadium.

During an event Westpac Stadium provides the personnel to manage an emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, evacuation instructions will be given by wardens and also over the PA system. Wardens can be identified by their high-visibility vests with the words ‘Team Leader’ on them. Visitors to Beervana must comply with the instructions issued by the Wardens and over the PA system.


  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  • You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  • Alcohol will not be served to minors
  • Maximum of two alcoholic beverages purchased per service
  • Bars close at 3pm (afternoon sessions) and 10pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by 3.30pm (afternoon sessions) and 10.30pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by 4pm (afternoon sessions) and 11pm (evening sessions)
  • Sample pours (75mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage which is 10% ABV and over
  • Standard pours (250mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage less than 10% ABV
  • Free water is available via jugs on all bars and via the Water Warriors team
  • Low and non-alcoholic beverages are available on all Beervana bars
  • Taxis are available from the concourse at the end of each session, or ask one of the event staff to call one for you
  • A Safe Zone is available for you to rest/lie down at the Wellington Free Ambulance office, located opposite aisle 19
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Beervana
  • Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave Beervana at any time during the event
  • There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the venue, please use the designated smoking location only
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced

Beervana Portland Exchange


After the huge success last year, Beervana are proud to announce they'll host three more brewers again this year from the greater Portland region.

These award winning brewers are heading to Wellington as part of the “Beervana Exchange”, now in its second year it encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences between two craft beer capitals - Wellington and Portland, unofficial sister cities, but true soul mates. To complete the circle, five New Zealand brewers have just arrived back from Portland where they took part in the prestigious Oregon Brewers Festival and brewed with local breweries  to continue the ever strengthening bond between these two beer loving cities.

People attending Beervana this year will have the rare opportunity to taste some incredible craft beers which are not available in New Zealand and to meet some of Portland’s top brewers.

This year we will be welcoming:

Tyler Brown from Barley Brown's - winning gold at the Great American Beer Festival 2014 for their Fresh Hop Pallet Jack IPA and Hand Truck Pale Ale and Gold at the World Beer cup for their Turmoil Black Ale.
Jacob Leonard from Breakside - winning gold at the Great American Beer Festival 2014 for Breakside IPA.
Darron Welch from Pelican Brewery - Champion Small Brewing Company at the 2014 World Beer Cup.

As well as offering tastings of some of their award winning brews at the Portland Bar, the brewers will also be on the US panel discussion in the Hops Room Friday & Saturday nights and go head to head with Wellington in the infamous - Battle of the Brewers at Logan Brown: Four sumptuous courses each one matched with a Portland and Wellington brewery, who matched it better? You decide.

More information and tickets here. 




CQ Hotels Wellington

Travelling to Beervana from out of town or feel like a break in your own city.

Beervana and CQ have teamed up to offer you the following packages:

Full Beervana Package

Quality Hotel $274
Comfort Hotel $217

Package includes:

  • One night's accommodation
  • Full buffet breakfast for two
  • Beervana tickets for two
  • Complimentary car park
  • Complimentary wi-fi

Beervana Room Only Rates

Quality Hotel $164
Comfort Hotel $107

To book or for more information check out the CQ website.


Road to Beervana


Wellington is fast cementing itself as an exciting international destination city for beer tourists. Events such as Beervana are a perfect way for producer, purveyor and patron to enjoy the bounty of craft beer and the hospitality that encapsulates it. The Road to Beervana showcases this with a week of unique events hosted by Wellington's best craft beer bars and venues. So grab your friends and get amongst it, we're ready for you!

Click here to read more about Road to Beervana

Pricing and Payment

This year at Beervana, we are introducing payment by Beervana Dollars on a wristband.

This form of festival currency is the only payment mechanic inside Beervana. Wristbands will be available at the gates of Westpac stadium from 1 hour prior to the start of every session and you can choose to load them with as many dollars as you prefer. You can purchase Beervana Dollars with cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card

To make a purchase of beer, food or merchandise inside Beervana, you simply pass your wristband over the RFID reader and this will pay for your purchase, and reduce the balance on your wristband. Staff will advise you of your remaining balance after every transaction

You may top up your Beervana Dollars at any one of the three Beervana Banks. One at the entrance of the stadium and two more further down the concourse.

Any Beervana Dollars left on your wristband at the end of the session can be refunded by going to the yellow booth by the turnstiles when you leave the stadium.

Click here to see the pricing table: Click to view PDF

Beervana App

Powershop Beervana app 001

The Beervana App is back and it's new and improved.

The FREE Beervana App provides all the information you need to know about every beer and brewery at the festival. The Beervana app was designed by the incredible team at Powershop (in their free time). Thank you!


- You asked for it, so we got it: Untappd integration. Because who has time to check in twice!

- Rate, review and see what others think about the beers at Beervana

- Follow the People’s Choice leader board for inspiration

- Build your wishlist with all the beers you can’t wait to try

- Use the map to track down the brews on your wishlist and find the best eateries at the festival


By downloading and using this App you agree to our privacy policy.  To access our privacy policy see Beervana App Privacy Policy




Here are some breweries, brewers and beer you'll see at Beervana. Keep checking back here and see the list grow!


  • 8 Wired BrewingMore info +

    8 wired Brewing was started in 2009 by Monique and Soren Eriksen.

    We focus on big, hoppy, flavourful styles of beer. Most of these are inspired by American craft breweries.

    We also have what we think is the biggest barrel aging programme in the Southern hemisphere. The majority of these barrels are funky and sour, inspired by century old Belgian traditions.

  • Bach BrewingMore info +

    Resurrected from an original pioneer craft brewery, Bach Brewing is family owned and reflects the homegrown simplicity and freedom of NZ's Kiwi Bach lifestyle.

    We create brews with tasty character and relaxed drinkability, including a couple of beers built upon trophy winning recipes.

  • Barley Brown's BeerMore info +

    Barley Brown’s started as a small brewpub in 1998, with a four-barrel brewing system that made just enough beer to fuel happy locals. But the beer was good, so it wasn't long before you could find Barley Brown's beer across the state of Oregon. Looking to grow in 2013, they opened a taphouse across the road from the brewery, that houses a 20-barrel brewing system. In the last 10 years they've won slew of medals including two golds, at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, where it was named Small Brewery of the Year.

  • Baylands BreweryMore info +

    The creation of Aidan Styles, Nikki Carmichael and Steve Young, we are a passionate business brewing great beers and supplying the brewing community. We started in 2011 with a 300 litre system in our garage and now have a 1200 litre brewery in Petone.

    Our new cellar door and brewing supplies shop is now open at 22 Victoria Street, Petone.

  • BeavertownMore info +

    Try Beavertown brews at the Beertique UK Bar.

    Beavertown was the old Cockney name given to the historic De Beauvoir area, famed across Victorian London for it's rich characters and infinite revelry.

    Beavertown was set up in December 2011 by Logan Plant in the kitchen of Duke's Brew and Que, in De Beauvoir, Hackney, London. The brew house, situated opposite the two Smokers of the BBQ restaurant, runs at 4BBL per brew (650 litres - 1150 pints).

    In March of 2013 we moved out of our home at Duke's Brew & Que and into our new brew site at Unit 4 Stour Road, Fish Island, London E3 2NT. Now with a little bit more space we can push the boundaries of brewing and get more beer out to the thirsty masses.

    In May 2014 we moved to our new 11,000sqft space in Tottenham Hale. We upgraded to a 30BBL (50HL) brew house. We also sat our 'heartbeat' 4BBL kit next to Big Beaver to constantly push our Alpha's, experiments and minds!

  • Beer BaronessMore info +

    Ava Wilson is the Beer Baroness, setting forth on a journey of brewing bold craft beers for the discerning palate.

    As Manager at one of New Zealand's best craft beer pubs, Pomeroy's in Christchurch and brewing out of Four Avenues, Beer Baroness is taking years of passion and "sampling" knowledge to offer a range of brilliant brews and some crafty collaborations!

  • Beerded LadiesMore info +

    The Beerded Ladies are women (and men) who get together from all walks of life: We sell beer, make beer, write about beer, teach others about beer, or really just like beer. And we have an interest in growing the scene in a gender-positive, inclusive and safe manner.

    For Beervana, we met at the Tiamana Brewery in Mount Cook to whip up this rich, full oatmeal stout. Nothing like having a good talk over a full kettle with lovely malt and pungent hops scent filling the air!

  • Beertique NZMore info +

    Beertique NZ distribute beers and ciders from the UK, NZ and around the world, throughout New Zealand. Established in 2012, the company grew from an infatuation with craft beer shared by Phil and Melissa. Starting with just one contact in the UK, Beertique now sources beer directly from the brewery and ships to NZ in chilled transport. We also have a comprehensive stable of NZ craft breweries who we distribute throughout NZ. Our portfolio spans from mild to wild!

    This year Beertique is curating their very own UK Bar with brews from the motherland's finest - Beavertown, Wild Beer Co, Thornbridge and Brewdog. Jolly good!

  • Behemoth Brewing CoMore info +

    Behemoth brewing is all about making bigger tasting beer. We brew our core range all year round including award winning Chur NZ Pale Ale and 'Murica American Pale Ale. We also brew monthly one-off beers that focus on the new, interesting and delicious.

  • Black Dog Brew CoMore info +

    In 2012, a trio of craft brewers decided to create a few 'alternatives' to the range of beers available in New Zealand and BlackDog Brewery was created in the heart of Wellington.

    Our idea is to create interesting 'alternatives' to the range of beers that you already have. Some will work, some won't, but if we don't try, we'll never know. Our mission is to always be interesting and intrepid, always act independently and stay in tune with what the drinkers want. What we are keen to do is build a craft beer brand that we can have some fun with.


  • Breakside BreweryMore info +

    Opened in 2010 in the up and coming Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland as a restaurant and nano-sized brewery, Breakside expanded to a 3.5 BBL brewhouse while winning their first medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2011. In late 2012 the brewery expanded operations with more tanks, barrel rooms for wild and non-wild/sour fermentation’s and a 20 tap tasting room.

    Breakside is also known for their experimental, barrel-aged and sour beers like Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec a strong amber ale with chocolate and chilies and Passionfruit Sour a berliner-weisse style beer, both of which have earned them multiple medals.

  • BrewDogMore info +

    Try BrewDog brews at the Beertique UK Bar.

    Martin and I (James) were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK beer market.

    We decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to brew our own. Consequently in April 2007 BrewDog was born.

    Both only 24 at the time, we leased a building in Fraserburgh, got some scary bank loans, spent all our money on stainless steel and started making some hardcore craft beers.

    We brewed tiny batches, filled bottles by hand and sold our beers at local markets and out of the back of our beat up old van.

    Our biggest mission when we set up BrewDog was to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. And that is still our biggest mission today.

  • Craft Wines by Allan Scott Family WinemakersMore info +

    Craft Wines are a twist on conventional winemaking - with a blend of grapes and hops.

    Winemaking director, Josh Scott, has turned traditional winemaking on its head by using craft beer techniques.

  • Doctor's Orders BrewingMore info +

    Doctor’s Orders Brewing is all about special thought provoking and inspirational beers released seasonally. The ethos is simple - produce beers that are intriguing, based on emerging, historical and/or rare styles, often with a twist but always with balance that enables you to have more than one.

    Our mid seasonal beers are smaller batch brews designed to be much bolder in flavour and style. They are only available at our regular craftier venues and when the keg(s) empty it’s gone.

  • Emerson's BreweryMore info +

    Emerson’s is an innovative Dunedin brewery producing a wide range of beers and special seasonal releases.  The company has earned many international and NZ awards.  To achieve this standard of excellence, Emerson’s use a range of local and imported malts, together with premium New Zealand grown hops.  The commitment to producing fresh beers full of flavour, places Emerson’s beers among the best in the world.


  • Epic Brewing CoMore info +

    Epic Brewing Company are lovers of the aromatic hop flower, creating a wonderful range of floral and citrus-tasting award-winning beers.   Brewed in Auckland by Founder, Director and International Beer Judge Mr Luke Nicholas, Epic is widely known for it’s powerful list of IPA’s including the sought-after Hop Zombie and the award winning Armageddon IPA.

  • Fork BrewingMore info +

    Fork & Brewer is a boutique brewpub in the heart of Wellington, the Craft Beer Capital of New Zealand.

    The stainless steel brew kit was custom built for our upstairs bar and since 2012 has allowed our talented brewer, Kelly Ryan, to produce around 1,000 litres of fresh, beautiful beer at a time. Fork & Brewer allows everyone to test the adage that "beer is best drunk in the shadow of the brewery". After all, you can see the brewery from most seats in the house. Forget about food miles, these beers are travelling mere metres to reach you it does not get fresher than that.

  • Four PinesMore info +

    From day one we wanted to offer people great taste sensations through variety in their beer, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients and traditional time honoured techniques (no short cuts) – something we felt we were missing locally – something we wanted to drink & that our mates would be proud of!

    Our stamp; “Handcrafted beer brewed naturally” means in a nutshell that when you drink our beer you are getting the best of nature’s goodness.

    Brewed to the German purity laws of ages & ages ago, allowing only 4 ingredients : Hops, water, yeast & malt (we allow for the odd bit of mandarin, ginger & other natural stuff from time to time to keep the taste buds tingling) means all in all, no nasty’s to keep you from your physical best!

  • Funk EstateMore info +

    We are Dylan, Jordan and Shigeo. We were drawn together by our love for lagers, affection for ales and an all round passion for a pint. To put it simply, we like good beer.

    We're about making brews from across the spectrum; releasing limited runs of big, bold and sometimes outrageous beers, as well as holding down a solid lineup of tasty drops.

    Seek us out. Stay funky.

  • Galbraith's Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Crafting beer by hand, head and heart for 20 years, Galbraith’s is passionately independent and leads the vanguard of micro brewing in New Zealand. As we say at the alehouse, No tricks or gimmicks, just good honest beer.

    By returning brewing to a hand-crafted art form, we take it a world away from mainstream beer. The result is truly unique, with every batch boasting its own individual character and elevating beer to the level of food and wine in terms of connoisseurship.

    An icon among enthusiasts near and far, we have regulars who’ve been ordering their favourites since day one and adventurers who are up for a new brew experience.

  • Garage ProjectMore info +

    Garage Project is a small brewery, located in an old petrol station in Wellington. It’s an unlikely place for a brewery but our aim in the Garage is to create unique and beautiful beers.

    Since starting in 2011 on just a 50L system, Pete Gillespie and Jos Ruffell have worked to push boundaries, reinterpret styles and challenge the notions of what beer can be. With a string of international awards, including a coveted World Beer Cup medal, and most recently, being named New Zealand Brewery of the Year by SOBA, the work in the Garage is gaining recognition and a cult following locally, and around the world.

  • Good George BrewingMore info +

    Good George came to life after a bunch friends got together and decided, after years in hospitality and brewing, it was time to create their own craft beer brand.

    Their belief was that beer can be so much better and more rewarding. It shouldn't be bland, full of chemicals, mass produced and boring. Nor should it be hard, pretentious or scary. Exploring and drinking beer should be enjoyable, simple and really rewarding.

    The brewery idea gathered momentum in 2011 when a site in the industrial heart of Frankton was discovered that was the perfect mix of location, character and potential. The former St George’s Church was in need of much love and attention, however it provided an awesome space and backdrop for the creation of the brewery and dining hall. More importantly it helped give Good George its brand name - proving the adage that good things come to those who wait!

  • Hallertau BreweryMore info +

    Hallertau Brewery has been producing ‘hopping good beer’ at their North West Auckland location since 2005.

    Late 2015 saw the installation of a brand new 2500L Brew House and national distribution to meet growing demand. The recently refurbished bar and restaurant will shortly be complimented by a 250 seater garden bar.

    Hallertau’s core range of 6 – 8 beers encompasses international styles from Kolsch, IPAs, Schwarzbier to barrel aged and sour beers. One-offs, seasonals and collaborations regularly appear through-out the year.

  • KaijuMore info +

    There's three of us - Nat, Callum and Clara. We are all giant beer nerds and look after different aspects of our craft. We do everything by hand. Sometimes this is painful because we're prefectionists and our methods aren't commercial, but we love it and there's no other way to get the flavours we want.

  • Kereru Brewing CompanyMore info +

    We brew British & European style craft beers with the finest New Zealand-grown ingredients available, including Gladfield malts, Nelson hops, and many more ingredients that celebrate the marvelous qualities and flavours which are part of our local landscape.

    Upper Hutt's first brewery is located at 415A Maidstone Terrace. Come visit us at our cellar door! We have plenty of parking & we are an easy 5-minute walk from the Upper Hutt train station.

  • Kettle Green BrewingMore info +

    There is a new kid on the block in the Melbourne craft beer scene. Miryam (Mia) Piechocinski, owner and brewer of Kettle Green Brewing, has emerged from the nurturing embrace of the Cavalier Brewery family.

    After backpacking across the globe and discovering a whole new world of malt based, bubbly beverages, Mia returned home with dreams of rustic brewpubs and shiny stainless steel. A stint in Poland with relatives exposed a dark past of family scandal involving a great grandfather whose hooch production ended in a little jail time. Further travels across Canada, with grandmother and aunt in tow, resulted in the discovery of the humble microbrewery and the treasures within. She quickly took to research and experimentation in the kitchenette of her tiny unit back in Brunswick, Melbourne. A birthday home brew kit from her parents spawned a new passion, centred on the bright green whistling kettle that boiled the yeast water for each and every batch.

    Kettle Green Brewing plans to hatch each and every brew to be unique and one off. Quantities will be strictly limited to foster the artistic relationship between quality and creativity. Get yours now, for you may never get the opportunity again.

  • Lakeman Brewing CoMore info +

    Lakeman Brewing Co is based on a farm near Taupo, we have been producing beer for 2 years.

    James Cooper is the brewer. James had no previous brewing experience when he thought he would have a crack at brewing 1000 litres 2 years ago. He was farming full time but now he is almost a full time brewer.

    The brewery looks like a farm shed and then you roll up the door to reveal a brewery, it was one of Taupo’s best kept secrets but not so much anymore. We do the whole process at our brewery including bottling.

    We were only selling kegs into Taupo last year at the time of Beervana. We have since started bottling and our bottle sales have grown quickly. Over summer we couldn’t keep up with demand as we were still learning how to use the bottling machine. It has been blood, sweat and almost tears oh and part of a finger!! But the bottling machine we hated we have grown to respect and it possibly may end in love.

  • Liberty Brewing CoMore info +

    The story of Liberty goes back all the way to when head brewer Joe became dissatisfied NZ beer had to offer, in particular: flavour.

    He began playing with home brewing. The first beer he tried to brew was a Weizenbock: the result was amazing even considering it was made using easily obtained ingredients, which back in the day wasn’t much!

    Liberty Brewing at the time, was an online brewing supplies website. It had all the malt and hops Joe needed to brew the beers he wanted to brew and he very quickly became their biggest customer. During a discussion on New Zealand’s premiere brewing forum the previous owners Stu McKinlay and Brendon MacKenzie basically offered him the business. Who could refuse? That was the single moment when Liberty Brewing, as you know it now, was born.

    Liberty brewing is and has always been about our customers. As long as there are boundaries to cross, rules to break and lines to blur, we will be here: Crossing, Breaking and Blurring.

  • Little CreaturesMore info +

    Little Creatures Brewing was born out of the love of great beer shared by a few good mates. In particular, it was a hop driven pale ale they tasted in the north west of the U.S that really captured their hearts and gave rise to this little brewery that began on the water’s edge in Fremantle.

    Throughout the years, we’ve created a little family of beers that we brew today with the same enthusiasm and drive as the day we began. And while we continue to grow and stretch our horizons, we are still excited by and are motivated to make better beer with greater consistency each and every day.

    We welcome you to share our passion for great beer, where ever you are.

  • Mac'sMore info +

    In 1981, a publican called Terry didn’t think much of the beer he could get for his pub, so he thought: ‘What if I brewed some myself?’. No-one had applied for a brewing licence for 50 years, and no-one could even remember what forms you had to fill out. But he persevered, and he got his forms, and he got his licence, and he brewed his beer, he brewed Mac’s.

    Being a pioneer is hard work, but beer drinkers liked what they tasted, so the hard work began to pay off as Mac’s started to make a name for itself. A few of those beer drinkers also thought ‘What if we brewed some ourselves?’, and soon, a few more of those brewing licences got filled out. Thirty-odd years down the track, Mac’s is proud to have played a key role in kicking off our thriving beer scene, and even prouder to still be brewing award-winning naturally brewed beer that Kiwis love today.

  • Mata BeerMore info +

    All MATA premium handcrafted beers are genunitely pure and natural. No preservatives or additives are used. Brewed with malt from New Zealand, Britain and Germany, yeast sourced from the USA and New Zealand hops. All MATA beers are brewed using 100% pure artisan water which is sourced specially from a local aquifer and transported 16 kilometres to the brewery.

  • Mount Brewing CoMore info +

    Mount Brewing Co brews its craft beer at its brewery in the heart Mount Manuganui.We have a 1000 litre, 100% hands on, brew system - the most technically advanced piece of equipment in the brewery is the jug.  Even though our equipment may not be the most high tech we still can turn out great beer.

  • Mountain GoatMore info +

    One of Australia’s most popular craft beer brands with a huge following throughout Australia. Mountain Goat is 100% independent, started and still owned by mates Cam and Dave. Over the years Mountain Goat has collected a swag of awards for their traditional, all natural ales. We avoid all preservatives, additives and are vegan friendly.

    The brewery has been set up with the environment in mind, from using recycled materials in their fit-out, through to installation of solar panels and an 11,000 litre rainwater tank.

  • Nail BrewingMore info +

    Nail Brewing Australia has been brewing quality Australian craft beer since March 2000. Nail Brewing's beer is of true premium quality and consistency. All beers are tradionally brewed by John Stallwood with all natural ingredients and no short cuts.

    Pioneers of the WA Craft Brewing Scene, Nail have formed a key part in the formation of the Western Australian Brewer's Association, The Perth Royal Beer Show and also helping new breweries start up.

  • North End BreweryMore info +

    North End Brewing is a new small brewing company focused on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. We brew aromatic, food friendly beers that are as at home on the dinner table as they are at the beach, the bach or the bar.

    For our first two years we contract brewed enlisting the help of our friends Townshend, Four Aves, Fork and Brewer, Kereru and Panhead to brew our beer. We are now putting the final touches on our Waikanae brewery and will soon be opening our cellar door and brewpub. Join us as we change the world one can and one keg at a time.

  • Panhead Custom AlesMore info +

    Here at Panhead Custom Ales we apply every bit of our skill, creativity and impeccable taste to the business of brewing great craft beer. We love to strip a brew back to its essence and rebuild it in a way that honours tradition as well as the alchemy of creation. At our brewery in Upper Hutt we’re turning out beers with character bursting from the glass, streamlined vehicles for malt, yeast and serious hopping.

  • ParrotDogMore info +

    ParrotDog began with a manic Indian Ringneck parrot and two dogs.

    These ‘dogs’ were Matt and Matt, two students with a passion for craft beer who began home-brewing under the watchful eye of Schmee the parrot.

    First put into action by the home-brewing partnership of Matt Kristofski and Matt Warner in a dingy old flat in Aro Valley, ParrotDog really kicked off when Matt Stevens was added to the grist in 2011 for the release of ParrotDog’s first commercially available contract brewed beer, ParrotDog BitterBitch.

    Six months down the track, the demand for ParrotDog beer meant that brewing production was in need of expansion, but due to a limited capacity in contract brewing space, this was unable to happen. ParrotDog’s next big step was then triggered and July 2012, saw five months of planning and hard work culminate in the launch of the brand new brewery right in the heart of Wellington City.

  • Pelican BreweryMore info +

    In 1995, Jeff Schons and Mary Jones purchased an old brick building on the oceanfront in Pacific City. Over Sunday morning coffee, Jeff and Mary came up with the idea of opening an oceanfront micro-brewery. As they knew almost nothing about the brewing process, they decided to attend a Craft Brewers conference in Portland.

    While at the conference it occurred to Mary that there might be a brewer there that might be interested in joining the Pelican Pub & Brewery. On a hand-written 3 x 5 notecard tacked to a bulletin board, Mary scribbled the details of what they were looking for.

    It was this notecard that caught Darron Welch's attention. After several eager phone calls to Jeff and Mary, Darron and his fiance moved to Pacific City and Darron began brewing test batches of beer down the street in mini-storage units while the Pelican was under construction. On May 4, 1996, the Pelican opened its doors and the rest is history.

  • Pomeroy'sMore info +

    Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn is a comfortable and traditional English style pub located in Christchurch. We brew our own on site and offer many seasonal and limited run varieties, meaning that each trip to Poms offers something new for the senses!

  • RangaMore info +

    Our founding orange roughies Chris (ginger) and Bevan (honorary ginger), were inspired one Saturday evening to create a hearty, full strength gingerbeer with the zing of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. After adding Phil, our brand engingerneer, and Leon, our golfing ginger, to the crack team of Ranga enthusiasts, they braved seconds of direct sunlight (just once), hilarious jokes and a kick-a-ginger day to bring you this naturally brewed, palate popping gingerbeer, Ranga.

    Not content with producing New Zealand’s first alcoholic ginger beer the boys went on to create an alcoholic Lemon, lime & bitters and the award winning Blackcurrant and Apple Cider.

  • Renaissance BrewingMore info +

    Award winning New Zealand craft beer producer, Renaissance Brewing, is situated in the heart of Marlborough wine country at the top of New Zealand's South Island. Our aim is to make beers that rival our grape based cousins. We produce top end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses.

    The majority of our beers are made from South Island Malt and locally grown hops from the top of the south. We do not compromise on flavour and believe in showcasing the flavour of the South Island.

  • Rocky Knob Brewing CompanyMore info +

    We create great craft beers for your enjoyment. We aim to keep our beers sessionable.

    We are all about the getting together of like minded people to share in some full flavoured beers and good times. Each beer is brewed with specific people in mind who are special to us, like you. Track us down at Beervana and have a yarn!

  • Sprig & FernMore info +

    Tracy Banner heads the small and enthusiastic Sprig & Fern Brewery team that collectively has more than 50 years of commercial brewing experience.

    The Sprig and Fern Brewery lovingly produce a wide range of award winning real craft beers and ciders to satisfy the palates of craft beer fans and more casual drinkers alike. With a high level of care and an attention to quality the Sprig & Fern Brewery has earned a solid reputation amongst real craft beer drinkers throughout New Zealand

  • Stone & Wood Brewing CompanyMore info +

    We established Stone & Wood Brewing Company in 2008 after many years of working in the beer business. Our dream was to quit 'working for the man', shed the corporate garbage and get back to basics.

    As the original brewers of Byron Bay we built our brewery here at the eastern tip of Australia, in a part of the world where people enjoy having a beer when relaxing after catching a wave, catching a band at the pub or just catching up with friends. It's that sort of place.

    We brew beer for times like these, beers that the locals, and the growing number of craft beer drinkers around the country, and of course ourselves, would find simply good to drink.

    Brewing here in the Northern Rivers has not only helped shape our philosophy of trying to take things slowly and keeping it simple, but the natural beauty, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and the laid back vibe were the inspiration for our beers.

  • Sunshine BreweryMore info +

    Back in 1989, out east in Gisborne a couple of surfing mates started messing around with brewing. Before they knew it they were on a quest to create the perfect lager to help them cope with Gisborne’s famously long, hot summers and great waves.

    Pretty soon they realised they were onto something good, so they shelved their surfboards, named their shed ‘The Sunshine Brewery’ and committed themselves full-time to crafting the perfect brew.

    Their session lager Gisborne Gold quickly attracted cult-like status in Gisborne and beyond, showing up in big city bars like Wellington’s Bar Bodega. Through the 90s and 2000s ‘Gizzy Gold’ won a bunch of gold medals and best of show trophies.

    Twenty five years and dozens of long hot summers later, Sunshine Brewery has been refreshed with new investment and energy by a group of Gisborne wine folk. The revitalised Sunshine range is again showing up around the country where it belongs. No longer Gisborne’s best kept secret.

    The Heritage Range of Gold and Pilsner are now complimented with the Sunrise Project, a new dawn of great Gisborne beers.

  • Te Aro Brewing CompanyMore info +

    The Te Aro Brewing Company is a small batch brewery in the heart of Wellington City. Like many brewers, we started off as home brewers. We then opened a Home Brew Supplies Shop, and now we're expanding into the brewing business with a range of tasty little numbers available in the shop and in your local bar and restaurant.

    In keeping with our Home Brew roots, we publish most of our recipes, and challenge the world to make our beers better than we do. We call this Open Sorcery...

  • The Occasional BrewerMore info +

    Craft beer just tastes better and it tastes even better when you make it yourself at The Occasional Brewer.

    Inspired by the crowds gathered around the Farra Brewing System at Beervana 2013 we had an idea. What if we could make the system available to everyone who wanted to brew their own craft beer? If we bought it would beer lovers come?

    And so The Occasional Brewer was born. We help you make great craft beer – at our place. Two years later, we're back at Beervana, this time behind the taps. We'll be offering two beers that you can make yourself at The Occasional Brewer, come and have a taste, and if you like it, brew it yourself!

  • Thornbridge BreweryMore info +

    Try Thornbridge brews at the Beertique UK Bar.

    Thornbridge branded beers were first brewed in early 2005 after the establishment of a 10 barrel brewery in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall, Derbyshire, England.

    Our initial focus was on a range of cask beers that used traditional recipes but provided a modern twist through the use of a wide range of hops, malts and the innovation and passion of the brewing team. After winning a succession of awards ( we have now won over 350 national and international awards) a new, state of the art, brewery and bottling line was opened at Bakewell in September 2009 to meet with demand and increase our range of beers.

    From the beginning at Thornbridge we knew that excellence and quality of process and product would be paramount to our success and delighting drinkers. Our vision was to create beers that would make us one of the leading new breweries in the UK. The adoption of the Innovation, Passion and Knowledge strap line for the brewery was a statement of our brewery’s culture about how we would approach our day to day business.

  • Three Boys BreweryMore info +

    At Three Boys Brewery we personally tend to each small-scale brew, right from selecting the best malt and hops until it leaves the brewery. Our beers are a living product; not filtered and not pasteurised - just as nature intended.

    Our aim is simple: finest quality beer, finest possible taste

  • Tiamana BreweryMore info +

    The name Tiamana is Māori for Germany or German.

    'Brewer & Bossypants' Annika was born and raised in Berlin (West). At the time, her father was brewer and maltster at Schultheiss. Growing up with the scents of caramely-sweet malt filling the streets of her neighbourhood, brewing had to become a passion for her.

    Tiamana brews German-style beers as well as 'new world' ales and looks to find fitting flavours to simple styles.

  • Townshend BreweryMore info +

    Taste Townshend Brewery beers at the Cryer Malt Stand.

    Founded in 2005 by Martin Townshend, this genuine real ale brewery is based in the leafy green heart of the nations hop growing region. The Company philosophy is simple.

    “Get the best ingredients, treat them with respect and you'll produce a great product. Martin is a strong advocate of the natural fermentation process”

  • Tuatara BreweryMore info +

    We're a little battler of a brand, taking on the world, one beer at a time. Our mission is to free the world from the tranny of bad beer! So we brew ‘true to style’ but with a distinctly homegrown twist that delivers world class, hand crafted, full flavour Aotearoa beer.

    Tuatara has been leading the craft beer cavalry since 2000. The brewery began as a backyard operation in the hills above Waikanae. It was founded by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the tastebuds of a wine critic. Before too long, he’d managed to brew a superb range of ales, porters and pilsners true to style under the name Tuatara ( gratitude for the loan of the little guy’s name, we sponsor him at Wellington’s Zealandia conservation centre).

    To say that Tuatara Brewery has taken off in the last few years is an understatement. Heck, we’ve been propelled into orbit with target volumes running at a couple of million litres this year. It probably helps that we’re based in Wellington where beer appreciation is not so much a cult as a full-blown religion.

  • Two Birds BrewingMore info +

    Two Bird's is Australia's first female-owned brewing company.

    We make the kind of beers that we enjoy drinking, so we make beers that have flavour and interest, while being clean, sessionable and approachable.

    Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen grew up and met in Perth over 16 years ago, but it took a two-week tour of the West Coast of the US in 2010 for them to realise how much they had in common.

    Their shared love for the finer delights in life saw them visit breweries, wineries and dine at some world-renowned restaurants. During the trip the West Australians hatched the idea to start their own brewing company and after 6 months of discussing their dream to own and run their own business, Two Birds Brewing was born. Jayne and Danielle gave up their full time jobs and the journey began in earnest in June 2011.

  • Weezledog Brewing CompanyMore info +

    Weezledog Brewing is a family run business. I'm Mark; brewer, bottling technician, sales team, webmaster, delivery driver etc. Marie, my wife, does the accounts. Ruby our daughter doesn't do too much but she always joins us at the pub.

    Our story is still very much in its infancy, I started homebrewing as a way to save money when Marie and I moved in together, before I even knew what a decent beer was. It had always appealed to me but I had never known anyone who homebrewed. Luckily Marie had family and friends who were into homebrewing - nothing serious, just the kits - but it gave me the little push I needed to try my first batch.

    It worked and I have become increasingly immersed in the beer scene. Brewing beer is still my favourite aspect though. I am as happy enjoying a great beer alone as I am chatting with good friends, so following that path was an obvious choice of career.

    So, our journey is only just beginning. It's lots of fun though and we are all looking forward to the ride. After all, in the end... it's all about the beer.

  • Wild and Woolly BrewingMore info +

    Wild and Woolly is a tiny, brand new, Wellington based brewery.  We were founded in 2014 by a Canadian expat with a passion for creative brewing.  Beginning with local Wellington homebrew tastings, on to multi-medal hauls at the national homebrew championships, we’re just about ready to hit the big time.

    Sort of.

    Wild and Woolly’s brewhouse puts out a miniscule 350l per batch. Our small size means we’ll never be pumping out huge volumes. And it won’t always be easy to find our beers. But it also makes it simpler for us to experiment with unusual ingredients, styles and processes.  Which is just the way we like it.

    Our favourite beers are adventures in a glass. A bit Wild. Maybe a bit Woolly. But always flavoursome and interesting. Spices, smoke, fruit, herbs, bacteria, wild yeast, wood... all of these ingredients are right at home in a Wild and Woolly Brew.

  • Wild BeerMore info +

    Try Wild Beer brews at the Beertique UK Bar.

    Wild Beer, Wild Yeasts, Wild Ingredients, Wild Ideas, Wild Ambitions...

  • Yeastie BoysMore info +

    The Yeastie Boys- Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene. They burst onto the beer landscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 2009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since.

    The Yeastie Boys say that they stay ahead of the game by being food and drink lovers first and foremost and postmodern craft beer cult heroes on the side.

  • Young HenrysMore info +

    Young Henrys is situated in the heart of thriving Newtown, Sydney, surrounded by street art, creative industries and alternative culture. The state of the art, natural gas driven DME brewery produces ales, lagers and ciders of extraordinary quality. Along with the best quality ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world, the true source of flavour is experience, passion and the daring to do something a little different.

    Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer. We have countless years of experience in brewing, pulling beers and of course, drinking them. Our combined palates are unique and imaginative but always with a nod to old-style techniques and values.


Featured Beer

This is just a small selection of the huge range of beers available at Beervana 2015.



With any good night out, the food is just as important as the beer. 

Beervana’s Culinary Director Martin Bosley has again gathered some of Wellington’s top eateries.

"I’ve brought together some of Wellington’s best restaurants, ensuring that each provides a sensational variety of food, all different, yet all complementing or contrasting the craft beers available," says Martin Bosley.

"As the quality of craft beers has improved, so has our understanding of just how important it is to match the food to them. Frankly, this year’s line-up shows just how much craft beer has been embraced by the capital’s restaurants."


  • BOZ+CoMore info +

    Martin Bosley (or Boz to his friends) is bringing you oysters and whitebait fritters. Previous years has seen over 260 dozen shucked at Beervana, that is over 3000 oysters for those who can't do the math, we plan on smashing that record this year. We need your help, shuck yeah.

  • Burger LiquorMore info +

    Wellington's first Burger Bar, bringing the best burgers to Beervana.



  • EPICUREMore info +

    EPICURE’s chefs combine an ethical approach with their passion and experience. They draw inspiration from food trends from around the world and bring this to all of their dishes.

    This year at Beervana back by popular demand we will be serving our Beef Yorkshire Puddings!

  • Five BoroughsMore info +

    Bringing NYC to WGTN, Five Boroughs serve up hotdogs, cheese burgers and most importantly fried chicken. And that's what they'll be slinging at Beervana. Fried chicken and beer, what better combo exists? Mac and cheese maybe, but we reckon fried chicken is right up there.


  • Goose ShackMore info +

    Conceived in 2012, Goose Shack has laid its tyres on the Wellington scene - starting it's journey as a mobile food shack (in the form of a Morris Minor ute) offering prime cuts of meat, fish, & seasonal greens for takeaway delight.

    Home is indeed where the hearth is – and our wood-fire oven at GSHQ inspires the majority of our seasonal menu - while the all-day takeaway menu champions old-fashioned NZ fish and chips with a few surprises.

  • House of DumplingsMore info +

    Handcrafted, not by machines. Local legend Vicky Ha, hand makes all her dumpling skins and sauces. Every single vegetable and herb is lovingly chopped by our chefs. She uses all free range ingredients and no added MSG, so you know that these are the best dumplings around.

  • La Boca LocaMore info +

    Hailing from California and New Zealand, the team behind La Boca Loca is committed to bringing the best Mexican food to the people of New Zealand. They aim to re-create the flavours of our childhoods using fresh, responsibly produced, sustainable and seasonal cuisine.

    Also tacos. Everyone loves tacos.

  • Nam DMore info +

    Di in vientnamese means "to go" so Nam D is authentic Vietnamese street food to eat on the go, or in between beers. The best Banh Mi will be coming to Beervana this year.  Vientnamese staples BBQ pork, coriander, chilli, carrot and pickled radish - combined with some delicious additions brought over from France: pate and the crispy baguette make this the perfect fusion food.

  • St JohnsMore info +

    St Johns has an outstanding history as the ambulance building in the 1930's, a great music venue in the late 80's and 90's and now a modern, comfortable and stylish fitout make this art deco architectural masterpiece the place to visit while in town. At Beervana let St Johns be your ambulance at the top of the cliff, filling you with delicious beer soaking food.

  • The Crab ShackMore info +

    The Crab Shack is all about "bibs and fingers". It's all perfect beer drinking fare - crabs, fish, mussels, tuatuas and much more – if it comes from the ocean they're into it.


  • The Fire TruckMore info +

    The Fire Truck is the brain child of Kim Eddington and Will Michell. Having worked in the restaurants in London, Sydney and New Zealand for over 10 years and travelling extensively in between their aim is to bring those experiences to the plate in a casual fun way.

    The Fire Truck is a perfect way to bring that food to people, crusing the streets of Wellington in their Bedford fire truck, with a constantly changing menu to show case local and seasonal foods with an international twist.


  • The General PractitionerMore info +

    The General Practitioner uses locally sourced goods to produce a seasonal selection of gastro pub dishes.

    Our famous pub menu is written daily, allowing the use of the best ingredients available each day. Offering a selection of local and national beers and a boutique wine list, The General Practitioner is celebrated for its culinary flair, friendly service and atmosphere.



Presale on sale now, general release 12noon on 17 June

Tickets are $45 each.

Beervana works in 5 hour sessions which all have slight variations in content.

Detailed session guide coming soon.

Session 1: Friday 14 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Friday 14 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Saturday 15 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Saturday 15 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)


  • Your official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass
  • The Beervana programme
  • Festival Currency wristband

book now button


Price: $150 each (Please Note: This must be purchased in addition to the Beervana General Admission ticket)

Starting 30 minutes before gates open, this is the ultimate VIP experience. Hosted by noted beer writer Neil Miller, let him guide you through your own special beer matching with four tasters from culinary director Martin Bosley and four different beer matches. Each session you will be joined by one of Beervana's 'rock star' brewers.

Session 1: Andrew Childs - Behemoth
Session 2: Ava Wilson - Beer Baroness
Session 3: Luke Nicholas - Epic
Session 4: Pete Gillespie - Garage Project

With an Ultimate Experience Ticket you will receive:

  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • $50 Festival Currency preloaded on a wristband
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • Early entry to a private VIP area which you can return to at any time during the session
  • A hosted experience with our Culinary Director Martin Bosley and various brewers sampling the new “Spring Release” beers matched with delicious food
  • You must purchase a General Admission ticket, to gain entry to the venue.

Running Times:

Session 1:
Fri 14 Aug 2015 10.30am-4pm

Session 2:
Fri 14 Aug 2015 5.30pm-11pm

Session 3:
Sat 15 Aug 2015 10.30am-4pm

Session 4:
Sat 15 Aug 2015 5.30pm-11pm

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Price: $50 each (Please Note: This must be purchased in addition to the Beervana General Admission ticket)

The Home Brewing Masterclass is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brewers.  See first-hand as they brew their own, learn key techniques for brewing craft beer to the highest level, walk the main concourse talking beer in depth, discover their favorite brews and check in on the Live Brewing station. Be quick – tickets to the Masterclasses always sell out

With a Home Brewing Masterclass Ticket you will receive:

  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency wristband
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • Each two-hour session will be hosted by some of New Zealand’s best known brewers.
  • You must purchase a General Admission ticket, to gain entry to the venue.

Running Times:

Session 1:
ZANE SMITH - Yeastie Boys. Former SOBA National Homebrew Champion, he's now "Master of Everything" for Yeastie Boys. Learn from someone who turned his passion of home brewing into a full blown career. 

Fri 14 Aug 2015 - Seminar 10.30am-12.30pm

Session 2:
KELLY RYAN - Having worked at Thornbridge, EPIC and Good George, Kelly now brews for Fork Brewing. This guy has seen things, and knows how to get the most out of your kit. Learn from a master.

Sat 15 Aug 2015 - Seminar 10.30am–12.30pm

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Price: $30 per person (Please Note: This must be purchased in addition to the Beervana General Admission ticket)

Paul Broughton from the infamous C'est Cheese in Featherston will take you on a journey of discovery with beer & cheese - two of the world’s great fermented foods, they truly belong together. From the humble ploughman’s lunch to barley wine and blue vein desserts, you will be presented with matches that explore the different ways beer and cheese can work together.

Tickets are limited so get in quick – these tastings sell out fast!

With a Beer & Cheese Seminar Ticket you will receive:

  • An exclusive, official Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency wristband
  • Entry to the one hour Beer & Cheese Seminar
  • Five Beers matched with five cheeses and Paul talking you through your taste matching experience
  • You must purchase a General Admission ticket, to gain entry to the venue.

Running Times:

Session 1:
Fri 14 Aug 2015 - Seminar 12.30pm-1.30pm

Session 2:
Sat 15 Aug 2015 - Seminar 12.30pm-1.30pm

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Battle of the Brewers: Portland vs Wellington

Portland comes out punching with Pelican Brewing Company​, Barley Brown's Brew Pub​ and Breakside Brewery​. Wellington fights back with Garage Project​, North End Brewing​ and Kereru Brewing Company​. Four courses supremely prepared by Shaun Clouston, a beer match each from Portland and Wellington.

Only one city can reign supreme. You decide who did it best.

The brewers from the Wellington and Portland breweries will be at this event to talk through their beers, and fight their corner. This is a fantastic opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the US’ best exports and Wellington's brewing elite.

This lunch will be MC’ed by New Zealand food writer and personality, Delaney Mes.

Wednesday 12 August: 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Logan Brown
$95 - includes food and beer.

Email for more information or to purchase tickets



Our Beervana volunteers are a force to be reckoned with. Over two days they do more than 250 jobs across the sessions to make sure the event runs smoothly. Put simply, Beervana would not be possible without its impressive volunteer force.

We’re looking for friendly and enthusiastic people to join our 2015 Beervana team. If you’re a budding beer nerd, mega beer geek or just keen to be part of New Zealand’s biggest beer festival, register your interest ASAP, as spaces are limited.

Beervana is a fun and lively event. It's a chance to meet other awesome people and taste tipple from all over New Zealand, Australia and the world.

Volunteer roles range from pouring beer and greeting festival goers to assisting with the seminars and helping breweries, there is always plenty to do.


  • Free entry to another Beervana session of your choice (General Admission ticket worth $45)
  • $16 festival currency given at the session you volunteer for to your volunteer session to purchase food and non-alcoholic drinks
  • A Beervana volunteer t-shirt

Please note – all sessions are now FULL however we are now operating a waiting list for volunteer places.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email with the session(s) you are interested in.

The choices are as follows:

Set up 1 Thursday 13 August 10.30am – 5.00pm
Set up 2 Thursday 13 August 2.00pm – 8.30pm
Session 1 Friday 14 August 10.00am – 4.30pm
Session 2 Friday 14 August 5.00pm – 11.30pm
Session 3 Saturday 15 August 10.00am – 4.30pm
Session 4 Saturday 15 August 5.00pm – 11.30pm
Pack Down Sunday 16 August 9.00am – 3.30pm


If you have any queries about the registration process or your volunteer experience please contact Cath Lyders our Volunteer’s Manager at

If you hold a Duty Manager Licence and would like to work at Beervana in a paid position, please contact Debra Dufty at



Beervana would not be possible without the support of our Event Partners.

Event Partners for 2015's Beervana will be added here soon.



100% Kiwi owned and operated, Liquorland launched in 1981 with 18 stores and has grown to over 85 nationwide. As a franchise-operated business, Liquorland owners share their own specific local knowledge with a focus on customer service, and an emphasis on being involved in the local community.

Liquorland offers regular fantastic promotions, a friendly, welcoming environment, and a passionate, knowledgeable team on hand to help with buying decisions for all its customers. Liquorland prides itself for offering customers all the help and advice they need.

Another big plus for customers is the opportunity to earn Fly Buys points. And with Liquorland being a participant in the Fly Buys rewards programme, customers can also enjoy redeeming points for liquor rewards, always a popular choice.



At Black Rock we are passionate about beer and helping you to craft beers you want to drink.

Black Rock brewing malt is made using the very finest high quality brewing ingredients sourced from New Zealand.

We are proud bring back the Black Rock Home Brew Competition to Beervana 2015.

The Black Rock Home Brew Competition gives aspiring brewers the chance to have their brews judged by Black Rock Master Brewer Kirsten Taylor and a team of judges and we look forward to tasting all (most) of the different entries this year.

Absolutely Positively Wellington

Absolutely Positively Wellington


Wellington City Council provides services and manages facilities for all Wellingtonians - everything from maintaining infrastructure to running public services such as  libraries and sports grounds, and organising and supporting city and community events.

We want to ensure the economic growth of Wellington, by making our city a great place to live, work, visit and do business.

WCC is proud to support Beervana.

New Zealand Hops

New Zealand Hops

New Zealand Hops in association with Beervana is proud to sponsor the Battle of the Brewers lunch at Logan Brown.

Three award winning Portland brewers, and three Wellington brewers will go head to head.

Which beer will be crowned the winner? That’s for you to judge!



If you have any queries about the event or would like to request images please contact Anna Calver at



Trade Show

The Beervana Trade Show is about gathering everyone in the Craft Beer industry: from brewers, restaurants and bars to retailers, distributors and media into one room. It is a fast paced and dynamic way to make connections all across the industry, with the aim of increasing trade for New Zealand brewers both here and in Australia.

The Beervana Trade Show is part of the ANZ Beervana Business Afternoon

2.00-4.00pm on Thursday 13 August
Mezzanine Lounge of Westpac Stadium.

Craft beer tastings will be on offer during the afternoon.

To attend, please visit the Beervana website and complete the registration form.


Contact us

If you want to get in touch please email Beth at or call her on +64226578897




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