Beervana Road to Beervana

Get ready to Blow Your Mind at Beervana

Craft beer, or “Beer” as it is known in Wellington, is now mainstream and there’s no better place to ride the frothy wave than at New Zealand’s biggest and most popular beer festival. Beer is no longer just a backyard BBQ brew, we now brew from Whangarei to Invercargill, with lemongrass, lychees and Brettanomyces and we bring it together in one big Beer hug right here in Wellington every August.

Held at Sky Stadium over two days Beervana is most certainly a thirst quencher and with the amount of a visual and interactive activity happening all over the concourse, it’s also a feast for the eyes.  From outrageous brewery displays to silent discos, colourful beer cocktails to cheeseburger spring rolls it’s Willy Wonka Factory for beer lovers.

Beervana is all about discovery and collaboration – interactive themed bars, innovative collaborations, all paired with damn good food. It’s the best way to discover everything that is wonderful about good beer all in one place.

Held at Sky Stadium over two days, Beervana brings together the country’s congregation of craft beer enthusiasts to taste, reflect on and explore the hoppy drop in all its glory.


3.9% and under$2$6
4% - 5.9%$3$7
6% - 7.9%$4$8.50
8% - 9.9%$5$9.50
+10 ABV$6NA

Beervana is proudly presented by

SESSION 1 Friday 13th August 11am - 4pm

SESSION 2 Friday 13th August6pm - 11pm

SESSION 3 Saturday 14th August11am - 4pm

SESSION 4 Saturday 14th August6pm - 11pm