Beervana Road to Beervana

Jump on the Road to Beervana this August! New Zealand's biggest and all-inclusive beer week. There'll be tastings, dinners, takeovers and loads more unique ex-beer-iences. All roads lead to New Zealand's national beer event, Beervana, in Wellington. 

Kate Paterson

I am super excited to work along-side New Zealand's booming beer scene and what better way to celebrate with a ten day national celebration of all things New Zealand beer!

The north and south island extension of the program this year is a brilliant edition to the two day extravaganza that is Beervana. It begins the week prior to Beervana and showcases attending brewers travelling from the North and the South Islands to attend the event. Leaving in convoy from their region of origin and driving to adjoining provinces see them collect fellow attending brewers along the road, whilst visiting key good beer venues to host "pop" up events during their visit. Arriving in Wellington on the Wednesday, we will welcome them with open arms as we all prepare to host more events, more fun and more beers.

Anyone is welcome to join in on the trip, support your locals brewers and venues and visit some old and new faces along the way. 

Look out for the July bumper edition of SOBA's The Pursuit of Hoppiness to grab your copy of the Road to Beervana festival guide. 

See you on the road. 

Kate Paterson| Manager | Beervana

Scott Taylor

This is the 2nd year I’ve been involved with the Road to Beervana.  A couple of years ago I was driving down from Auckland with a truck load of beer and gear on the way to Beervana to pour our Deep Creek beers. I did a couple of events on the way down, one with a friend Mac from another brewery, and thought how much fun it would be to do this with more brewery buddies every year!   I thought should be an actual ROAD TO BEERVANA, where the Breweries journey together to the amazing experience that is Beervana.

 Beervana has always been one of the pinnacles of the Craft Beer calendar, and we thought we’d try to bring a small slice of Beervana to towns on the way to Wellington.  If we’re passing through your town, come to one of the events and say hi!  I’d love to have a beer with you and introduce you to the new fun things we’re brewing at Deep Creek. 

Hope to see you soon! 

Scott Taylor| Travelling Beer Salesman | Deep Creek Brewing Co. 

Michael Donaldson

By some standards, I’m a relative newbie to Beervana – attending for the first time in 2011. By other’s standards, I’m a veteran. But every time I go to Beervana it feels like the first time – and you can’t say that about too many things in life.

Keeping an annual festival fresh is not an easy job but one of the reasons Beervana feels new all the time is the nature of the industry – it’s evolving so fast that a year between drinks at the Caketin means a whole raft of new beers, new styles even, new breweries to discover; discovering the way breweries develop.

But the real joy of Beervana is meeting people as you loop around the concourse, or wander the streets of Wellington between or after sessions – bumping into old friends, making new ones, bonding with strangers over a remarkable bit of fermentation; that’s what Beervana is all about to me.

And the whole feel of walking the concourse has been developed into the Road to Beervana, a way to bring the Caketin vibe to the rest of the country in the build-up to Beervana.

Where ever you are, there’s a chance to get out, meet some brewers and other like-minded beer people, and try something new as the travelling caravan of beer love passes through.

And then there’s the week in Wellington itself – a chance to take a holiday based around beer. So get in quick, circle the events you want and book your tickets.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Pursuit of Hoppiness and the Road to Beervana content we’ve pulled together. It’s great be to be part of the journey.

Oh, and if you bump into me in Wellington – stop and say gidday, I’m always happy to talk about beer!

Michael Donaldson |Editor | Pursuit of Hoppiness