Beervana Road to Beervana

Choice Bros.


62 Ghuznee St
Te Aro

HAZY COSMIC JIVE 7.2% 40 IBU Sick as Haze Juice Our most popular beer, this is a NEIPA collaboration with McLeods Brewery. Pouring on NITRO for the first time ever!
SHAKE IT! 7.1% 40 IBU Chocolate Milkshake This Chocolate & Vanilla Milkshake Stout is a lush collaboration with Heyday Beer Co. Pouring on NITRO!
NAKED IN THE DARK 5.5% 30 IBU Fruit Smoothie Blueberry & Blackberry Smoothie Nitro Sour... fuck yeah. A sexy collaboration with Maiden Brewing Co. Pouring on NITRO!
UNICORN 4.5% 30 IBU Unicorn Rainbow Dust A collaboration with Froth Technologies - NZ's first dedicated brewing yeast lab. Showcasing their 'Unicorn' Wit strain brewed with Egyptian Chamomile, Indian Coriander and local orange juice. All NZ Yeast, Malt and Hops. Ride the white pony, baby!
I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS 6.5% 55 IBU Love Juice We have been brewing this since way before Trump and all those other Trump beers. We are OG Afraid of Americans*. Our American West Coast IPA. (*Disclaimer* We are only afraid of the bad ones).
STRUNG OUT ON LASERS 3.4% 14 IBU Neon Discothèque A Raspberry & Lime Gosé with Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. A classic Choice Bros beer - how could we not pour it!