Beervana Road to Beervana

Wilderness Brewing



Brombees 7.5% 20 IBU Mixed Ferm Red Ale with Blackberries Funky mixed ferment red ale aged for over a year before spending time on blackberries. Finished with a light dose of horopito.
Polycephaly 7.2% 30 IBU DDH NEIPA New England style IPA showcasing neo-mexicanus varieties fermented out with multiple farmhouse/hazy yeast strains.
Dark Rift 7.6% 20 IBU Bourbon Dark Sour Bourbon barrel aged dark sour - mixed ferment (brett + lacto), finished on boysenberries.
Golden Bounty 5.2% 10 IBU Peach + Nectarine Sour Mixed ferment pale sour (brett + lacto) aged on 400g/L of nectarines and multiple peach varieties.
Vieux Nouveau 4.8% 30 IBU Hoppy Saison Pale saison fermented out with multiple farmhouse yeast strains and hopped with new world hop varieties.
Maple like Jagger 9.8% 50 IBU Imperial Milk Stout Bourbon aged imperial milk stout with jaggery sugar, maple syrup and lactose. Served as a two-part pour with a maple peanut foam.
Dragon Pit 4.3% 5 IBU Apricot Gose In semi-traditional fashion, this gose was soured with lactobacillus and fermented out with a clean ale yeast. In secondary, the beer spent 4 months on 200g/L of apricots from the Waitaki valley along with a healthy dose of Brettanomyces. The name of the beer was inspired by the history of the Waitaki Valley, where several places were named ‘Ruataniwha’ or ‘Dragon Pit’.