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Heyday Beer Co


264a Cuba St, Te Aro

Dahilia 5% Mexican Lager Inspired by the flavours of Mexico and designed to pair with the Harraways Harr-os Mexican Salsa Oat Bites. A very light amber colour using Gladfield Light lager, malted maize and Supernova malts. The hop bitterness is assertive and super drinkable. You should drink this on the beach with a wedge of lime and a bag of spicy oat bites.
Cassia 7% Thai Saison Inspired by the flavours of Thailand and designed to pair with the Harraways Harr-os Thai Sweet Chilli Pumpkin Oat Bites. With premium light pilsner malt & a subtle touch of rye. Lime leaves, toasted coriander, fresh Thai basil and the experimental hop #07270 added into the whirlpool. In secondary post fermentation, toasted coconut threads, fresh squeezed lime juice and Sorachi Ace hops were added. There is a lot going on with this beer but everything is in its place.
Saffron 6% IPA Inspired by the flavours of India and designed to pair with Harraways Harr-os Indian Spice Oat Bites. A traditional IPA until the addition of toasted coriander, fresh curry leaves and turmeric to the whirlpool along with Bavaria Mandarina Hops. Dry hopped with US Cascade and Citra hops.
Underwater City 6.5% Cola Stout Inspired by the Black Russian; a classic cocktail featuring coffee liqueur, vodka and cola. Built w/ these flavours in mind & teaming up with Six Barrel Soda & their delicious Cola Six Syrup. The special blend of dark malts adds rich chocolate & roasted coffee notes. It hits all the right notes for a perfect winter warmer.
Dynasty 4.5% Yuzu Citra Sour Dynasty is a juicy, crisp and tart beverage. The yuzu and Citra dry hop join forces to create a beautiful explosion of refreshing citrus notes.
New Wave 6.5% NE IPA The fifth in our 'wave series' of NE IPA's is 'New Wave' featuring Amarillo and experimental hop blend Falconers flight which offers lemon and light citrus tastes. We have kept out the lactose on this one making it slightly dryer than our usual hazy.