Beervana Road to Beervana

Heyday Beer Co


264a Cuba St, Te Aro

Dahilia Mexican Lager The beer will feature malted maize, a subtle touch of amber specialty malt, and North American hops. Inspired by Harr-O's oat snack: Mexican Salsa (description will change when finalised)
Cassia Thai Saison Thai Basil, fresh Lime and Toasted Coconut. There are some new hop varieties that produce interesting tropical coconut flavors, If I can acquire some I will use them in the beer as well. Inspired by Harr-O's oat snack: Thai Spice Pumpkin (description will change when finalised)
Saffron IPA The beer will be a straight up dry, and fairly bitter, and aromatic WCIPA base with the twist being turmeric, and also curry leaves (not curry powder a very different flavor) I want the beer to be a light golden saffron color. I may use a very small amount of yellow food colouring to achieve the result that I am after. As too much turmeric will overpower the beer. This beer is inpired by Harr-Os oat snack: Indian Spice (description will change when finalised)
Underwater City Cola Stout Inspired by the Black Russian; a classic cocktail featuring coffee liqueur, vodka and cola. Built w/ these flavours in mind & teaming up with Six Barrel Soda & their delicious Cola Six Syrup. The special blend of dark malts adds rich chocolate & roasted coffee notes. It hits all the right notes for a perfect winter warmer.
Dynasty Yuzu Citra Sour TBC