Beervana Road to Beervana

Misfit Brewing Co.


1 Grange Road
Mount Eden

WARHOL 5.1% Pilsner Here’s to Andy Warhol; a pop art pioneer who was prolific in taking what’s familiar and re-stylising it in his own unique and unapologetic style, destroying the borders between high art and popular culture. This beer’s a nod to him, with our re-created version of your classic Pilsner. Malt: Pilsner, Sour Grapes. Hops: Kohatu, Wakatu
BASQUIAT 6% NZ IPA Here’s to Jean-Michel Basquiat; a rare example of how an 80s graffiti based and counter-cultural practice could become a fully recognized and critically embraced artistic phenomenon. The punchy tropical and citrus fruit notes, paired against a nice toasty character, makes this NZ IPA our homage to the subtle complexities of his work. Malt: American Ale, Vienna , Gladiator, Sour Grapes. Hops: Southern Cross, Kohatu, Wakatu, Taiheke
HARING 6% White IPA Here’s to Keith Haring; a cultural icon whose artistic stylings combined playful illustrations with poignant and controversial cultural commentary. A true master in blending unfamiliar territories, his work depicted how serious issues can be lively, with fresh colour and vivid imagery. This White IPA is a fitting tribute to his legacy; blending the citrus and tropical notes of an IPA, with the refreshing and spicy presence of the Belgian Wit. Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Munich, Sour Grapes. Hops: Kohatu, Taiheke, NZ Chinook.