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Fierce Beer (Scotland)


irkhill Industrial Estate, Units 49 Howe Moss Ave, Dyce

Peachy Fuzz 5% New Engand IPA This New England style IPA has a classic low bitterness and a full velvety mouthfeel. We stuck to a classic malt bill with loads of flaked oats rammed in whirlpool hops for a fruity flavour. We used a London Ale yeast strain and packed in a stupid amount of dry hops and a wee bit of peach puree.
Heavy on the Bourbon 9% Barrel Aged Wee Heavy Style: Wee Heavy / Strong Ale. With our friends at Fallen Brewing, we decided to make this big Scottish hug of a beer and just in time for St. Andrews Day! Heavy on The Bourbon is a 9% ABV Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy, smooth, silky and warming to keep you cosy in the winter months!
Very Big Moose 12% 25 IBU Imperial Chocolate Stout This is the original Very Big Moose Imperial Stout, a beer that has won many global beer awards. Huge cacao and vanilla with a touch of cinnamon. Viscous, warming and altogether pretty amazing! Moose don’t get much better than this.
Cafe Racer 6.5% 25 IBU Coffee Vanilla Porter Café Racer is a dark roasted coffee and vanilla porter with a hint of danger. A nod to the speed-crazed bikers who risked life and limb to race from one greasy spoon café to the next – dark as your favourite leathers, smooth as a Triumph Bonneville and crazy as going ton-up and heading for the hairpin.
Very Berry 4.5% 10 IBU Sour Ale w/ Berries A tart ale packed with a super group of seasonal berries. With sweet notes of raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant that balance off a puckering sour punch, this is a beer with the ROAR levels turned up to 11, so let’s get jammin’!
Cranachan Killer 5.5% 25 IBU Raspberry and Toasted Oatmeal Pale Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert made from raspberries, honey, toasted oats and cream. We love it. So, we made an oatmeal pale ale and smashed it with enough local berries to feed a clan of hungry Highlanders.
Late Shift 6.5% 21.1 IBU Juicy IPA What we wanted from this IPA was something really smooth. To our soft water profile, we added late hops for flavour and aroma and left bitterness back home watching TV. Smooth as your favourite DJ effortlessly mixing beats during the late-night set.
Bear Essentials 13% Fruity Barley Wine This is a BIG beer. An English style Barley Wine that has had truckloads of raspberries and a touch of vanilla added and then has been lightly oaked. Fruity and smooth but with a sturdy malt backbone. A big beery Bosie (Welsh: Cwtch; English: Hug).
Epicly Fiercely Intolerant 12% Imperial Stout COLLABORATION WITH EPIC BEER. The beer is a big delicious smooth round sweet and roasty Imperial Stout with a deceivingly hidden 12% abv. You should probably take your time with this one, but it is just a little too easy to drink