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American Brown Ale 5.2% 40 IBU American Brown Ale This dark brown beer has subtle chocolate and roast malt aroma with a delicious piney and slightly citrusy dry-hopped nose. A medium-dry finish provides an aftertaste having a balance of both malt and hops. In the dry-hopping process, we have used American Columbus cryo-hops that are twice as concentrated and reduce waste compared to hop pellets. This is an exception to our philosophy of using NZ hops, however, the decision comes from our sustainable values.
Black Lager 4.4% 44 IBU Black Lager Deep ruby tones bean from this Black Lager like a mystical dark orb. Rich chocolate aroma combines with subtle fruity notes born from a New Zealand dry hop addition. Intriguingly smooth and mid dry balance finishes to lingering roasted malts.
IPA 5.8% 48 IBU IPA We have tried something different with this IPA. We worked with NZ Hops Ltd and used a new trial hop for late and dry hopping. If you were lucky you will have tried this beer in our small batch fermenTEST tap range. Our IPA has great malt body and the hopping with the hop trial creates a wonderfully vibrant beer. The IPA style is the perfect beer for this hop to be the star of the show, displaying high levels of tropical fruit character including passionfruit, stone fruits and citrus.
KPA 4.8% 38 IBU Kiwi Pale Ale An easy-drinking, accessible Pale Ale that is a great beer for all occasions. This KPA has an awesome balance between the 100% Pale Ale Malt and hops, having just the right amount of bittering to give good drinkability. Late and dry-hopped with Taiheke, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops.
Cider 5% Apple Cider Made from 100% New Zealand apple juice. Slow-fermented at a coolish temperature to accentuate the fruity aromatics. Full of character with a light tartness and a dry finish. Pale in colour and cloudy.
Czech Pilsner 5.2% 40 IBU Czech Pilsner A rich golden Czech-style Pilsner. An extended cold maturation produces a clean mellow finish. NZ Willamette hops add a traditional hop character to the bready malt aroma. Complex yet nonchalant and refreshing.