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Brew Moon Brewing Co.


12 Markham St,
phone 0223137484

Foggy Shores 7% New England North America: Another hazy, juicy East Coast-style IPA. Citrus and tropical hop flavours are created through Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo, with huge fruity aromatics and a gentle, balancing bitterness.
The Mad Monk 9% Russian Europe: A Russian Imperial Stout that has spent the last 6 months in French Pinot Noir barrels. The oak-aged Stout has developed a savoury complexity but is still big and bold.
Growler 8% Ice Beer Antarctica: Growler is (amongst other things) defined as a small iceberg. Which seemed a fitting name for this Brown Ale which has been intentionally frozen to extract about 50% of the liquid. This results in a brew which has twice the flavour concentration and alcohol of the Brown Ale from which it came.
Deepest Darkest 7.5% Chocolate Milk Africa: Whilst Africa has pioneered a few beer styles itself, the focus and inspiration of this beer is the delicious cacao bean that comes from Africas west coast. Cacao nibs have been added to this Milk Stout after fermentation, giving silky, sweet, chocolatey flavours.
Sendai Sunrise 4.5% Japanese Asia: The easy-drinker of the bunch. A dry Japanese Lager accompanied with Lemondrop hops from the US, giving a clean, crisp, dry finish.
Antipodean 5.5% Australasia: A hoppy, fruity Pale Ale brewed with NZ grown Hort 4337, and Australian grown Galaxy hops. Citrus and tropical fruit flavours and bursting with hop aromatics.