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Epic Brewing Company


2/230B Neilson Street
021 462 337

Epic Hop Zombie 8.5% 90 IBU Double IPA Passionfruit, ripe mango, pink guava, very pale colour.
Epic Tank Sample 6.6% 25 IBU Hazy It's hazy, it's juicy. Very low bitterness and with the use of the cryo Citra hops it has a wonderful citrus twist to the flavour
Epic Thunder 5.8% 35 IBU APA The flavour is driven by the subtropical fruits (including passionfruit & mango) from the Mosaic hops. There is a fun level of dankness. Massive hop flavour is matched to a subtle level of bitterness,
Epic Gin Boss 6.2% 40 IBU International The aroma is a bit of a surprise as it isn’t punchy with tropical fruity hops as it hasn’t been dry hopped at all. It’s fresh, bright and zesty. The Madarina hops have a wonderful orangey citrus note, like mandarins, which are complemented with the intensity of Cardamom, and the earthy resinous backbone of the Juniper.
Epic IPA On A Stick 6.7% 35 IBU West Coast IPA
Epically Fiercely Intolerant 12% 30 IBU Imperial Stout
Epic XXL 14% 120 IBU Triple IPA
Epic Shotgun 4.8% 21 IBU Extra Pale Ale This beer is just so beautiful with its perfumy citrus blossom aroma and the zingy light body with a kiss of citrus hops delivered by the Citra and Amarillo hops.