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Tinker Tailor


18a Ulric St, Plimmerton,
021 1209944

Orange Chocolate Stout 5.3% Stout Tinker's rolled out the red carpet for this one. Our Stout's soft chocolate centre has been infused with orange zest to create a surprising velvety blend. A winter warmer worthy of an Academy Award.
Big Juicy IPA 6.3% IPA Tinker’s dreaming of hazy, east coast summer days. Our IPA’s tropical heart just got even more intense with this big, bright juicy cocktail. An unfiltered, unrivalled hit of peaches and apricot. A fruity, fresh flavour bomb
IPA 6.4% IPA Our Indian Pale Ale is tailored true-to-style. Bold, tropical hop flavours of mango, strawberry and nectarine perfectly balance fragrances of pine and papaya. Refined and refreshing.
Stout 5.1% Stout Our Stout is tailored true-to-style. Indulge yourself with roasted chocolate malt and notes of creamy mocha, blended with a toffee sweetness. Deep, dark and decadent.
Sour Ale 5.5% Sour Ale Our Sour Ale is tailored true-to-style. A delicate acidity, trademark tang, and a hint of strawberry produce layers of flavour to tempt the tastebuds. Refreshing and invigorating.
American Brown Ale 6% American Brown Ale Our American Brown Ale is tailored true-to-style. Discover a delicious blend of big malt flavours, golden caramel and a hint of buttery chocolate. Smooth, subtle and satisfying.
Salted Caramel American Brown Ale 5.7% American Brown Ale Tinker’s travelled the earth to bring you this tasty brew. Our American Brown Ale has been sprinkled with the finest Himalayan rock salt to discover an unrivalled balance of sweetness and saltiness. A comforting concoction.
Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale 5.9% Sour Tinker’s raided the fruit bowl for this flavoursome number. Our Sour Ale’s been enhanced with strawberries and rosy rhubarb for a thirst-quencher that’s clean and tart yet bursting with sweet notes. Crisp and fruity with a tangy twist.