Beervana Road to Beervana

Southpaw Brewing Company


PO Box 18882
New Brighton

Uncle Charlie 5.9% 55 IBU APA Uncle Charlie APA is a full-on hop packed American Style Pale Ale. Bursting with juicy tropical fruit flavours, citrus and pine aromas and punchy upfront bitterness all from a combination of classic US and NZ hops. The bouquet of hops is complemented by a full malt backbone and delicate sweetness to balance the plethora of flavours and bitterness. Uncle Charlie looks as good as it tastes with a bright copper colour and a thick white head. The beer is really bursting with a mix of tropical and stone fruits while maintaining great drinkability, a great example of what happens when US and NZ flavours collide
Riding Pine 5.5% 55 IBU Red IPA Riding Pine Red IPA is rich in malt complexity and balance with spicy, piney hop flavours. It has a deep zestful aroma from a combination of US and NZ hop varieties, and a rounded bitterness to accentuate the full bready, toasty malt sweetness.
Say Hey Kid 6.5% 65 IBU IPA BEERVANA SPECIAL - POURED THROUGH NZ WHOLE CONE HOPS. A classic West Coast style IPA with an NZ hop twist. A pale bright appearance with the zesty aroma of citrus. Full-on hop flavour of grapefruit and lime with a punchy bitterness that you’d expect from an IPA
Sweet Science #4 5.2% 20 IBU Stout BEERVANA SPECIAL - PULLED THROUGH COFFEE BEANS ON NITRO. Sweet Science is a sweet-style stout that focusses on roasted malts combined with rich sweetness from lactose and crystal malts. It's full, drinkable sweet and pulled through coffee beans on nitro.
Green Tea and Jasmine Lager 4.5% 25 IBU Lager A Beervana-twist on our classic Lager now blended with green tea and jasmine. Due to its popularity at Beervana 2017, it's back!
Wonderboy 4.5% 5 IBU Rhubarb and Strawberry Sour A tart kettle-soured beer brewed with NZ strawberries and rhubarb. A blend of fruit sweetness and zesty sourness. Pink.
Matchmaker 6.3% English American IPA An English style IPA made with a blend of English and American hops. Rich malt character and sweetness from British crystal malts, herby bitterness from classic English hops, with a zesty citrus aroma from new varietal American hops.
Shake Down 4% NZ Pale Ale Shake Down pale ale is a 100% New Zealand ingredient easy drinking pale ale. It showcases some classic New Zealand hop flavours in a bright new light. At only 4% it remains full and drinkable, packed with fresh flavour of melon and pear from classic NZ green bullet and wakatu hops. Refreshing and delicious!