Beervana Road to Beervana

Tuatara Brewery


7 Sheffield Street Paraparaumu
Kapiti Coast

Pilsner 5% 44 IBU Pilsner Taste: Crisp, firm bodied with notes of citrus and grass. Good hop bitterness and refreshingly dry finish. Aroma: Light aroma of citrus and malt. Look: Golden straw colour
IPA 6.1% IPA LOOK: Bright golden. AROMA: Layers of citrus from the fruit-forward hops. TASTE: Very fruity flavours of citrus, tropical and stone fruits. Balanced malt base. Solid bitterness.
Hazy Pale Ale 5.5% Hazy Pale Ale LOOK: Dull golden, slightly hazy. AROMA: Tropical and citrus fruits with subtle honey malt. TASTE: A refreshing combination of mango and pineapple with a generous dose of citrus. Light bodied with honeyed malt undertones.
Roughneck 7.1% Hazy IPA LOOK: Hazy orange. AROMA: Tropical and citrus fruit marry beautifully with the subtle esters of banana and apple. TASTE: Layers of tropical (Mango, Pineapple) and Citrus (Orange) fruit coming from the big, staggered triple dry hop. Some residual sweetness and a seemingly non-existent bitterness from the judicial use of kettle hops. Creamy mouthfeel and texture.
Midnight Sun 7% Baltic Porter Hand Pull. LOOK: Deepest dark red. AROMA: Rich plum and raisin. TASTE: Lots of silky, velvety chocolate on the palate, very light coffee character. Beautifully weighted, rich, warming and embracing
Barrel Aged Dubbel 8.2% Dubbel With six different malts and house-made Belgian candy sugar, this classic Dubbel benefits from months of repose in a quiet, cool place. You’ll find the plum and raisin characters, the characteristic phenolics and the hints of dark chocolate reconciled to perfection. Rich complex malt characters, caramel sweetness with spicy phenolics, notes of dark chocolate. Barrel-Aged
Barrel-Aged Ardennes 8% Barrel-Aged Belgian Strong Golden Ale Tuatara Ardennes is a strong, Belgian-identified ale. We've named it after the Ardennes yeast that gives it all those citrus characters and strong spicy orange notes. Barrel-Aged Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Sheffield Street Collective 9.6% Quad A Colab between Duncan's Brewery & using Dark Horse Coffee (Kapiti Coast) post-fermentation, this is a Belgian Quad that has complimentary coffee notes to go with its malty richness and spicy esters.
Dry Hopped Whiskey Sour 5% Sour The classic whiskey sour cocktail uses just enough lemon to take the hit out of the whiskey, and just enough sugar to take the edge off the lemon. The use of egg white softens and blends the lemon flavour to create a silky texture on the tongue. Appreciators vs connoisseurs, we decided to experiment with a kettle sour base to build our own take on this American original. We dabbled with some of the good stuff as well as some oak barrel chips for an authentically spirit-ual experience!