Beervana Road to Beervana

Harrington's Breweries

6 Tenahaun Pl
phone +64272187421

Rouge Hop 5% NZ Pilsner This NZ Pilsner comes alive when our enthusiastic brewers unleash the 'rouge hop' into the kettle; cutting loose gooseberry flavors and a squeaky clean finish that's as fresh as a dip at the Waimak' Gorge.
Spartacuz 6.5% Rye IPA Blood, sweat and oily chests. This beer doesn't taste like any of that, bro. The Gladiator malt sweetness balances out the dark spiciness of the rye malts for maximus flavour. The Nelson Sauvin hops gives the USA cascade hop oil a Kiwi twist to produce a chocolate malt and piney citrus taste bud uprising that will storm your oral coliseum. We believe that after your first sip... you may cry, "This is Sparta"... ay, cuz.
Fermentist KPA 4.8% 35 IBU Kiwi Pale Ale An easy-drinking, accessible Pale Ale that is a great beer for all occasions. This KPA has an awesome balance between the 100% Pale Ale Malt and hops, having just the right amount of bittering to give good drinkability. Late and dry-hopped with Taiheke, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops.
Fermentist Cider 5% Apple Cider Made from 100% New Zealand apple juice. Slow-fermented at a coolish temperature to accentuate the fruity aromatics. Full of character with a light tartness and a dry finish. Pale in colour and cloudy.