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Pit Boss 7% 15.5 IBU Smoked Dopplebok In Franconia, they practise a very old tradition of producing malt by roasting barley over open wood fires. The resulting beers are smoky, sweet and bready with aromas and flavours that sometimes resemble the slow-smoked meats produced at our brewery restaurant The Salt and Wood Collective. We took a couple of hundred kilograms of malt and smoked it in the Salt and Wood smoker over a manuka wood fire and then brewed beer with it.
Rhum Visitation 10.7% 30 IBU Belgian Strong Ale In the French-speaking islands of the Caribbean they distil sugar cane juice to make Rhum; as opposed to the English speaking islands which distil Rum from molasses. We take our already rummy and rich Visitation Quadruple and age it over Rhumoak, resulting in the decadent treat that you are holding in your hand right now.
Beach Hoist 6.5% 27.5 IBU West Coast IPA Our American style India Pale Ale started out as a collaboration with a legendary brewer from Oregon in the North West United States. We took the American IPA style and substituted American varieties of hops for New Zealand grown ones. We have tweaked the recipe and made it our own. The result is fruity, and resinous with a smooth malt backbone and a lingering bitter finish.
Petit Luna 2.5% 2.7 IBU Saison Just because something is small doesn't mean it won't pack a punch. The little, delicate, dried flowers of the hibiscus plant are a case in point as they lend a pungent, fruity character, and deep pink colour when added to the beer. The same can be said of Petit Luna. Hibiscus, kaffir lime, spicy Belgian yeast, and lactic tartness all brew up to a big refreshing blast of flavour fired by a light, low alcohol beer.
Double Iron 7.5% 26.4 IBU Saison A strong mature version of Iron Sands Oat Rye Stout. Originally brewed for the NZ Stout Challenge in Christchurch. A classic winter warmer.
ESB 4.7% 23.9 IBU Extra Special Bitter Our Extra Special Bitter takes the classic malty, fruity London style of pale ale and injects a dose of zesty locally grown hops.
Baby Grand 6% 5 IBU Flanders Red The Red Ales of Flanders are the balsamic emperors of Belgian beer. Tart, complex and deeply fruity they are the product of long slow aging in wooden barrels. Baby Grand takes inspiration from Flanders and from the Bordeaux style wines of the Hawkes Bay resulting in a tart deeply fruity complex beer aged for 18th months in French oak cabernet sauvignon barrels.
Saison de Terroir 6.5% 20 IBU Wild Saison French winemakers use the word ‘terroir’ to describe the influence of the local environment on the wines that they make. We have helped add a big dose of ‘terroir’ into this beer by taking our Saison and re-fermenting it in barrels with a blend of wild yeasts from Waikanae. The result is tangy, lightly tart and extremely fruity.