Beervana Road to Beervana

Panhead Custom Ales


Unit 21 South Pacific Industrial Park 27 Blenheim Street
Upper Hutt
0800 726 432

Lube Nube 6.7% IPA The heady stench of Simcoe, Mosaic and Sabro flare the nostrils and prime your tongue for the onslaught of tropical fruit and eyeball popping, tongue wrenching bitterness, approach always with caution and or gas money.
Tyre Fryer 5.4% Pale Ale The hop gods spoke and the coveted Sabro was clutched. Some sacrifice animals, others build shrines, we get trackside and shred tread. Hear our primal scream, swim through the plume, search the scorched earth and behold the blown ‘Stones, the ultimate acknowledgement of our gift from above, high in the mountains of New Mexico.
Doh Nutter 4.8% Hoppy Lager Mesmerising are the centrifugal forces of asphalt artists committing circle work to their bitumen canvas. Guzzle one for these diff damaging squeally pigs, and brake and pedal jugglers, wreckless rotators scribing vehicular Venn diagrams with rear-wheel righteousness. May their tyre temps forever rise.
Motor Mouth 4.7% Watermelon Sour To all the jabber-jaws forever revved, running hot, blowing smoke out the wazoo, emitting combustible transmissions, leaving sour notes in the gizzards of the gathered. Banter bandits melting faces with real torque. Living for shock without absorption. Making ruckus til it’s time to kick buckets. Please, motor on.
Wham Bam Thank You Nam 8% Vietnamese Coffee Pours jet black with a lovely espresso crema on top. Big coffee character (What did you bloody expect?) and more subtle dark chocolate and lots of vanilla are there as well. A super-rich, creamy body helped along by Nitro, feels so good in your mouth.
Rat Rod 6.5% Hazy IPA Pouring a cloudy gold with a thick creamy head. This beer is like being smashed in the face with a bowl of fruit salad and probably contains your 5+ A Day (however, there is no scientific evidence of this).
Batch 076 Bruxellensis Brut 7% Brut IPA Pouring very pale with a spritzy effervescence (yes we know some fancy words, this is the champagne of beers after all). The finishing gravity is below 1000 which means it has no residual sugar and is very dry. Huge fruity aroma coming from both the hops and yeast. A very light mouthfeel is followed by some alcohol warmth a gentle acidity and a lingering light spice. Oo la la.