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Whistling Sisters Beer Co


100 Taranaki Street PO Box 402

Dr Gould’s Miracle Nostrum 3.9% 5 IBU Gose With the power of Oriental Ginger, sweet Galangal, Earthy Turmeric and Nourishing Carrots, this Life-giving Gose can help with: -dropsy -pleurisitical episodes -the twiggles -the galloping schlops Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar!
Mistress Oltimers Chicken Soup IPA 5.9% 30 IBU Savoury IPA All the goodness of chicken noodle soup in an IPA! Good for coughs, colds, sniffles, mumbles, mumpykins, manflu, niggles and the sads. Spicy hops and aromatic deliciousness (and real chickens). Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar!
Ri-beer-na 4.1% 5 IBU sour Smoky indigo in colour, a tasty berry bite and full of your daily dose of “vitamin C”*, this delicious beer-o-tonic will put pep in your step, vim in your vigour, and purple in your circle! A sovereign remedy for: - The lazes - Antsless pants - Couchy stuckbottoms - The No-interest-in-gettingups. Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar! * well, some anyway. Those meddling kids ruined it for everybody
Beerocca 4% 5 IBU Sour Had one too many? Plan to have two too many? This finest in physic, this formula in fixing, this salve to the soul will see you right! Full of citrusy vitamins, blood orange and lime, exotic barks and roots, this tasty goodness will soon see you right! Good for : -The galloping greenfaces -The hammering skulls -The driest of drymouths -The grumbliest of guts Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar!
Right honourable Alexander’s Oatmeal Stout 4.9% 10 IBU Oaty stout Pregnant? Don’t drink, its bad for your passenger. An adjuvant for the ages, a good stout has been known to fill the mind and the belly and the blood with great things. Strength and courage and power can all be yours! Easier to get than an iron suit or a big hammer, this is a filling, delicious, beera-vitae to reinforce the soul and keep the metal in your bones! Good for: -Boneitis -Flailing whillikers -Oldmanity Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar!
Gimmean IPA 6% 50 IBU Its an IPA! Hops! Well known to help the insomniac, the mind-too-full and the intrepid traveller, this IPA will cleanse the palate and fill it with hoppy goodness from afar. European aromatics, clean malts and familiar yeasty notes make for a beer to come back for again and again! Good for: -IPA cravings -Changing it up with an IPA -Assuaging IPA-misgivings -IPA-JUSWantins Add a stimulating snifter for a dollar!