Beervana Road to Beervana

Double Vision Brewing


Westpac Stadium

Smooth Operator 4.7% 18 IBU Cream Ale Smooth Operator Cream Ale is a 19th-century American style brew designed to keep you coming back for more, with a slight touch of whole bean vanilla and Gisborne’s finest honey. Think creamy, smooth and refreshing with a clean and zesty finish.
Red Rascal 6.3% 53 IBU Red IPA A rascal lives in us all, sometimes big, sometimes small, though sometimes dormant, never extinct. Our playful nature is something close to the core and too often forgotten. Go on, make a snowman, give it some devil horns, kick it over and make a snow angel!
Chillax 5% XPA A wise man once said, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” A Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe duo bring fruity and piny notes with a bit of zing and some mellow, light malts to match. You just need to pull up a seat, kick your feet up after a hard day and Chillax. Meet your new mini-holiday away from the Rat Race. Flavours: Light malt sweetness for the Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops to shine their zingy and fruity heads off.
Naughty Hopper 8.9% 72 IBU Double IPA Our US Hop based IIPA Packing a mouthful of resinous tropical fruit flavours, thanks to Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic hops. Get your lips around this naughty hopper if you can because it disappears… quick! These Rockstar hops are low in bitterness but high in juicy goodness. The naughtiness comes from it’s ability to sneak up on you but is endearing enough to bring home to mum. Late additions and awkward positions are what Naughty Hopper is all about!
Juicy Two Shoes 6.2% Hazy IPA She looks innocent but Juicy Two Shoes is rewriting the book on attitude. With pronounced passionfruit and citrus flavours, this hazy New England IPA is bringing the noise like Public Enemy!
Old Bird 13% 20 IBU Imperial Stout - Bourbon barrel aged
Magic Bean Stout- NITRO 5.8% 20 IBU Irish Coffee Stout Imagine the most beautiful milk stout in all the land. Now make it with enough flavour for giants: Infuse it with cacao, Flight Coffee and vanilla beans, then cross it with a kick of a Thomson Manuka White Whisky. This isn’t your fairy godmother’s homebrew. This magical tincture is our Magic Bean Stout – a treat for your palate and your belly.
Beervana Festival Beer 3.5% Forrest Berry Berliner Weisse Stay tuned!
Canna'Beer 5% 'DPA' Dank Pale Ale