Beervana Road to Beervana

Mean Doses Brewery & Fillery

130 Tory Street Te Aro

Mean Haze - Beervana Edition 7% 25 IBU Hazy IPA Ooooo, a special hazy IPA brewed especially for release at Beervana.
Mean Haze - Beervana NITRO Edition 7% 25 IBU Hazy IPA Ooooo, a special hazy IPA brewed especially for release at Beervana AND poured on nitro.
Mean Tropical IPA 6.7% 51 IBU IPA From the people who brewed you Mean Tropical Stout and the tired, hungover copywriter who brought you the notes for... Mean Tropical Stout. Comes this latest addition to the Mean Doses Tropical beer universe: MEAN TROPICAL IPA. This winter... get ready to have everything you thought you knew about Dean's beer confirmed - because if you liked it before, you'll definitely like it this time. Starring: Pineapple and Mango Flavours, Stone Fruit Undertones, and a hazy IPA brewing technique that might result in a hazy beer or might not - we just don't know yet.
Mean Red IPA 6.5% 55 IBU Hoppy Red Ale Flavour notes for this one go: “mahogany goodness with mango, melon and mandarin on the nose, and pineapple...” – ah, whatever, I don't have my reading glasses and Dean’s handwriting is hard to decipher. I think it says “raisin and pine flavours”?Hmm. I've never been good at identifying all these little fruit tastes, maybe people just make all that stuff up? I get more of a caramel thing from it. Anyway it's awesome – personally, this one is my favourite.
Mean IPA 6.7% 60 IBU IPA Because you need an IPA, don’t you? You do. I mean a brewery needs an IPA, sure, that’s just basic business sense. But you, the people, you need this too. This IPA is deep and golden, it has all kinds of citrus in it, but also with a clean, balanced bitterness. It’s like a balm for your weary soul. I have seen people cheer up, very quickly, upon tasting this IPA (true story).
Mean Porter on NITRO 5% 30 IBU Brown Porter This one is easy going (NB a porter, not a stout). It's sessionable, you've got a mild thing happening here; bittersweet, a bit chocolate-y. You could take this beer to a sick relative. You could drink responsible amounts of this while looking after other people's children. It's that kind of beer.
Mean Bassline Sessions Vol. 3 8% 40 IBU Chardonnay Barrel Aged Spiced Imperial Red Ale Collaboration with Bassline Brewing who will be pouring Vol. 2, a Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Spiced Imperial Red Ale.
Mean Velvet 9.7% 22 IBU Doppelbock Confused about doppelbocks? I get that. There are far too many varieties of craft beer these days. Well don't worry, I have your Cliff's Notes right here. A bock is defined as "a strong lager of German origin". A doppelbock is therefore two of these. A Mean Velvet is defined as "a topaz-ruby-esque beer, of complex and wonderful sweetness". Remember, when you drink this beer - which is in fact two beers - you will become mathematically twice as happy as you would have if you had drunk anyone else's beer. Science.
Mean Bounty 5.5% 20 IBU Chocolate, Coconut & Raspberry Brown Welcome aboard the HMS Mean Bounty. As you might have guessed, it's generally about the chocolate and coconut (which is possibly a fruit), and this Raspberry Horizon edition is all about the raspberry (definitely a fruit). It's yummy, it's brown, it's lighter than a stout and - wait, why are you even still reading this?