Beervana Road to Beervana

Good George


43a King Street

IPA 5.8% 49 IBU IPA Inspired by the heady, spicy lemon aroma of fresh German hops. Rich malty sweetness perfectly balanced with hoppy, mouth-coating bitterness makes this drop magically moreish.
Black IPA 6.2% 60 IBU Black IPA An IPA that is slightly black due to some roast malts used in the brew. It is double dry hopped with a healthy amount of US hops. It has a slight Roast profile on the palate with big citrus and pine notes on the Aroma. At 60 IBU’s it had a good bitterness level to give a great finish.
Mango Smoothie IPA 5.8% 30 IBU Hazy IPA
Fruits of the Forest Sour 4.5% 10 IBU Sour We soured this beer overnight in the kettle and then fermented the beer out before racking onto a 300 kg cocktail of macerated blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. Matured for two weeks to absorb all the fruit flavor and then carefully packaged into kegs with a lively carbonation. It’s a great intro into sour beers having the sourness well balanced with sweetness. Really refreshing and a full fruity flavour.
Doris Plum Cider 4.5% Cider All the GOODness of apple cider married up with locally sourced Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet & sour taste, makes this one dangerously refreshing.
Toffee Apple Cider 4.5% Cider