Beervana Road to Beervana

Brothers Beer


5 akiraho street,
Mt Eden

Mantecore 6% White IPA This beer has a delicate, bright, clean malt profile with malt and a touch of wheat - this is brewed with Southern Cross, Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin hops.
94116 5.6% Saison Brewed at our City Works Depot site, this is a true artisanal beer that is dry and quenching. Pilsner malt used to keep this beer crisp, clean and refreshing. Nelson Sauvin hops used gives this beer 'new world' white wine characteristics to show what the NZ farmhouse style can be.
Shot Bro 5.1% Coffee Stout Collaborative Coffee Stout. Back at the brewery, we set out to create the ultimate caffeine-spiked dark ale. We started with a sophisticated blend of roasted malts, then added a traditional English stout yeast. We added a dose of NZ Green Bullet Hops and freshly-ground Atomic Veloce Coffee. The resulting beer has nutty, bittersweet, caramel flavours, and a luxurious mouthfeel of fruity espresso cream.
Hazy IPA 8.5% Hazy IPA We neither added flour, fruit pectin or lactose nor skipped fining process to come this hazy IPA. This beer is a combination of stone fruits and grapefruit flavours and aromas with a punchy and piney hoppiness that has resulted in this super juicy Hazy IPA.
Double IPA 8.2% IPA We really double the IPA flavours with lots and lots of noble US Hops - Citra, Sabro and Loral. It shows through with really punchy hoppiness with distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit and stone fruit aromas and hints of cedar, mint and cream.
Isle Of Dogs Porter 5.6% Porter During these cooler, darker days and night the only thing to look forward to is a perfectly brewed London Porter. Our London Porter - Isle of Dogs, has been brewed to be light to dark brown in colour with ruby highlights, balanced with nine specialty malts that present a mild level of roasty notes and features bitter chocolate, toffee and caramel characters.
Piha Strawberry Wheat 4.9% Wheat Ale We have packed this 100% wheat beer with 40kg of Strawberries into the brew - This has resulted in a nice well-balanced wheat beer with a refreshing sweetness of the Strawberries.
Piha Beer Salt Water Gose 4.3% Gose Tart, refreshing and just a little salty, like licking your lips after your first mean bomb off the rocks. Our Salt Water Gose is perfect as you stretch out after a hard day’s relaxing.