Beervana Road to Beervana

Epic are building on their tagline 'it just tastes bigger' by going straight for the jugular and are brewing beers that are just bigger, full stop.

Epic's 10th birthday saw the 10.1% barley wine and last years Road to Beervana had people seeing more than double with the 11.1% triple alpha. Epic's latest bigger beer was the 13th birthday 'Thirteen' coming in at, you guessed it, 15%.

This year Luke and the gang have continued to go big, with the release of XXL at Moon. This time the new IPA is coming in at a modest 14% and we'll be celebrating that by making Moon's biggest ever pizzas and compiling a playlist with some of the longest songs ever recorded (if you have been longing for a beer and a pizza while listening to NOFX's The Decline then this is your chance).

DATE: Thursday 8th August TIME: 4-9pm

Thu 8 August 4:00pm-9:00pm

Moon 1

167 Riddiford Street

Epic XXL 14% IPA Epic's new blockbuster IPA