Beervana Road to Beervana

Sweet Axe Throwing co and Waitoa social club have collaborated and have 3 New beers being released! AxePA, AXEcaliber double IPA and blAXE smoked stout.

We want to give you the opportunity to try these fine limited edition ales so with every group session at Sweet Axe throwing co. we will be awarding the winner a food and beverage certificate to be cashed in at Hop Garden, where you can concur your hunger and quench your well deserved thirst!

You'll be able to find these fine brews at the Waitoa social club and at the Hop Garden bar conveniently located 50m away from Sweet axe!

From Saturday 3rd to Monday 12th August

WHERE: The Hop Garden, 13 Pirie st, Mt Victoria, Wellington Waitoa Social Club, 32 Waitoa Rd, Hataitai, Wellington Sweet Axe, 58 Kent terrace, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Sat 3 August 10:00am-Late
Sun 4 August 10:00am-Late
Mon 5 August 10:00am-Late
Tue 6 August 10:00am-Late
Wed 7 August 10:00am-Late
Thu 8 August 10:00am-Late
Fri 9 August 10:00am-Late
Sat 10 August 10:00am-Late
Sun 11 August 10:00am-Late
Mon 12 August 10:00am-Late

Sweet Axe Throwing Co.

58 Kent Terrace
Te Aro

AxePA apa
blAXE smoked stout