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Native Hard Sparkling


13 Hamerton St

Available beers

Lemon & Yuzu 4.6% Hard Seltzer A drier beverage with a citrus kick - leading Beervana Saturday Session 2019. Lemon & Yuzu boasts less than 1 gram of sugar and just 85 calories. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between mandarin and grapefruit.
Berry & Blackcurrant 4.6% Hard Seltzer Crafted from juicy raspberries and blackcurrants, this hard sparkling starts off a touch sweeter than Native's other flavours, yet rounds out nicely with the blackcurrants.
Apple & Feijoa 4.6% Hard Seltzer Apple & Feijoa is our most subtle-tasting Hard Sparkling - a delicate zing of Bay of Plenty feijoa rounded out by crisp Hawkes Bay apples. This Hard Sparkling is super refreshing and a great palate cleanser.
Kiwifruit & Lime 4.6% Hard Seltzer Native's Kiwifruit & Lime includes Bay of Plenty kiwifruit and has a refreshing lime twist. Light, sharp and sparkling, it is great for those looking for a bit of a citrus (lime) bite.
Peach, Mango & Passionfruit 4.6% Hard Seltzer Our newest member to the Native family - instant hit of crisp Peach, followed by the smoothness of Passionfruit and rounding out with Mango! A tropical hit from Native for summer.