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Fortune Favours Beer


7 Leeds Street
Te Aro
04-595 4092

Available beers

The Wellingtonian 6% NZIPA Designed to be light and aromatic with a minimal malt base packed with NZ hops. Wai'iti (low alpha hop - more hop and less bitterness). NZ grown Chinook hops (Punchy flavoursome hop).
The Naturalist 5.3% Unfiltered Pale Ale We all know someone who has no filter, who lets it all out in the open. The Naturalist is unfiltered, preserving a light haze and flavours of citrus, sherbet and a hint of white pepper.
The Adventurer 5% Green Bullet Pilsner For those seeking a refreshing pilsner, something more than mainstream but without getting too carried away. Perfect for a hot day on the deck. The Green Bullet hop has long been associated with one of the big boys iconic beers, this has meant it has been, mostly overlooked by craft brewers. Fortune Favours is hijacking the Green Bullet and giving you a fresh look at this hop and the greatness it holds.
The Sunchaser 4.7% Apple and Blueberry Cider Freshly crushed Pacific Rose , Fuji and Royal Gala Apples combine with juicy Blueberries. Crisp flavour with a medium finish
MMXX Smoked Imperial Stout 11% Smoked Imperial Stout Our 3rd birthday beer and the biggest % beer we've produced. Roasty and cocoa flavours and a balanced smokey finish. Filled with youthful exuberance this beer will develop more character and depth with age, so look out for the return of the Smoked Imperial in the future.
The Nutter 4.5% Peanut Slab Porter
Luckies 4.5% Pineapple, Passionfruit & Mango Seltzer
The Ravenous 6.4% Hazy IPA A big Hazy IPA perfect for anyone hungry for hops and haze! Big kettle and dry hop additions of Simcoe and Mosaic give a good dose of citrus, passionfruit, mango and resiny pine. A complex malt base backs up the hop show with a rich, smooth body with just a touch of dryness to balance things out.