Beervana Road to Beervana

Brew Moon Brewing Co.


12 Markham St,

Available beers

Sour Face 4% Feijoa Gose Feijoa is one of our favourite fruits to pair with Gose, as it brings a lovely acidity alongside delicious flavour and aroma. Like our other Gose, this is delightfully sessionable at 4% alcohol.
Caribeno 4% Makrud lime & coconut gose A very limited edition, in this Gose we have added makrud lime (otherwise known as kaffir lime) and coconut. Creamy, aromatic and tart, and likely to still contain pieces of real coconut.
Land of the Long, White, Cloudy 4.2% Hazy Pale Ale A very sessionable Hazy Pale Ale hopped with our favourite kiwi super-hop; Nectaron. Lighter and drier than our 'New England IPA's, but with much more punchy aromatics than your usual Pale Ale.
Fuzzy Cuzzy (2020) 6.3% New England IPA Our Movember Foundation charity beer. 100% of the profits from this brew get donated to the Movember Foundation, so they can continue their stellar work! As for the beer itself, its delicious, juicy NEIPA hopped with Nectaron and Citra. Heaps of tropical fruit character with some sweet mandarin.
Deepest Darkest (with raspberries) 8.5% Milk Stout Our Deepest Darkest Chocolate Milk Stout from last year, but with the addition of raspberries. Admittedly, we haven't quite finished it yet, but we imagine it will taste rich, chocolatey and silky, with some contrasting tart raspberry flavour keeping everything in balance.
Sitting Bull 7% American IPA We've done a bit of tinkering with our American IPA recipe lately, so this is something of a 'relaunch'. Lots of citrussy hop character, a big malt body, and plenty of balancing bitterness as you would expect from a West Coast IPA.