Beervana Road to Beervana

Ranger Beers


19 The Companionway, Whitby

Available beers

Rangerous 6.1% 45 IBU Extra Special Bitter Our flagship beer. A malt-forward toffee-like ale with a bit of fruitiness that adds a little sweetness to this smooth well-rounded beer.
Raptor 5.5% 65 IBU APA Introducing our interpretation of an American Pale Ale. An all American hop show with a complex flavour profile of fruit and citrus.
#100%Kiwi 6% 70 IBU NZIPA Releasing at Beervana 2020, our NEW NZ IPA. Kiwi malts from Gladfields, 7 different Kiwi hops from NZ Hops and yeast produced by a couple of Kiwi fullas from Frothtech out the Hutt. Best had after you sing the NZ national anthem :) CHUR
Style Bender 6% 20 IBU Hazy IPA This is TASTY AF. Low bitterness, tastes of tropical fruits aka apricot and mango.