Beervana Road to Beervana

Shining Peak Brewing


59 Gill St
New Plymouth

Available beers

Skunk Juice Hazy IPA 6.2% The impressive brains in the natural gas industry once came up with a genius solution to a dangerous problem. The problem? Natural gas doesn't have an odour and hazardous leaks were going undetected. The solution? Skunk Juice! What is Skunk Juice you ask? It's a pungent brew or Sulphide and Methyl Mercaptan that can be smelled almost three kilometres from its source. It pongs so bad, it once shut down the town of Stratford for a whole day! Our version of Skunk Juice harnesses a hazy chemical brew of Mosaic and Citra hops, that unlike its namesake, gives off a beautiful tropical and citrus aromas, so you'll always know when someone nearby has poured themselves a glass of Skunk Juice!
The Twins DDH IPA 6.66% The Twins Double Dry Hopped IPA - 3rd Place in the West Coast IPA Challenge at the Malthouse and Fork & Brewer 2020. Nectaron & Citra hops on a lean base.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Vintage Stout (2019) 11.0% 2019 Vintage Stout is our first release of what will become our ‘Vintage’ range of yearly Barrel Aged releases. This Imperial Stout was brewed with a ‘Reiterated’ Double Mashing schedule, in which the second mash is mixed in with high gravity Wort from the first mash. This process allows us to extract a more concentrated sweet Wort, which feeds the yeast to create a higher alcohol brew. A small addition of dextrose sugar in the fermenter added an extra hit of alcohol which gives this beer a warming balance to the oak tannins. We then decanted the beer into single-use Wild Turkey Barrels and left the beer to rest for six months. The process of Oak ageing creates a chemical reaction between the wood and the beer, in which flavour compounds such as tannins and vanillins leach into the beer, creating a rounded and complex flavour. By treating the oak barrel as an additional ‘ingredient’ we’ve been able to create this complex and rich brew that is perfect for winter nights, and will also cellar extremely well as it gains complexity with ageing.
Taranaki Amber 4.0% New Zealand Draft IBU NZ Draught Taranaki Amber is a Beer for Taranaki people, and becuase you're lucky buggers, Beervana people too. A nostalgic celebration of the classic NZ Draught style famously served in frosty handles around the country, this beer is brewed to be sessionable and smashable. Brewed with all New Zealand ingredients, and a few cheeky tricks learnt from the big boys, this is Shining Peak's 'Beer for every Bugger'.
Wire & Batten Saison 5.9% Saison The Pound of Butter. Rotary Cowsheds. Kindling Crackers. Rural Taranaki has delivered some cracking wins when it comes to Kiwi Ingenuity. Widely unknown outside of farming circles is the devilishly practical ‘Taranaki Gate’ - a simple wire and batten gate, and a classic example of the number 8 wire mentality of making the most of any materials at hand. This Saison pays homage to rural Taranaki ingenuity; brewed by pulling together a few basic ingredients to form a cracking, practical and very drinkable farmhouse ale.
Bogworks Pilsner 5.2% "Sick as, bruh" meant something different for New Plymouth's surfers back in the day. It was probably what they were telling their General Practitioner after paddling through the proverbial let go from the town's 'revolutionary' sewerage system installed in 1933. Thankfully, things have been cleaned up since then, allowing for a much more refreshing ocean experience at the surf break known as 'Bogworks', located directly outside our Brewery. A combination of clean, light malts and crisp Riwaka hops make this New Zealand Pilsner the perfect way to cap off a day catching the big ones.
Highwayman APA 5.7% In the late 19th century, Taranaki was terrorised by a bona fide highway robber called Robert Wallath. Robert was on the young side but he was enthusiastic and principled. He never took money from the working poor, just property developers and dotcom billionaires, giving him a Robin Hood reputation that probably saved his neck.
Bullock & Barge Oyster Porter 7% The year was 1852; Taranaki had three flour mills, four chapels and a handful of hotels but it had nothing to read. So a chap by the name of William Collins was sent north to Auckland to collect a brand new printing press. Collins dragged the bulky unit by Bullock to the Auckland Port, before loading the Press onto a Boat, and setting sail for New Plymouth. Arriving safely, it was put to work, printing the Taranaki Herald from 1852 to 1989 before it was given a well-deserved retirement. In the spirit of great Aucklanders arriving into Taranaki, we've brewed this Oyster Stout in collaboration with Mahurangi Oysters. A celebration of the rich marriage between Malt and Mollusc; Taranaki and Tāmaki Makaurau.