Beervana Road to Beervana



6 Morningside Drive

Available beers

Cider 4.9% Dry Cider Crisp, dry, and delicious, this refreshing drop is our signature cider - virtuously simple, yet everything you could ever want in a canned beverage.
Apple IPA 6% Hopped Cider Brewing IPA hops with a dry cider? Sounds like a good time to us. Apple IPA Cider is a burly, dry cider with a heavy dry hop, courtesy of some big NZ hop varieties - it pushes the boundaries and is made for the IPA and cider lover alike.
Taco 4.9% Dry Cider Chilli, lime coriander & Cider blended together for this boundary-pushing, surprisingly refreshing cider.
Strawberry Rose' 4.9% Sweet Cider Strawberries, cream & a hint of blackcurrant, blended with our fresh apples to make this beautiful Cider