Beervana Road to Beervana

Brothers Beer


5 Akiraho Street Auckland
Mt Eden

Available beers

Champagne Supernova 5.3% Brut The base is light coloured, dry, slightly grassy, and provides a clean flavour. Godiva brings gooseberry and tangerine flavours with a twist of dark chocolate, Saaz with noble and herbal flavours, and Hallertau Blanc imparts white wine notes. We over carbonated to get the mouthfeel of champagne and all together it is a new world brut style pilsner.
Houble Dazy 8.4% Hazy A juicy Double Hazy IPA. Using predominantly Pilsner malt we ferment using a delicious East Coast Ale yeast then go heavy with American hops Simcoe, Citra, Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus and Idaho 7 to present a beer with a ridiculous amount of fruit flavour; grapefuit, guava and stonefruit.
Double Contraband 8.7% West Coast Brandon our brewer decided to bring an old favourite back only this time we doubled down on the hop bill - with a generous dose of Citra, Sabro and Loral - to produce a big delicious Double IPA that is perfectly balanced.
Nectaron 6.9% Hazy The hazy base displays clean malty character with a slight nutty flavour and silky mouthfeel. It provides high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit as well as stone fruit (peach) and citrus (grapefruit) while gooseberries, white wine and citrus notes counter balance.
Strange Brothers Raspberry and Lemon 5.1% Raspberry and Lemon Cider Great tasting Cider with the sweet and sour of raspberry and lemon.
Dogpatch 5.4% American Pale Ale The base is cleaner and less toasted to better present hop profile. It shows melon, cedar and eucalyptus character with citrus and gooseberry notes.
Salt Water 4.7% Gose Tart, refreshing and a little salty, like licking your lips after your first mean bomb off the rocks. Our Salt Water Gose is perfect as you stretch out after a hards days relaxing.