Beervana Road to Beervana

Parrotdog Brewery


60/66 Kingsford Smith Street
Lyall Bay

Available beers

Birdseye 5.8% Hazy IPA Look: Hazy orange gold Aroma: Stone fruit, citrus, tropical Taste: Stone fruit, citrus, tropical, smooth
Bitterbitch 5.8% IPA Look: Copper Aroma: Tropical fruit, white wine Taste: Tropical fruit, white wine, toffee malt, strong bitterness
Yellowhammer 4.8% Hazy Pale Ale Look: Hazy yellow Aroma: Tropical fruit Taste: Tropical fruit, smooth oats, low bitterness
Rhys 6% Coconut Hazy IPA Look: Hazy gold Aroma: Citrus, tropical, coconut Taste: Citrus, tropical, coconut
Sheree 5.1% Feijoa Sour Look: Pale yellow Aroma: Feijoa, pineapple guava, Lactobacillus Taste: Feijoa, pineapple guava, Lactobacillus, balanced acidity
L.B. Beer Hazy Double IPA 8.1% Hazy Double IPA Look: Pale, thick Aroma: Tropical fruit, lime, cannabis Taste: Smooth mouthfeel, tropical and citrus fruit presence
L.B. Beer Raspberry Double Stout 8.2% Raspberry Double Stout Look: Dark, creamy foam Aroma: Fresh berries, light roastiness Taste: Raspberry, hazelnut, chocolate, biscuit
L.B. Beer Barrel-Aged Brett IPA 6.6% Barrel-Aged Brett IPA Look: Golden, bright Aroma: Pineapple, mango, brett Taste: Dry mouthfeel, ripe stone fruit, low tannic bitterness
L.B. Beer Flanders Red 6.5% Flanders Red Look: Dark red Aroma: Cherry, dried fruit, lactic acid, oak Taste: Sweet matliness, walnut, delicate acidity
L.B. Beer Riwaka Kolsch 5.1% Riwaka Kolsch Look: Pale gold, bright Aroma: Passionfruit, kerosene Taste: Slight malt sweetness, tropical fruit
L.B. Beer Strata Lager 4.8% Strata Lager Look: Pale gold, bright Aroma: Grapefruit, cannabis Taste: delicate maltiness, citrus
L.B. Beer Kiwifruit Berliner Weisse 3.3% Kiwifruit Berliner Weisse Look: Very pale, cloudy, highly effervescent Aroma: Ripe kiwifruit, nashi pear, lactic acid Taste: Tart green kiwifruit, soft wheat malt, gentle spice