Beervana Road to Beervana

Abandoned Brewery


Derwent Lee Grove Lower Hutt
Lower Hutt

Available beers

Wheat IPA 6.1% Wheat IPA Creamy in texture and flavour, with notes of stonefruit
IPA 6.4% IPA Our IPA uses a cocktail of New Zealand hops giving it notes of pineapple, assorted citrus fruits and a smooth but bitter finish. A small quantity of caramel-type malts gives the beer a deep golden colour and suitable balance without fighting with the hops or leaving the beer sweet.
Kolsch 4.8% Kolsch Light bodied and straw coloured, this ale is very slightly sweet on the palate with hints of esters and banana, and a smooth finish
XPA 4.2% XPA "extra pale" ale tropical and floral American hop, Lavender, low bitterness session beer.
Kettle Sour 5% Kettle Sour A very clean sour, this has very little bitterness, is tart but not too sour. Citrus and lemon peel, finishing with notes of barley
Hazy #1 6% NEIPA Pours hazy gold. Juicy sweet mango, passionfruit and tangerine. Minimal hop bitterness and pillowy mouthfeel.
Hazy #4 6.6% NEIPA Creamy on the palate, hints of coconut, and peaches and cream. Stone fruit, with a slightly resinous finish
Double Red IPA 8.6% Imperial Red IPA Toasted toffee malt combined with punchy, resinous citrus accented hops. A big aroma with a rich dark chocolate malt base.
XXPA 8.9% Imperial XPA Big, dank and dirty. This 8.9% beer drinks like a 5%er. After every sip, you'll exhale a cloud of resin.
Imperial Stout 8.5% Imperial/Double Stout A malt-focussed imperial stout. Intense roasted grain, mocha and bittersweet dark chocolate. Subtle warming alcohol.