Beervana Road to Beervana

North End Brewing Co


11 Ngaio Road

Available beers

Devils Elbow 7% Double IPA In the early 1990’s brewers on the west coast of America started to take the pale ale style and make it stronger and more heavily hopped, the result was the Double India Pale Ale style. Named for an iconic swimming hole on the Waikanae River, Devil’s Elbow takes the Double India Pale style and makes it our own using a cocktail of extravagantly fruity hop varieties from across the strait and a pale malt backbone from the Rangitikei. Fruity , Zesty , and strong be careful of where the Devil’s Elbow takes you.
Become The Ocean 5% Gose Our Gose, Become the Ocean has been a cult favourite amongst many for years. Originally named for a minor track on the magnificent post-metal album Through Silver in Blood by one of my favourite bands Neurosis, the beer’s recipe has remained almost unchanged since day one. However, we have changed our process several times in the quest to make it better. These changes have this month proved successful with BTO being judged worthy of inclusion in the Capital Magazine Top 6.
Pit Boss 7% Smoked Doppelbock Each year we collaborate with Salt and Wood to brew Pit Boss our smoked doppelbock which includes malt smoked on site over pear and manuka wood. Pit Boss is a labour of love as not only is the smoking process very hands on and messy but the beer takes 2 months to make with a long cold 6 week lagering period needed to provide harmony between the smooth rich malt profile and the earthy smoke character.
Petit Luna 2.5% Hibiscus & Lime Sour Ale Just because something is small doesn't mean it won't pack a punch. The little, delicate, dried flowers of the hibiscus plant are a case in point as they lend a pungent, fruity character, and deep pink colour when added to the beer. The same can be said of Petit Luna. Hibiscus, kaffir lime, spicy Belgian yeast, and lactic tartness all brew up to a big refreshing blast of flavour fired by a light, low alcohol beer
Rustica 6% Young Wild Ale A single barrel release from our spontaneous beer program. Each year we select one barrel of roughly one-year-old beer to be released without any fruit additions or blending. This beer is inspired by the lambic beers of Belgium and is fermented with the wild microbes of the Waikanae air. Tart, funky and cider-like Rustica is bottled intentionally flat and can pick up some carbonation over time in the bottle. Tangy cider-like acidic notes, some sweet background nutty biscuit notes, am long citrus sour finish.
West Moon 10.5% Vatted Old Ale A special old ale utilising both the old British brewing technique of long boiling to gain strength and colour and a strain of wild yeast cultured from a 1977 bottle of Bass Jubilee Ale. Boiling right through the night turning the wort from pale gold to dark brown via kettle caramelization. The beer was then fermented with our English yeast strain before heading into 500L oak puncheons to referment with the wild yeast for 6 months. The result is malty, fruity, and firmly bitter, with a leathery tangy note from the wild yeast. While it tastes good now it is designed to be laid down and we have put a 2060 best before date on it.
Science 4.2% Session Pilsner Science Session Pilsner. Science is the first entire creation of lead brewer Luke Ahern. This is Luke’s beer, name, concept, recipe and execution. Lower in alcohol than our house pilsner hopped with 2 experimental / trial hops 09326 from America in pellet form and Nectaron in whole flower form. The name is a brewery in-joke as we both have arts degrees, we are often heard to say “we aren’t a science brewery”. The joke was lost in translation by a certain contractor who after leaving us turned to his business partner and said: “I can’t believe he is a brewer who doesn’t believe in science!!!!”
Merchant of The Devil 10.2% Vatted Imperial Stout Old school Imperial Stout, brewed like we are in Victorian London. Strong, Warming, Oaky and Fruity.
Extra Special Bitter 4.7% Extra Special Bitter Our Extra Special Bitter takes the classic malty, fruity London style of pale ale and injects a dose of zesty locally grown hops. A bold fruity highly drinkable beer that is the perfect restorative after a hard day at the mill. Caramel malt flavour, toffee sweetness balances out hops.