Beervana Road to Beervana

Mean Doses Brewery & Fillery

130 Tory Street Te Aro

Available beers

Mean Haze 7.3% 20 IBU Hazy IPA You ever see the 1980s Dune film? The David Lynch one? Most people say it was confusing. Me, I loved it. Anyway, you know the scene where they "fold space" - where the Navigator, that fish-baby-thing, floats in a glowing liquid and shoots golden light from its mouth? And that's how they travel through the galaxy? True story: this is the beer they used to shoot that scene. It's a hazy IPA with an actual fruit cocktail of hops. The Haze must flow.
Mean APA 5.5% 40 IBU APA So what's the difference, between an IPA and an APA? The boring answer: it's the hops. The more interesting answer: it's a feeling. IPAs are cool, they're punchy, they're fresh. They're maybe a little loud - like Elastica. Remember them? Whereas APAs are kind of murkier, heavier - gruntier, but in a good way, sort of like... uh... ...well, like L7 I guess. So while IPAs probably sold way more records back in the 90s, and I think one of them dated Damon Albarn, APAs had a track on the Natural Born Killers OST, and a cameo appearance in Serial Mom. I hope that explains things.
Mean Voorhees 4.6% 13 IBU Spiced Red Milkshake Sour Yeah, we're releasing a Friday the 13th themed beer on Halloween. Yeah, I know, I know. All you horror geeks will be having conniptions over this. I tried to talk them out of it, but the bottom line is I don't make the decisions, and also I really need this job. And it's not like it's the easiest thing to market, I mean, a Jason themed beer released on Michael Myers' Day. Um, well maybe have a stab at this spiced red... oh God. That's awful. How about: this spiced red milkshake sour is bloody good? Christ, no, that's actually worse. Come on, think. You really need this job. Uh... Happy Halloween. Drink this beer.
Mean Imperial Stout - Whisky Barrel Aged 11% 70 IBU Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout You were wondering, eh. You were like: "I wonder when Mean Doses is gonna make a mean-as stout, all smooth and chocolatey and barrelly?" Or else you don't know who we are, and you're just like: "Oh, a high percentage stout, wonder if it's any good." Well wonder no more. PS: yes, it's really good.
Mean Triple IPA - Mango & Passionfruit Edition 60 IBU Mango & Passionfruit Triple IPA