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NZ Cider Awards (NZ Cider Festival)


Available beers

Paytner's The Pilgrim 5.9% Traditional Dry Cider Traditional dry cider where 25% underwent malolactic fermentation and exposure to French Oak. Aromas of baked apple, oak and vanilla. Taste is reminiscent of nutty amontillado sherry with bittersweet cider apple tannins lingering on the end palate
Bohemian Cider Tamarillo Amarillo 5% Cider with Hops and Tamarillo This is flavour innovation at its finest! It might seems like a crazy combo, but the savoury character of tamarillo loves the tropical citrus notes of Hops. The Tamarillo also gives this cider an ethereal pink colour. A beverage you won’t experience every day.
Capital Cider Tokyo Rose 6.2% Single varietal cider A seasonal cider made with the Akane variety. Aromatic with nuances of jasmine and lychee coupled with strawberry. The palate, though dry is dominated by this perfumed fruit salad. The finish is long and persistant.