Beervana Road to Beervana

Heretic Brewing Company

1052 Horizon Dr, Fairfield, CA
United States

Available beers

Caramel Moo-chiato Caramel Vanilla Milk Stout 6% Milk Stout Looking for that rich combination of robust roastiness and creamy sweetness, but tired of your local coffee shop misspelling your name? Time to moooo-ve on to something different. Our milk stout has a rich smoothness that can only come from natural caramel and vanilla flavors. Caramel Moo-chiato is such a perfect balance of dark and sweet, you’ll want to keep drinking it until the cows come home.
Juicier Than Thou Mango NEIPA 6.5% Mango NEIPA This is a juicy IPA with mango. We helped make America a little more juicy with our Make America Juicy Again, but some ‘juiceheads’ just can’t get enough. So now we’re making things even more juicy. We’ve upped our game by adding delicious mango and and a bit of creamy lactose (milk sugar). This beer is full of juicy hops and juicy tropical fruit.