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Black Sheep Brewery


United Kingdom

Available beers

Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout 6.1% Chocolate Orange Stout Black Sheep was established by Paul Theakston (of Theakston’s fame) in 1992 in Masham, North Yorkshire. For this stout, big chocolate notes arise from the blend of dark chocolate malt used in the mash. Flaked oats are also used to add a velvet-like body.
Milk Stout 4.4% Milk Stout For the first time ever, we've included a stout into our seasonal offering of beers. Before you ask, it isn't made from Sheep's milk! Inspired by the dark northern nights in early winter and the diverse flavours of dark beers, Milk Stout has been meticulously forged to offer a powerful pint that is unbelievably easy drinking. This is a silky, creamy stout packing notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Brewed with lactose and a robust malt blend, this Milk Stout offers a satisfying sweetness that cuts against a light bitterness, brought together through an irresistible velvet texture. Brewed with lactose to create the silky, delicious pint.