Beervana Road to Beervana

Emerson's Brewery

70 Anzac Ave

Orange Roughy 4.2% Hazy Tropical Pale Ale Hazy Session Tropical Pale Ale
Colloidal Haze 7.2% Hazy IPA Hazy, Big, Rich and bloody tasty
Hazed & Confused 5.8% Hazy IPA A hallucinatory, mind-bending, consciousness-expanding, dream like experience is not what you'll find in this can. It's just a beer, man. But, this cloudy IPA does have a gnarly hit of Riwaka, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, with a tropical citrus flavour, and a totally piney finish. At least it's a trip for your taste buds. Far out.
American Graffiti 5.8% Classic American IPA Classic American IPA, choker full of American Hops
Mexicoco 8% Chocolate Chilli Porter We included both raw and roasted cocoa beans from the Otago Chocolate Company, crushed and included in the mash as well as during the conditioning phase. To balance out the chocolate we threw in a lot of whole red chilies. This adds a nice warming heat and the vanilla pods and cinnamon add a subtle spice in the background.
Phantom Lord 5.8% Hopped Stout It displays all the classic stout, characteristics. Black as tar, opulent roast and chocolate notes yet hopped in the way we would hop an American Style Pale Ale.
Gin Dog 8.7% Chardonnay/Gin Barrel Aged Bird Dog IPA A collab with Mt Difficulty Wine, Cardrona Distillery and Emerson's - Bird Dog aged in wine barrels which have had gin in them! What more could you want
Big Dog 9% Bourbon Barrel Aged Bird Dog Imperial IPA We've taken our Bird Dog IPA and doubled the hop load, and used cryo versions of the hops and aged it in Cardrona Distillery Bourbon Barrels . At 9% it packs quite a punch. Unfiltered to maintain all its hoppy goodness!
Albared Up 6.5% Salted Whisky Caramel Milk Stout Salted caramel whisky milk stout - This naughty little milk stout has been aged on American oak staves that have been soaking in Albar's famous salted caramel whisky, along with vanilla pods and a late addition of Himalayan rock salt. "A good stiff drink for after a long hard day"
Funky Jucifer 7% Brett Sour IPA A sour, hazy juicy mess of an IPA. Sinful, using mosaic, citra and simcoe hops then put into a Brett infected barrel - what could possible go wrong
Bretted Porter 6% Porter Classic London Porter aged in Brett infected wine barrels
Identity Crisis 8% Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison Traditional Saison aged in Wither Hills Chardonnay Barrels