Beervana Road to Beervana

Waitoa Social Club

32 Waitoa Rd

Release the Hounds 8.5% Double IPA This hoppy imperial IPA was brewed by our brew master for his own 30th birthday celebrations. A solid malt base allows the various hop flavors shine through. This beer is big, bold, and fun just like Tommy.
Ananas Pineapple IPA 5.9% IPA Classic IPA brewed with a healthy does of pineapple juice, and hopped with Citra and Riwaka to give it an extra tropical boost
Hazy in Love 6.3% New England IPA Inspired by Beyonce, this outgoing Hazy IPA is packed full of Nelson Sauvin Fresh Hops giving a strong sense tropical citrus fruits with just a dash of floral too.
Blackmail 8.8% Eis Stout Not for the faint hearted, Blackmail is our a refined version of one of our first eisbock brews. Hints of coffee, cacau, vanilla, and brandy accentuate the complex palette of this must try.
Strawberry Kisses 4% Sour A palette cleanser, this cute wee number shine bright pink in the class, and tingles the taste buds. Not the kind of sour to turn your face inside out, this beer is all about highlighting the natural tart and sour flavours from the literally thousands of strawberries it contains.
No Time to Explain 5.9% India Pale Lager Hopped like an IPA fermented like a Lager. Expect big hops flavours partnered with crisp smooth Lager feel - that's enough explanation.