Beervana Road to Beervana

Altitude Brewing

Altitude Brewing- New Zealand's raddest little brewery and tap room sits at the edge of Lake Wakatipu. With the iconic Remarkables range above us, we brew for the adventurous.


827 Frankton Road Queenstown

Available beers

Banoffee Pie 9.6% Amber ale Our signature mid winter desert beer this year is Banoffee Pie in a glass. Literally, we have taken every element of a good banoffee pie and and infused it into this big bold amber ale. Malt biscuits get crushed directly in with the barley grains, more bananas than a monkey supermarket into the fermenter and finished with vanilla beans and caramel sauce. The result...Expressive banana and caramel aromas just like the baker likes it, drink some and your smothered in initial banana flavour like that first bite of pie - then into a maltty biscuity mid palate and a sweet toffee campfire banana finish with a subtle warming alcohol glow.
Jam sessions: Volume 3-Boysenberries, Blackberry & Raspberry 5.6% Fruited Sour Featuring the deliciousness of boysenberries, blackberries and raspberries this beer comes out a stunning deep red velvet that instantly turns heads. Huge fruit smoothie aromas come out hard and don't let up. The velvet continues on the tongue with a creamy soft mouthfeel to deliver boss level berry flavours that roll into a tart and refreshing finish.
What's Mine Is Mine And What's Yours Is Mine 7.4% Farmhouse sour saison This is a saison inspired farmhouse ale that has been lightly kettle soured and then fermented with a specially imported mixed culture strain for a wild and funky aroma and flavour profile. Intense spiced lemon ginger tea aromas with earthy herbal flavours and a full yet fresh body that is very dry. Light lemony tartness balances the beer and provides the finish.
Expedition Series: Black Tea Stout 6.2% Pastry Stout Taking a Korean bubble tea or brown sugar milk tea as our inspiration we created this pastry stout adventure. Sitting on a light sweet malt base, with specially debittered roast malt so as to leave minimal roastiness, is a heavy infusion of Chinese black tea called Pu-erh. Pu-erh is an aged black leaf tea that has a deep rich earthy flavour on steeping. The infusion of this tea into the beer provides the driving flavours of tangy spices and earthy tones and the balance of the tea tannins. Being a pastry stout we have used lactose sugar for that sweet milky creaminess and vanilla to bind the flavours.
White Water #3 6.8% Hazy IPA Whitewater 3 is a blend of Mosaic and hand selected Motueka with a small touch of Idaho 7. This gives the beer an intense dose of tropical fruits backed up with a hint of citrus to brighten the aroma and some sweet red berries. The beer pours a beautiful thick deep straw colour which comes from the malt base that inculdes Oats done three ways. This combo of Malted, toasted and rolled oats gives a very soft, fluffy and full mouthfeel to carry these big juicy flavours. A very light bitternes and medium dry finish completes the dose.
Powderday NZ Pilsner 5.2% NZ Pilsner Crisp and clean like a snowball to the face is how we describe our pilsner. Different to classic European pilsners but with the heritage of all imported malts to create that signature flavour and mouthfeel. Called an NZ pilsner as it is hopped with all NZ varieties that scream to be shown, the riwaka and nelson sauvin show a medly of grape and passionfruit with a lime zing. Light to medium bodied with the creamy mouthfeel of well brewed german malts and a crisp refreshing bitterness to quench the thirst.