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Heyday Beer Co.

HEY. Heyday likes to keep things fresh, colourful and seasonal opting to flex our creativity with new beers regularly.


264A Cuba Street Te Aro
022 157 6090

Available beers

Hoppy Gilmore 7.4% West Coast IPA For this IPA we wanted something that everyone's favourite unsuccessful hockey player would drink while whacking a few balls. So we made the greenest and dankest West Coast we could. It's all in the hops, it's all in the hops, it's all in the hops.
Albatross 6.5% Double Lager Albatross is a double lager with a little bit of hoppy characteristics. With that, we wanted to make sure that it was still a very smooth, easy drinking beer. Well balanced, and giving off citrus and stone fruit characteristics, going up against dank green grassy notes this lager is the perfect thing for a hot day on the green.
Rainmaker 8.6% New England IPA A big punchy hazy IPA that is very reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. With big hits of pineapple and citrus fruits but a kick at the end to remind you that this is not the juice box your mom put in your lunchbox. Like the golf term it's named after this full bodied creamy ale will have you feeling like you're floating in the clouds. Brewed in collaboration with Gladfield Maltings.
Dancing Gopher 6% Fruited Hazy IPA This beer is packed with so much fruit that we couldn't call it anything else but a fruit cup hazy IPA. So much Pineapple, passionfruit and peach was put into this beer that it almost blurs the lines between fruit smoothy and beer.
Sea Wolf 8.4% Imperial Stout This imperial was made in anticipation of the dead of winter. When you need something to warm you, while the weather chills you to the bone. Sea Wolf does just that, with its big dark malt bill and hints of cacao it is sure to give anyone their sea legs, so drink up, captain's orders!
Wolfii 5.5% American Pale Ale Our follow up to the ever popular Howler APA. Wolfii's dominant hop is Centenial, giving it that piney aroma that is very common in American Pale Ales. Lovely hop bitterness but lower ABV than an IPA, once that first sip hits you lips, you'll be howlin' for more!
Bowser 5.3% French Toast Stout Stout brewed with maple syrup, vanilla beans and cinnamon. This black beer is named after Mario's nemesis, it's full bodied and hits right on the nose with aromas of weekend French Toast. Expect maple, vanilla and roastiness as you drink this delicious drop. Brewed in collaboration with Choice Bros. and Fortune Favours.