Beervana Road to Beervana

Double Vision Brewing

At DVB we simply aspire to create the kind of damn fine beer that delivers mouth parties. We spend our waking hours taking a second look at what defines a traditional style, and from there, we give the recipe boundaries a bit of a nudge. Yeah sure it might not please the Purity Police, and keep this to yourselves… but actually, we’re good with that.


128A Unit E Park Road Wellington

Available beers

Expatriate 5.6% APA The Expatriate is an American Pale Ale leaving the homeland in exploration of something more. It had no idea it would find New Zealand but the hops were too good to pass up. An alliance of US and NZ hops are sure to enlist your palate for a second round. Flavours:Citrus, tropical, floral & pine notes from the hops with a light biscuity malt profile.
Smooth Operator 4.7% Cream Ale Smooth Operator Cream Ale is a 19th-century American style brew designed to keep you coming back for more, with a slight touch of whole bean vanilla and New Zealand’s finest honey. Think creamy, smooth, and refreshing with a clean and zesty finish Flavours: Lager, Pilsner, Pale Ale Drinker? Welcome to your new favourite style. Some get 1950s CreamSoda... But for adults! Honey, Vanilla, Cornflakes. Not too sweet and no lactose.
Chillax 5% XPA XPA- Extra Pale Ale. A wise man once said "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere". A Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe duo bring fruity and piny notes witha bit of zing and some mellow, light malts to match. You just need to pull up a seat, kick your feet up after a hard day and Chillax. Meet yous new mini-holiday away from the rat race. Flavours: Light malt sweetness for the Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops to shine their zingy and fruity heads off.
Repeat Offender 5.1% NZ Pilsner With the wind in your hair, the thrill of the chase, enjoy the crisp satisfaction of your favourite pilsner as you belly up to the bar. The reward for your escape from boring beer is to taste the free spirit of Repeat Offender, the legend of Miramar, whose howls and laughter you can hear from the top of the bike trails to the bottom of each glass. Don't give yourself up without one! Flavours: A traditional Pilsner Malt base and Yeast with the dynamic Aotearoa hop duo of Nelson Sav and Rakau.
Red Rascal 6.3% Red IPA A rascal lives in us all,sometimes big, sometimes small, though sometimes dormant, never extinct. our playful nature is something close to the core and too often forgotten. Go on, make a snowman, give it some devil horns, kick it over and make a snow angel! Flavours: Fresh, fruity, Gooseberry and citrus with a gentle Red Malt flavour balance.
Naughty Hopper 8.9% IIPA Naughty Hopper is packing a mouthful of resinous tropical fruit flavours, thanks to Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic hops. These Rockstar hops are low in bitterness but high in juicy goodness. Late additions and awkward positions are what Naughty Hopper is all about. Flavours: Mango, apricot, and citrus; with a body to back it up.
Laika MF 11.5% Bourbon Russian Imperial Stout Laika Dog Imperial Russian Infused with Bourbon soaked oak chips. Hard to go wrong. Za Lyubov
Strong Operator 8.2% Imperial Cream Ale Smooth Operator all grown up and got buff! Think stronger abv to dry it out plus coconut to mellow the palate. Malted Maize, Flaked Maize, Oats and Flaked Barley are what make this beast.
Juicy Two Shoes 6.2% Hazy IPA The OG is back. Our first hazy recipe is back and better than ever! She looks innocent but Juicy Two Shoes is rewriting the book on attitude. With pronounced passionfruit and citrus flavours, this hazy New England IPA is bringing the noise like Public Enemy! Flavours: Per our usual style, we are using a hefty dry hop to focus is on the fruity, juicy goodness here. The lionized Mosaic hops show passionfruit characteristic, while Simcoe provides a lime and grapefruit edge.
Reverse Cowboy 4.4% Passion Fruit, GuavaIce Cream Sour Meet our next sour and sweet treat! Or is it sweet and sour? Be it refreshing in the sun, ideal for dessert or just a fruity and creamy treat, you better believe it will have you thinking... “What the heck is on that label?!” Ah well, it tastes damn good! Don’t forget, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Flavours: A good dose of lactose, passion fruit and guava puree with a touch of vanilla to give it the ice cream flavours with a mild malt body. Kettle soured for optimum zest to cut through the sweetness and bring balance.
Bootylicious 5.8% Gin IPA An aromatic treat of an IPA steeped in traditional gin botanicals (Juniper berries, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper) Look for dry and floral with fruity and piny aromas.
Hard Case 5.1% Strawberry Lime Apple Cider For all of you gluten free or beer free rebels that attend the beer shows and get mad there is beer there, we have heard your suppressed gripes. We want no reason for the little violin to be played and believe it or not want you to have a blast! F&@K the system! We brought Hawkes Bay pressed apples, strawberry and lime together in one delicious drop. You're welcome 🤘🤘🤘
MIramartian 7.3% West Coast IPA In a galaxy not that far away is a microcosm called Miramar. This place is host to a world of innovation, industry, awesome community and delicious beersies. This West Coast IPA is a celebration of HOPS. Expect out of this world juicy aromas and flavours backed by resinous bitterness. This sensory journey is not a light endeavour, but if you’re keen to explore the fruits of this locale, crack one open for an intergalactic adventure. Flavours: Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Citra & Amarillo bring piny citrus with stone fruit notes.