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8 Wired Brewing

From Warkworth NZ, 8 Wired Brewing uses innovation to create a spectrum of glorious craft beer flavours. Order 8 Wired craft beer direct from the brewery.


26 Glenmore Drive Warkworth

Available beers

Celery Salt Hippy 4% Sour Ale Refreshingly sour and dry hopped. Very fruity, almost zesty. Naturally soured with live cultured and balanced with subtle savoury notes of celery and salt. A wildly interesting flavour experience
Oude Imperiale 8% Blended Sour A blend of 4, 6 and 8 year old lambic style ale, pours to a bronze/copper appearance with a cellared sherry like nose. Hints of oak and vanilla cream. A tart finish helps to makes for a very drinkable 8% barrel aged offering
Mos Eisley Cantina 7.2% West Coast IPA Brewed for the latest West Coast IPA Challenge at The Malthouse. This is a classic WCIPA brewed with chinook, Simcoe and Centennial to give big piney, citrus and dank flavour profiles to the beer. There's nothing like a night at the Mos Eisley Cantina, settle in for a cold one, listen to some fine space jazz and finish the night with a classic binary sunset!
Oat Soda 6.8% Hazy IPA "Sometimes there's a bar. I won't say a hero's hangout, 'cause what's a hero? Sometimes there's a bar, and I'm talkin' about the Little Beer Quarter here, sometimes there's a bar, well, it's the bar for its time and place. It fits right in there, and that's LBQ. A special beer brewed for Little Beer Quarter to celebrate 10 years of pouring the best beers in the country. A hazy IPA inspired by our favourite movie of the 90's, brewed with 50% oats and large amounts of Cashmere and Mosaic hops.
Double Imperial iStout 15% Double Imperial Stout To celebrate 11 years since the release of the original iStout we decided to turn the dial to 11 and make an even more imperial version of this already very imperial beer. 11th anniversary limited edition release. An even bigger version of our already feisty iStout. Huge chocolatey roasty stout which will warm the cockles of one's heart.