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Renaissance Brewing Co.

Award winning New Zealand craft beer producer, Renaissance Brewing, is situated in the heart of Marlborough wine country at the top of New Zealand's south island. We produce top end, ultra premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses. We have been producing craft beer since September 2005.

We are committed to using local ingredients and are one of the pioneers of craft brewing in New Zealand. Our beers nicely showcase New Zealand hops and malt in a range of British, American and European styles.

1 Dodson Street, Blenheim Marlborough
+64 (0)3 579 3400

Available beers

Black Forest Gateau 6.9% Stout 100% pure indulgence! Packed with loads of chocolate and dark fruits with subtle coffee undertones, this beer has a delectably rich and creamy mouthfeel that will leave you wondering how did they do that? Silky smooth and delicious!
Apollo 6% Hazy IPA This juicy banger of a beer is a tropical hop bomb filled flavours of pineapple, passionfruit and hints of citrus. best enjoyed fresh and often
90 Hour Hazy IPA 7.5% Hazy IPA Idiots or geniuses? We will leave it to you to decide that… Together with our mates at Freestyle Hops Ltd we came up with what we thought would be a cool idea (hindsight says otherwise). We settled on a West Coast style IPA and decided to dry hop it every hour on the hour for 90 hours straight (Yes that does say 90 hours straight!). The result however was worth it, a massive tropical fruit nose with hints of passionfruit, pineapple and grapefruit with a juicy mouthfeel and a lingering bitterness with notes of stupidity (Can you taste the sleep deprivation…)
Stonecutter 7% Peated Scotch Ale Multi award winning Stonecutter Scotch Ale is the big, hearty, ‘red wine’ of our range. The Scotch Ale style is believed to have originated in Edinburgh in the 18th century and is colloquially known as "wee heavy" due to its higher strength than its paler siblings. We use nine malts blended together to produce layers of caramel, toffee, liquorice, chocolate and roasty flavours. These layers are balanced by a tart, raisiny fruitiness that gradually gives way to give this dark beer a lingering dry finish.